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Year 11 General Mathematics

Year 11 General Mathematics is a subject built on Year 10 Maths courses. It is suitable for students who want to pursue further studies or explore employment opportunities that do not require calculus. At CrunchGrade, we have the best Year 11 General Maths tutors from Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of Australia, who are qualified and experienced to teach you Year 11 General Mathematics with ease. Our specialised learning programs are based on students’ learning needs and ensure that they score high marks in every assessment. Top features of our Year 11 General Maths tutoring include:

  • Live, online and interactive classes
  • Recorded lectures or one-on-one classes
  • Personalised Maths tutoring 
  • Revision sessions and doubt-solving sessions
  • Highly educated tutors from all across Australia 

Unit-Wise Year 11 General Mathematics Curriculum at CrunchGrade 

Year 11 General Mathematics includes 4 Assessments throughout the year. There are 4 units in the subject namely: 

  • Unit 1 - Money, measurement and relations
  • Unit 2 - Applied trigonometry, algebra, matrices and univariate data
  • Unit 3 - Bivariate data, sequences and change, and Earth geometry 
  • Unit 4 - Investing and networking

Each unit includes different topics for assessment as given below: 

General Mathematics Year 11 Syllabus 

Unit 1 - Money, measurement and relations

  • Consumer arithmetic 
  • Shape and measurement 
  • Linear equations and their graphs 

Unit 2 - Applied trigonometry, algebra, matrices and univariate data

  • Applications of trigonometry 
  • Algebra and matrices 
  • Univariate data analysis 

Unit 3 - Bivariate data, sequences and change, and Earth geometry 

  • Bivariate data analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Growth and decay in sequences 
  • Earth geometry and time zones 

Unit 4 - Investing and networking

  • Loans, investments and annuities 
  • Graphs and networks
  • Networks and decision mathematics 

The above list of topics is based on the latest General Mathematics General Senior Syllabus given by QCAA (Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority).

New Things Grade 11 General Mathematics Australian Students Will Learn

In Grade 11 Applied Mathematics, students will learn about consumer arithmetic where they will be calculating annual salaries, comparing prices, and cost in Australian dollars. They will be studying linear graphs, Heron’s formula, matrices and matrix arithmetic. In statistics, the students will be studying correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination and time series analysis. All these topics are relatively new for Year 11 General Maths students. In CrunchGrade’s Grade 11 General Mathematics tutoring students can practice these new topics for assessments thoroughly. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 11 General Mathematics Tutors 

Our Year 11 General Mathematics tutors in Melbourne have often observed that students face problems in solving statistics questions in their assessments. Sometimes when students are not familiar with the concepts, they get stuck and are unable to solve the problem. If a student does not understand Year 10 Maths concepts thoroughly, they face problems in Year 11 General Mathematics. Our Year 11 Maths tutors in Canberra say that they provide revision classes for topics like algebraic functions, quadratic equations, bivariate data interpretation, mean, median, mode and linear equations to bridge the learning gaps of students. 

What Our Grade 11 General Mathematics Tutors Help You Achieve?

CrunchGrade Year 11 General Maths tutors ensure that with online tutoring, students can:

  • Solve questions related to applications of rates and percentages 
  • Use spreadsheets to organise and perform calculations on data 
  • Solve problems related to Pythagoras Theorem
  • Calculate surface areas and volumes of three-dimensional shapes like spheres, rectangular prisms, cylinders, cones, pyramids and composites in practical situations
  • Identify and solve linear equations
  • Find slope and point of intersection of a straight-line graph
  • Find the area of a triangle using heron’s formula
  • Recognise different types of matrices, perform addition and subtraction of matrices along with multiplication
  • Determine mean and standard deviation
  • Compare data for a numerical variable across two or more groups
  • Perform bivariate data analysis
  • Describe and interpret patterns in time series data and much more! 

Challenges in Tutoring General Mathematics to Year 11 Students

Many CrunchGrade Year 11 General Maths tutors have often pointed out that students have a fear of Maths which restricts their ability to understand the concept. Our math tutors online specifically work with students to make them comfortable with Maths so that they can solve problems related to difficult topics of statistics and algebra easily. Problems of taxation and data interpretation can also seem tough to Year 11 students. At CrunchGrade, we use innovative learning techniques to make students comfortable with Maths concepts. Our tutors provide a friendly environment so that students can ask their queries easily and overcome the challenges that they face in learning. 

CrunchGrade Grade 11 General Mathematics Online Tutoring Advantage

Increase your confidence: Year 11 General Maths tutors at CrunchGrade ensure that students can students are so trained in every topic that they can recall and use the facts and rules easily in solving questions. We help students comprehend mathematical techniques used in concepts related to statistics, algebra, measurement, matrices and geometry. 

Relate with everyday life: Year 11 General Maths tutors at CrunchGrade Australia ensure that students can communicate the mathematical concepts in real-life situations and they can organise and interpret the information using day-to-day language. 

Justify solutions with mathematical reasoning: We train students to provide justification of the procedures, formulae or rules that they use in problem-solving. You will be able to construct mathematical arguments and provide reasons for your choice of answers.

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