Degree to Radian Measure

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Degree to Radian Measure

The ratio of degrees to radians Angles can be expressed in various units of measurement through conversion. Depending on the situation, an angle can be measured in either degrees or radians.

2π radians (or 360°) make up one complete rotation. As a result, 1 degree is equal to 2π/360 = π/180 radians. You can use the following formula to change an angle from degrees to radians:

angle (in radians) = (angle (in degrees) * π) / 180

As an example, to convert 60° to radians, you can apply the above formula to get:

angle (in radians) = (60° * π) / 180 = (π) / 3 = 1.0471975511965977461542144610932 radians

You can also use this formula to convert an angle from radians to degrees by changing the roles of the angle and the conversion factor. For example, to convert 1.0471975511965977461542144610932 radians to degrees, you can use the formula above to get:

angle (in degrees) = (1.0471975511965977461542144610932 radians * 180) / π = 60°

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