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Ruby On Rails Tutors Online in Australia

If you are planning to master how to create impressive websites, learning Ruby on Rails is a must. Rails is a web design and development technology centred on the Ruby computing platform. It makes website service construction simpler by providing everything a programmer would need to get launched. It empowers you to produce lesser software while accomplishing over 200 different technologies and platforms. Thus according to seasoned Rails programmers, it moreover improves software development extremely pleasurable.

At CrunchGrade, our online tutors will teach you every aspect of Ruby on Rails and help you become a better web application developer. Our programming tutors will focus on topics like how to quickly prototype ideas into presentable apps, how to become a professional developer, how to apply for Ruby on Rails developer employment at software businesses, and how to design and construct web applications. 

With the assistance of Ruby on Rails tutoring, You'll master the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails, including how to design, develop, test, and deploy a SaaS application to the public cloud. You'll get hands-on experience delivering apps to real users, monitoring performance, diagnosing common performance issues, and securing data. Know more about our Ruby on Rails tutors through their tutor profiles and select a tutor that seems the best to you. 

Why Learn Ruby on Rails? 

Building Web Applications: Ruby on Rails is one of the best frameworks for web development. It includes a number of shortcuts that allow you to build websites quickly and effectively using Ruby. This means that you can use your knowledge of Ruby on Rails to create functional web applications for internet users. Today, sites such as Yammer, Soundcloud, Sendgrid, Gumroad, Kickstarter, GitHub, Shopify, and Airbnb use Ruby on Rails in their web applications.

Ruby is an easy to understand language: Ruby is a programming language on which the Rails framework is built. It has a simple syntax, similar to the English language and hence it is a great choice for beginners. Because the language is written using Ruby, this means that it is also easy to work with the Rails framework.

Ruby on Rails provides full-stack development: If you learn languages like JavaScript for web application development, you also have to use other languages like HTML and CSS to add various functionalities. But, with Ruby on Rails, you have one complete framework for creating web applications. You do not need anything else. 

Rails has a strong developer community: Do you know that, according to Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey, which studied nearly 90,000 developers on their programming stacks and habits, Rails is the eleventhmost popular web framework. Moreover, 57.1% of respondents who reported that they used Rails described it as their “ most loved” web framework in the study? The Rails framework has the most active communities than any other programming framework. 

Rails skills are demanded in the tech industry: Ruby is a very popular programming language. According to the TIOBE index, Ruby is the fifteenth most popular programming language in the world. This means learning Ruby on Rails will help you establish a great career. 

At CrunchGrade, we provide the top Ruby on Rails tutors from Australia who can teach you every aspect of this framework and help you establish a successful career. 

Topics Covered in Online Ruby on Rails Tutoring at CrunchGrade

Your Ruby on Rails tutor will create a study plan for you based on your learning requirements. Yet, here are some main topics that you may learn in Ruby on Rails tutoring at CrunchGrade.

  • Rails Tutorial
  • Rails Introduction
  • Rails Features
  • Rails Installation
  • Rails IDE
  • Rails Scripts
  • Rails Example
  • Rails Directory Structure
  • Rails Active Record
  • Rails MVC
  • Rails RVM
  • Rails Bundler
  • Rails Migrations
  • Rails Router
  • Rails Scaffolding
  • Rails Session
  • Rails File Upload
  • Rails Layout
  • Rails Filters
  • Rails Testing
  • Rails Caching
  • Rails Validation
  • Rails AJAX
  • Rails Database

Important topics in Ruby on Rails

Environment & Source Control

  • Environment Setup
  • RVM
  • Bundler
  • Common Git Practices
  • Heroku Configuration & Setup


  • Request Cycle & Component Roles
  • The Rails Router

Internal Testing

  • RSpec and BDD
  • RSpec Practices
  • Measuring Code Coverage

Integration Testing with Capybara

  • Capybara with Rack::Test
  • JavaScript testing with Selenium & Capybara-Webkit
  • Practising with Capybara


  • Outputting Text
  • Ruby Debugger
  • Error Tracking Services


  • Relationships
  • Polymorphism
  • Legacy/Non-conformant databases
  • Validations
  • Transactions
  • Processor Model Design Pattern
  • Extracting Modules


  • Handling Parameters
  • Filters
  • Friendly URLs
  • Managing the Flash
  • Render and Redirect
  • Sessions and Conversations

Better Views

  • Understanding Views
  • Rails Templating with ERB and HAML
  • Utilizing View Partials
  • Pagination

JavaScript & AJAX

  • Rails and JavaScript
  • Using jQuery
  • Brief Introduction to CoffeeScript

Web Services

  • Exposing an API
  • Encoding and Filtering Data
  • Consuming REST with ActiveResource
  • Consuming SOAP with Savon

Career Prospects after Learning Ruby on Rails

There are many job positions available for ROR professionals. The entry-level ruby on rail developer mainly starts with a Junior developer then other roles or positions come into the picture like :

  • Developer
  • Senior developer 
  • Lead developer
  • Principal software engineer
  • Engineer 
  • Consultant 
  • Senior Consultant 
  • Lead Consultant 
  • Principal consultant

A career in Ruby on Rails is in demand and popular amongst developers. Since rails is a faster technology, it is preferred for web development over other frameworks and programming languages. It is highly automated and effective to reduce the cost as it is open source. It is compatible with other dynamic languages and is also able to use the features of other static languages. You can add new features, change a data model, and add other modifications smoothly. 

Why Choose Ruby on Rails Tutors Online at CrunchGrade? 

Highly Interactive Live Online Classes: At CrunchGrade, we have created an online learning platform where students can receive live classes and interact with tutors through live chat and microphones. This way, students can actively participate in the classes and learn everything effectively. 

Flexible Timings and Classes: You can schedule your Ruby on Rails tutoring sessions based on your learning requirements and availability. If you are taking some other course as well or you have certain personal commitments, you can set the timings for your online classes at CrunchGrade accordingly. 

Affordable Ruby on Rails Tutoring: Our Ruby on Rails tutors charge a minimal fee from the students. We provide the most affordable ruby on rails tutoring online in Australia where students from all over the country can connect and study with the best teachers. 

It is time to say goodbye to boring recorded video lectures or self-guided learning activities. Learn Ruby on Rails from our incredible teachers in a live environment and experience a difference in learning.