About Us

CrunchGrade is a subsidiary of Adinio Pty. Ltd. (headquartered at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). We envision to become a global leader in providing academic support across all disciplines, promoting personal growth of the learners as well as the professional growth of the tutors. We operate in over 8 countries including USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

CrunchGrade is a personalized, student-focused e-learning platform that meets the needs of students in a digital age. We provide an online tutoring platform for exam preparation & instant homework assistance designed to enable learning beyond the four walls of the classrooms.

We bridge the gap between the learners and educators through creative technology and innovating the ways students learn and it all happens online. CrunchGrade takes the utmost pride in its tutors. Their desire to teach motivates us to be better every day. Our tutors hail from premier institutes and they understand the nitty-gritty of today’s curriculum required for your academic success.

CruchGrade is a convenient, easy to access and affordable one-to-one online learning place for all so that every student can take control of their learning with inspiration, inquisitiveness, flexibility, and imagination. From 6th grade to university levels, we have a learning solution for every student.

Look nowhere else for instant homework help, online tutoring or a customized exam prep. solution, simply find an expert tutor and book a session or tell us what you’re looking for and we will set up a study session for you with a right tutor. You can also create a customized online study sessions plan for an entire school season that fits your schedule.

Our values include the following:

Empower – Our technology combined with expert tutors provide an encouraging learning environment for the students where they get individualized attention and guidance.

Innovation – We bring out the best in our educators and learners by incorporating advanced teaching methods and tools in their arsenal during study sessions. With our interactive whiteboards or intriguing multimedia elements, learning becomes a creative process for every student.

Reverence – Our tutors treat students with dignity and compassion. They listen to students’ problems keenly and make the best efforts in solving all their queries precisely.

Progress - To us, success is a two-way journey in progress. The ultimate success to us is the success of our learners and for that, CrunchGrade along with its team of tutors strive every single day to become better in their fields.

How CrunchGrade works

Step 1 : Select your subject and grade – Select your subject from a pool of diverse topics including algebra, finance, geometry, science, management, and computer science. Then choose the appropriate grade level such as elementary, middle, high school or university.

Step 2 : Schedule your Session – Schedule your study session as per your timings and convenience.

Step 3 : Connect with your Tutor – Select the tutor that suits your subject and grade requirements. We have a pool of talented tutors hailing from the best universities of respective countries.