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Marisha Addison

My kid was very week in English and Maths. It was difficult for him to qualify the exams but after enrolling him in the class, he started showing interest in the studies and his grades eventually increased. I'm really happy.

Jodi Anderson

I found the classes engaging. They just provide right content which is interesting and easy to learn. They also let the student select tutors as per their comfort. The program is really helpful as your kid develops learning right in front of your eyes.

Neha Kapoor

CrunchGrade helped me in learning Maths E1, Maths E2 thereby, shifting my grades from C to a B minus, to a B plus, to an A. I’m really happy with the tutor who helped me as per my need. Now I feel more confident.

Ryan Wilson

HSC: My tutors dealt with all my learning requests very promptly and with a positive outcome. They were very innovative in their teaching methods while being accommodating towards my learning style. I found my classes to be a great learning environment and I am really looking forward to continuing my studies with them next term.

Karan Singh

I enrolled my daughter in NAPLAN preparation. Her tutor was really helpful in clarifying her concepts and helping her improve her skills while getting her to more advanced levels every session. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the tutors her Numeracy and Literacy scores from Band 7 to Band 9.

Ashley Taylor

I chose them to prepare for my Victoria Selective School Exams. My tutors not only helped me in identifying my weak areas but actually helped me to improve it. With continuous practice and constructive evaluation, my tutor not only improved my skills but my confidence in my work. Thanks to them I got my dream school.

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Marie Ciampa

I have been tutoring for the past three years. I tutor from primary school, high school, university bachelors and university masters subjects. English advanced, Art, Psychology and Society and Culture.

Nikola Poli

I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Mathematics (Statistics). English advanced, Maths E1, Maths E2, Physics, Chemistry, Science.

Amy Tran

I'm studying Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at UNSW. I have been tutoring for 2 years since high school.

Maths E1, Maths E2,, Economics, and logical thinking.

Derrick Ma

Scored 98.45 at ATAR. Currently studying in a Provisional Medicine program. Chemistry, Biology K-12, ATAR, HSC,NAPLAN and other competitive exams.

Tiffany Smith

Student at Griffith University studying my Bachelor of Primary Education minoring in science. can teach students from prep to year 10 in a variety of subjects.

Rani Kashyap

With 8.5 years’ work experience including Sydney and overseas (India & Bahrain) with special needs students. English, Math, and Science (Primary School); Special needs students.

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