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Year 10 Advanced Maths

If you are willing to pursue Mathematical Methods (Course C) or Specialist Mathematics (Course D) in the senior secondary Years, you must study the Year 10 Maths Advanced course. Year 10 A content is optional for students but enrolling in this course can help you enhance your Mathematical skills to a great extent and prepare you well for the senior secondary Maths. At CrunchGrade, you can find the best Year 10 Maths Advanced tutors willing to teach you all the additional topics in a breeze. 

Term-Wise Year 10 Advanced Maths Curriculum We Cover

Students studying Year 10A Maths while pursuing the Year 10 Maths curriculum. It is an optional course but many teachers recommend students pursue it. Given below is a list of topics included in Year 10 Advanced Maths tutoring at CrunchGrade. These topics also include topics of Year 10 Maths, making it a complete course for students. You can add or remove concepts based on your learning requirements or the study scheme followed at your school.

Year 10 Advanced Maths Syllabus Overview

Year 10A Maths Topics

Year 10A Maths Subtopics

Number and Algebra

  • Money and financial Mathematics 
  • Patterns and algebra
  • Linear and non-linear relationships 

Measurement and Geometry

  • Units and measurement 
  • Geometric reasoning
  • Pythagoras and trigonometry

Statistics and Probability

  • Chances 
  • Data representation 
  • Data interpretation

Year 10 Advanced Maths Term-Wise Syllabus

Year 10A Maths Term 1 Topics

  • Linear expressions 
  • Factorisation of linear expressions 
  • Binomial expansion
  • Law of linear inequalities
  • Angles, similarity and congruence
  • Formulation of proofs
  • Circles - proofs and reasoning 

Year 10A Maths Term 10A Topics

  • Pythagoras theorem
  • Conditional probability
  • Statistics 
  • Heights and distances 
  • Establish the sine, cosine and area rules
  • Apply the unit circle to define trigonometric functions and graphs
  • Solve trigonometric equations
  • Investigate bivariate data sets

Year 10A Maths Term 3 Topics

  • Quadratic equations 
  • Solving quadratic equations 
  • Variation 
  • Factor theorem and remainder theorem
  • Standard deviation concept 

Year 10A Term 4 Topics

  • Compound interest, simple interest
  • Surface areas and volumes of composite solids 
  • Laws of logarithms and exponential equations 
  • Additional solids like spheres, right pyramids and right cones 

The above list of topics is based on the Year 10 Advanced Maths curriculum given by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), Australian Curriculum v3.0: Mathematics for Foundation–10.

New Things Grade 10 Advanced Maths Australian Students Will Learn

In Advanced Maths, Grade 10 students will study some additional topics other than the regular Year 10 Maths curriculum. These topics include laws of exponents and logarithms, circles (proofs and theorems), rational and irrational numbers, and factor and remainder theorems in polynomials. Students will also study hyperbolas, circles and their exponential functions. In statistics, they will learn how to interpret mean and standard deviation. You will study all these topics in detail in Year 10 Advanced Maths tuition at CrunchGrade. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 10 Advanced Maths Tutors 

Year 10 Maths students many times get confused about whether they should opt for the Advanced Maths course or not. This is primarily because they will have to put in extra hours and study advanced concepts in Mathematics. Topics like hyperbola, circles, advanced trigonometry, logarithms, and standard deviation require more practice. Students who lack a solid conceptual foundation of Year 9 and Year 10 Maths concepts face difficulties in learning Year 10 Maths Advanced. Our Grade 10 Advanced Maths tutors aim to clarify your basics of Year 10 Maths along with Year 10 Advanced Maths so that you can master every concept thoroughly. 

What Our Grade 10 Advanced Maths Tutors Help You Achieve?

With our Year 10 Advanced Maths online tuition, we ensure that students can:

  • Understand how simple interest and compound interest are related to each other 
  • Solve problems related to linear inequalities 
  • Solve problems related to finding surface area and volume of combination of solids
  • Describe bivariate data
  • Factorise quadratic expressions 
  • Solve quadratic equations 
  • Use angle properties to prove the concept of similarity and congruence 
  • Solve questions related to advanced trigonometry and heights and distances 
  • Solve outcomes of multi-step chance experiments 
  • Find logarithms 
  • Solve questions related to remainder and factor theorem in polynomials 
  • Find the standard deviation of data and much more! 

Important Topics in Year 10 Advanced Maths 

The complete Year 10 Advanced curriculum is important for students because this course is designed to teach them additional important skills for further Mathematics courses in Year 11 and Year 12. According to CrunchGrade Year 10 Advanced Maths tutors in Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities of Australia, many schools consider Quadratic equations, trigonometry, probability and statistics as the most important concepts in Year 10 Advanced Maths. Our learning program will be based on your learning requirements only. So, it does not matter which topic you want to study, CrunchGrade tutors will make sure that you understand it thoroughly. 

Challenges in Tutoring Maths to Year 10A Students

CrunchGrade Year 10 Advanced Maths tutors in Hobart and Perth have mentioned that students often feel burdened in Year 10 as they have to study an additional Maths course. While for many tutors it becomes a challenge to help students manage their time and feel less overwhelmed, CrunchGrade offers students with the support and guidance they need. Our tutors create customised learning programs or lesson plans so that students can cope with their school and self-studying easily. 

CrunchGrade Grade 10A Maths Online Tutoring Advantage

CrunchGrade Year 10 Advanced Maths tutors ensure complete flexibility when it comes to scheduling classes. Students can decide when they want to study and just schedule the session accordingly. Students can learn from the comfort and safety of their homes without downloading any software or purchasing one. All you need is a laptop or a computer and a good internet connection. 

Our Year 10 Maths Advanced online tuition sessions are aligned with the current Australian curriculum so that no student faces difficulties in coping with what they are learning at school. Students are provided with a range of worksheets, practise papers, notes and other study resources during their Year 10 Maths Advanced tutoring sessions. This way they can focus on the topic and grasp the concept.

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