COOP Test Preparation

COOP Test Preparation for Admission to Catholic School

If you are an eighth grader and aspire to enroll in a Catholic school, you will have to take a Catholic high school entrance exam, like the COOP test. Parents who want to make their children sit for this test can prepare their children in advance. Those who are too busy or are not sure about providing COOP test guidance to their kids can take the help of COOP tutors online.

The Cooperative Admissions Examination Program, or the COOP test, is a high school entrance exam conducted by Catholic schools. The test is held in the month of November and there is no second chance permitted to clear it. However, your child may take the makeup test a week later if they missed the initial one. The results of the COOP tests are out in mid-January. The exam duration is 2.30 hours with no breaks in between. The COOP test format is multiple-choice, and students are not allowed to take calculators or other electronic devices to the exam hall. Also, there are no penalties or negative marks for guessing your answers.

Different Sections to Prepare for COOP Test

There are seven different sections with different time limits (from 15 minutes to an hour) in the COOP test. Here are the sections:

  • Mathematics: This section is to evaluate a student's understanding of mathematical concepts and ability to use subjects or topics learned in the classroom, such as geometry, probability, and functions.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: In this section, students will need to measure quantitative aptitude. So, this does not test concepts they have learned in school. Rather, the quantitative reasoning part uses questions like weight figures, number analogies, and shaded grids
  • Verbal Reasoning - Words: By using deductive reasoning, identifying underlying linkages, and drawing conclusions about established patterns between the words provided, students are expected to solve verbal problems.
  • Verbal Reasoning - Context: Based on the information given, students are asked to solve verbal problems by drawing logical conclusions.
  • Sequences: Here, students are asked to examine a series of objects (such as figures or numbers) and carry out the set pattern in accordance with the guiding rule or concept.
  • Analogies: In this section, students are asked to figure out the confirmed relationship among picture pairs and then apply the same relationship to incomplete picture pairs.
  • Reading and Language Arts: Students are asked to read and understand a given passage and answer questions to assess their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language expression.

How Important is a Good COOP Score?

Schools use students' COOP test scores to compare applicants and grant scholarships, therefore a good COOP test score is crucial. Also, while each school has a different cutoff score, obtaining a high score is a definite strategy to beat out the competition and the cutoff for each institution.

COOP test scores are important to Catholic high school admissions, but schools also consider academic records from 6th–8th grades.

How to Prepare for COOP Test?

The COOP test is a competitive Catholic school entrance exam. Students need to score high and one that's higher than their peers. The test evaluates various skills of students and can be taken only once. Therefore, students intending to get into Catholic schools will need to be sincere in their preparation. For regular study help, students can enroll in COOP exam prep courses online. Private COOP tutors can help students with the study materials necessary to ensure they succeed in their exams. At COOP test prep classes students will get access to COOP practice tests, study guides, and in-depth answer explanations.

How Can CrunchGrade Help Your Kid Take Upcoming COOP Test?

CrunchGrade's COOP Practice Tests are full-length tests that are good for school students who want to get into Catholic schools. Our COOP tutors will provide you with guidance for each section in a step-by-step manner. The preparation tests will help you identify which areas you need to focus on during your review, so you can make a study plan based on the results. The COOP exam prep helps you focus and improve your test speed, while also providing useful feedback on areas where you need to improve.

At CrunchGrade, you can test your skills by working through our COOP exam test prep. Whether you are looking forward to improving your math skills, quantitative reasoning skills, verbal skills, reading, and language skills, Our experienced COOP exam tutoring services will help you hone your skills and become confident in your ability to answer each individual problem. You will be guided at each step and given tips and tricks to help you reach your goal.

At CrunchGrade, you can access all the practice materials necessary to ensure your child passes comfortably without ‌any stress!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Cooperative Admissions Examination Program, or the COOP test, is a high school entrance exam conducted by Catholic schools in the United States for admission into Catholic schools.

A: The test is entirely multiple choice and calculators are not permitted.

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