Junior Hacker : Coding Made Easy

Live coding classes to unleash your child's potential

One on One live coding classes for age 6 -14.
Improving kids concentration, logical & problem solving skills


Whats in here for your kids?

Game Development

Machine Learning

Face Recognition

App Development

Web Development

Virtual Reality

Why coding for all-round development of students?

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Our curriculum will Improve kid's -

  • Logic and concentration
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Self-motivativation
  • Self-confidence

All these will bring out the creator in your child

Benefits of our curriculum

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Increased Logic & Concentration

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Create Great Decision Makers

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Increased Problem Solving Skills

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Make Them a Better Planner

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Coding Makes Self Motivated Kids

Our Courses

Our Courses

What Are We Providing In The Course

All the things that will make your child a creator

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One on One Live Classes

Student improves Presentation skills as they have to share their screen and talk to the teacher’s in-class 1:1

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Weekly competition With Fellow Students

Crafted to make students Self-motivated and collaborative, so they don’t rely on anyone.

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Teacher Guidance To Build Projects

Students can Co-ordinate and build projects with the guidance of the teacher.

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Research Based Projects

To increase child curiosity and Self-confident through coding because they To increase child curiosity and Self-confident through coding because they can think independently

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Activities In 1 Hour Classes & Projects

We are inclined to build time management skills in the child through projects and activities in 1-hour class and projects

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Excellent Tutors From Top Universities

Students will be taught by the top university graduates like IITs, NITS and other top professors

Meet Our Qualified Teachers

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Sukanya Bose

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Taniya Bajaj

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Parna Mehta

How Does This Work

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Improves Logical Thinking And Sharpens Problem Solving

Innovative Curriculum Designed To Prepare Your Kid