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Best SAS Tutoring in Australia

Do you want to make a career in data analytics? If yes, then learning SAS programming will be the best choice for you. SAS or Statistical analysis system is one of the most popular software for data analysis. It is used in data management, data mining, business modelling, data warehousing, etc. Many students often look for SAS tutors online who can help them master this language and enable them to build a bright career. 

If you are looking for SAS online tutoring in Australia, then you are at the right place! We understand how complex and challenging programming can be, that’s why CrunchGrade brings you the best and most specialised SAS Tutors Online. Whether you are looking for high-level SAS tutoring or beginners level for your child we have it all. Our online programming tutors are experts at helping students with languages like Java, C++, Python, SAS, and more. 

Get academic assistance with 1-on-1 online tutoring to learn and score higher in exams. You can contact us anytime for the toughest SAS programming challenges, our tutors are there to help you. At CrunchGrade, we work 24/7 to provide our customers with the best service and build a strong future for students. Search from hundreds of tutors and select according to your preference by going through their qualifications and experience level. We will provide you with the best tutors, and you can book your sessions with whom you are comfortable. 

Why Learn SAS?

There are many reasons to learn this incredible programming language, some of them include:

SAS is one of the best languages for handling data

With SAS, you can read all sorts of data. It can pull off parallel computation and data processing on RAM. You can use it for simulations, for finding probability of distribution of data and to identify data-driven insights. 

SAS provides deep knowledge of manipulating functionalities 

SAS provides exceptional functional and graphical functionalities. It can help you achieve the best results for your projects in minimum time. This is why it is preferred by data scientists. 

SAS is in demand 

There is no denying that SAS is in huge demand amongst data scientists and analysts. While R Programming and Python are open source and SAS is still a closed-source language, employers look for SAS candidates. 

SAS is best for large scale projects 

When it comes to large projects with many stakeholders, businesses can easily rely on SAS. SAS adapts the technology and brings out the complete new package with proper technical support and assurance. It may not be the fastest to adapt technological advancements but it arguably is the most reliable.

Topics We Cover in Online SAS Tutoring 

Getting Started with SAS

  • What SAS stands for
  • Reading / Importing Raw Data into SAS
  • SAS keyboard shortcuts that every analyst must know

Base SAS 

  • Read Character Variable of Varying Length
  • Creating or Modifying a Variable
  • Dropping variables from a data set in SAS
  • IF-Then-Else Statements
  • Where Statement and Dataset Options
  • WHERE vs. IF Statements
  • How Data Step and PROC SQL Works
  • Calculate Frequency Distribution with PROC FREQ
  • Specify a list of variables
  • Use of WildCard Character
  • Character Functions
  • SAS Date Formats and Informats
  • Date Functions
  • INTCK Function with Examples
  • INTNX Function with Examples
  • Missing Values in SAS
  • Convert Character Variable to Date
  • Convert Numeric Variable to Date
  • Proc Format
  • Delete empty rows in SAS
  • First. and Last. Variables
  • Proc Sort : Identifying and storing unique and duplicate values

SAS Advanced : Proc SQL

  • Proc SQL Tutorial for Beginners (20 Examples)
  • Proc SQL Joins (Merging)
  • Combining Tables Vertically with PROC SQL
  • Insert Rows in the Table
  • Alter Table and Update Column
  • Intermediate PROC SQL Tutorial
  • Proc SQL Self Joins
  • Connect to Teradata using SAS
  • Join on Multiple Columns
  • Join on Multiple Tables
  • Comparing two tables
  • Find records only exist in one table
  • Random Sampling with PROC SQL
  • Alternative to _N_ in PROC SQL

Career Prospects of Learning SAS

There are some interesting job profiles one can take up after mastering SAS:

  • SAS Analyst
  • SAS Programmer
  • Customer Analytics Manager
  • Decision Analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Data warehouse architect
  • Data warehouse specialist
  • ETL specialist
  • Developer
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Marketing analyst

Why Choose Online SAS Programming Tutors at CrunchGrade? 

Get SAS certified at your disposal: Our SAS certified online tutors will help you with advanced coding levels. Our SAS tutors online are highly qualified and have years of experience with coding to ensure you get assistance for any programming problem. Select SAS online tutor for base programming from our listed programming tutors suitable according to your requirement, book your session and resolve your queries related to tutoring. We are sure you will feel satisfied with our tutoring services. 

Improve results with SAS online tutor for base programming: Our professional SAS tutors will make sure students feel comfortable and share their problems. Moreover, with 1-on-1 online tutoring, tutors can focus entirely on the student to improve results. Our tutors make sure students learn, understand and grasp the fundamentals of SAS for base programming to prepare them for examinations, tests, and higher-level programming. Build a strong foundation for your future in programming with the best and top-rated SAS experts across Australia. 

Live SAS tutoring: Programming is complex and SAS is even more difficult which requires expert guidance to achieve better academic performance and skills. We offer live-online SAS tutoring, where the best online SAS tutors will provide instant academic assistance to complete assignments, projects, and beyond. Moreover, tutors can change their teaching methods as per your learning requirements, learning pace, and understanding to ensure you grasp the concepts for life long rather than doing it for the sake of completing assignments. 

Improve all aspects of learning with SAS tutor online: SAS programming languages like other programming languages need comprehensive, logical, and analytical understanding. The more students will learn and practice, the better they will learn. With our SAS Tutors online, students can develop learning and knowledge for higher-level. 

We at CrunchGrade believe in providing a cognitive learning process to ensure students use their brains effectively and logically. Our professional SAS tutors encourage students to improve their skills by helping them with complex problems. Book a demo session with us today!