Surface Area of a Sphere

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Surface area of a sphere

The sphere surface area is the sum of the area of the surface of the sphere. It is the amount of two-dimensional space held by the sphere.

By using the following formula you can obtain the surface area of a sphere:

Surface area = 4πr^2

In which, r is the sphere radius (the distance between the center of the sphere and the surface).

For instance, take a sphere with a radius of 5 inches. The sphere's surface area would be:

Surface area = 4π(5^2)

= 4π(25)

= 100π

Thus, the surface area of the sphere is about 100π square inches.

It is necessary to remember that the surface area of a sphere does not cover the volume of the sphere (the amount of three-dimensional space inside the sphere). You can obtain the volume of a sphere by using a different formula.

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