SHSAT Test Preparation

SHSAT New York for School Admission

If you are seeking admission in 8th and 9th grade in New York City, then you will need to take Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) for access to elite schools in NYC. For eight out of nine of the most competitive schools, your performance on the Specialized High School Admissions Test is the only admission factor. The test is very tough, hence if your child is aspiring to find a seat in the most prestigious schools of NYC, you can enroll your child in SHSAT test prep classes for professional guidance from highly qualified SHSAT Tutors.

The exceptions like the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts will ask for an audition or portfolio for admission.

The SHSAT is conducted by the New York City Department of Education and serves only New York City residents whose kids are seeking admission in the 8th and 9th grades.

Some Quick Facts About the SHSAT Test
  • Frequency: 1 time /year
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Sections: English Language Arts, Math
  • Cost : None
  • Max. Score: 700 (composite score)

What is the SHSAT and why is it important?

Organized by the New York Department of Education, the SHSAT is a standardized test format for residents of NYC who are seeking admission to NYC's Specialized High Schools for their kids. Public high schools in NYC have their own admission process, which is separate from the general high school admission application. They're very selective about their selection criteria. The average number of students who take this test is about 25000 to 30,000, out of which about 18% are fortunate enough to grab a seat at a Specialized High School that requires the SHSAT test. You need to be prepared for the SHSAT by being ready for it if you wish to find a place for yourself in the elite schools of NYC.

For information on registering for the SHSAT test and important dates, you can visit the NYC Department of Education's SHSAT section.

How Can CrunchGrade Help Your Kid Take Upcoming SHSAT Test?

At CrunchGrade, you will find full-length SHSAT Practice Tests ideally designed for 8th and 9th graders. Our SHSAT tutors will help you with each section of the test in NYC. The SHSAT test prep NYC tells you where to begin your review, so you can make a study plan based on the results. The SHSAT tutoring test papers help you by making you focus and improving your test speed.

At CrunchGrade, you can practice your skills by working through our SHSAT prep practice tests. Our qualified tutors can help you improve your skills by guiding you through each problem, be it math or language skills in New York City.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: it is very important to attend any test with full preparation. So, it is crucial you start preparing in advance to avoid any kind of problems later. At CrunchGrade, you can enroll in our comprehensive SHSAT test prep classes and SHSAT tutoring online. Our expert SHSAT tutors will help you master the content and provide you with tips ‌and strategies to take the test with full confidence.

A: You will have to prepare yourself in English Language Arts, and Math.

SHSAT test is not easy rather your child will have to start real tough preparation to pass it. Therefore, before your child starts preparing for SHSAT prep, make sure the Specialized High School is right for him/her. Sit with your child and discuss every academic interest with your child. Talk to your school counselor about other options. Allow your child to take the test only if everything is convincing.

A: The test has two parts and each section ‌usually has around 350 marks, and the maximum total score is around 700. The actual maximum and minimum scores by students change from year to year.

A: Get access to correct study materials, follow a correct study schedule, and practice test papers regularly. You can simulate SHSAT Exam and also join study groups for proper preparations. However, if you are confused, enroll in the best SHSAT prep classes for complete preparation. At CrunchGrade, you will find trained SHSAT tutors to help you prepare for the exams.

A: Every student has a unique style of learning at their own pace, but we recommend students study 10 months before their exam date.

A: You can do Math first or you can do ELA first. Scoring works like this: each section is scored separately, then both are added together for the final score. So if you are good at Math, you can start Math first.

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