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Year 11 Mathematics Standard

Year 11 is the most important academic year for students. This is the beginning of the Stage 6 NSW curriculum for the HSC. You will study a number of new topics this year which will further develop your academic career and prepare you for college. At CrunchGrade, we provide an online learning platform where you can find Year 11 Maths Standard tutors from Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and all across Australia. These tutors have years of teaching experience and high student ratings, making them your perfect study guides for Year 11. 

We provide online learning opportunities for the Year 11 Mathematics Standard NSW curriculum from qualified tutors. You can select a tutor by going through tutor profiles on our website and scheduling a session at any time. Our learning programs are designed to consider your learning needs and level of understanding. Enrol today for a free demo session.

Year 11 Mathematics Standard NSW Curriculum We Cover

The Year 11 Mathematics Standard NSW curriculum is divided into topics and subtopics. Your online Year 11 Mathematics Standard NSW tutor will help you understand every topic thoroughly, making it much easier for you to comprehend Mathematics in Year 12. Given below is a list of topics that we cover in our online tutoring for the Year 11 Mathematics Standard NSW curriculum. 

Year 11 Mathematics Standard NSW Syllabus




  • MS-A1 Formulae and Equations
  • MS-A2 Linear Relationships


  • MS-M1 Applications of Measurement
  • MS-M2 Working with Time

Financial Mathematics 

  • MS-F1 Money Matters

Statistical Analysis 

  • MS-S1 Data Analysis
  • MS-S2 Relative Frequency and Probability


Year 11 Mathematics Standard Detailed Syllabus

MS-A1 Formulae and Equations

  • Linear and nonlinear algebraic expressions
  • Solution of linear equations 
  • Fried’s, Young’s or Clark’s formula 

MS-A2 Linear Relationships

  • Straight-line graphs 
  • Direct variation relationship
  • Linear modelling 

MS-M1 Applications of Measurement

  • Units of measurement of area, volume and capacity
  • Absolute error calculation
  • Area, perimeter and volume of different shapes and objects 

MS-M2 Working with Time

  • Indicate positions on the Earth’s surface
  • Calculate times and time differences around the world

MS-F1 Money Matters

  • Interest and depreciation 
  • Simple interest
  • Compound interest 
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calculate monthly, fortnightly, weekly, daily or hourly pay rates from a given salary, wages
  • Household expenses and budgeting
  • Personal budget preparation

MS-S1 Data Analysis

  • Data collection 
  • Single random variable 
  • Tabular and graphical representations of data 
  • Features of a population and sample
  • Grouped and ungrouped data 
  • Effect of outliers
  • Box plots construction and comparison 

MS-S2 Relative Frequency and Probability

  • Theoretical probability 
  • Probabilities associated with simple games and experiments
  • Arrays and tree diagrams 

The above list of topics is based on the Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus for Year 11 Mathematics Standard by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority).

New Things Grade 11 Mathematics Standard NSW Students Will Learn

Year 11 Mathematics Standard NSW students will study many new topics such as Earth geometry, flat-rate interest, income tax, arrays and trees diagrams. Students will learn how to use Fried’s, Young’s or Clark’s formula and the application of linear relationships and measurement to problems with real-world applications. If you have studied Advanced Mathematics in Year 10, the Standard Maths subject will be quite easy for you. In fact, many subtopics of this subject overlap with the topics introduced in Advanced Mathematics. CrunchGrade Year 11 Mathematics Standard online tutors will ensure that you maintain momentum in your studies and stay motivated to learn every topic that comes across in the course. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 11 Mathematics Standard Tutors

Year 11 Mathematics Standard students can struggle with a lot of things like time management, unclear goals and unawareness of the syllabus. Many times students do not read the NSW syllabus carefully and miss out on important instructions. They often struggle with scheduling which makes it difficult for them to stay on top of their classes, assignments and assessments. A tutor can provide them with personalised guidance and make it easier for them to overcome the hurdles that they face while studying Year 11 Mathematics Standard. Along with this, the tutor can help you understand difficult topics in the Year 11 Mathematics Standard subject using interactive teaching strategies.

What Our Grade 11 Mathematics Standard Tutors Help You Achieve?

With our online tuition for Year 11 Mathematics Standard, students can understand how to solve statistical problems by interpreting and comparing data. You will learn how to conduct statistical analysis and construct mathematical arguments using mathematical reasoning. We will help you understand how to create graphs and interpret data and use appropriate formulae in financial mathematics.

Online maths tutors for Year 11 Mathematics Standard at CrunchGrade will also make sure that you understand all the topics and subtopics clearly. We will provide you with comprehensive explanations and step by step solutions to all doubts and problems, making it easier for you to master the subject.

Important Topics in Year 11 Mathematics Standard

All the topics mentioned in the NSW curriculum for the Year 11 Mathematics Standard are important. This is because Year 11 Mathematics Standard is a preliminary subject to prepare students for Mathematics Standard 2. It includes topics related to algebra, finance, statistics, measurement and probability. All of these topics are essential for students to score Grade A in the subject.

Challenges in Tutoring Mathematics Standard to Year 11 Students

One of the main challenges that teachers might encounter in teaching the Year 11 Mathematics Standard is to ensure that students have a clear understanding of basic concepts of Maths. If students have a lack of understanding of topics like units of measurement, algebra, probability, statistics, surface area and volume and linear equations, it would be difficult for the teachers to help the students in the Year 11 Mathematics Standard. At CrunchGrade, our online tutors ensure that students revise all the necessary Year 10 Mathematics topics before starting with a topic in Year 11 Mathematics Standard.

CrunchGrade Grade 11 Mathematics Standard Online Tutoring Advantage

Ensuring continuous progress: CrunchGrade Year 11 Mathematics Standard tutors provided guided tutoring so that students can find confidence and mastery in the subject. You will get session recordings, progress reports, revision classes and doubt removal sessions to ensure continuous learning.

Flexible learning schedule: We understand that sometimes students have personal commitments. You can anytime change or reschedule a session and our tutors will make things work. You can even take more than 1 session in a day.

High-quality content: Not only do we base our Year 11 Mathematics Standard tutoring on the latest NSW curriculum, but we also make sure that students get the right study support in the form of topic-wise notes, illustrations, diagrams, mind-maps, and past papers, and much more!. 

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