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In geometry, coplanar means objects that are located on the same flat surface or plane. 

As an example, if three points are coplanar, it means that they are not on different levels, instead all lie on the same flat surface. Similarly, if two lines are coplanar, it means that they do not intersect at an angle but rather both lie on the same plane. In three-dimensional space, coplanar objects can be linked by a series of straight lines that do not cross at any point other than the endpoints.

In mathematics, coplanar points, lines, and other geometric forms are significant, because they play a role in defining and describing the properties of two-dimensional shapes. As an example, the definition of a triangle comprises the condition that the three vertices of the triangle should be coplanar. Similarly, the definition of a parallelogram also has the condition that the opposite sides of the parallelogram should be coplanar.

The ability to express and understand connections between various geometric shapes and their properties makes coplanar objects vital in mathematics and other fields.

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