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Online Tutoring for Secondary School Students 

Secondary school years (Years 7-10) are crucial for every student because whatever you learn in these years forms the foundation of senior secondary school. Many students in Australia look for additional guidance in secondary school subjects like Maths, English, and Science so that they can cope with the difficult topics and master the basics. 

We, at CrunchGrade, provide online tutoring for secondary school students. On this platform, students can connect with the top Australian secondary school tutors online and schedule study sessions at their convenience. These tutors will provide them with adequate guidance, clarify their doubts and help them prepare for the assessments. 

Here’s why you need to consult a secondary school tutor online:

  • If you face problems in keeping up with the school curriculum
  • If you lack confidence because of poor academic performance
  • If you find it hard to engage in school studies 
  • If you find it difficult to engage in any school work at home 
  • If you are concerned about your senior years and university admissions

No matter what your reason is, CrunchGrade’s tutors guarantee to provide you with academic support at every stage of your secondary education. 

Find the Best Secondary School Tutors in Australia

Tutors that act like mentors: We select our tutors not just to provide you with academic assistance but to mentor you throughout your secondary education. This is what makes CrunchGrade unique than other online tutoring platforms. We choose tutors to help students in enhancing their overall learning experience and not just for preparing for academic purposes. 

Continuous guidance and progress: Our tutors will be fully invested in your learning progress. They will be tracking your learning progress every day so that you can work upon your weaknesses and leverage your strengths to perform exceptionally well at school. 

Classes that suit your schedule: We understand that it could be difficult to manage scoendary school with self-study. So you can schedule online classes based on your availability. We are here to make your life easier. Your tutors will help you with time management, provide you study planners, and learning resources to make it easier for you to manage your studies and personal life. 

Secondary School Subjects That We Cover 

Mathematics: At CrunchGrade, you can find a secondary school online tutor for Year 7 - Year 10 Maths. Master the various concepts of Numbers and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability throughout your secondary school years and prepare well for senior school.

English: Grasp a strong command of the Australian English language with our native English tutors. Our tutors can help you become a confident communicator with their innovative tutoring methologies. Grasp the ability to listen to, read, view, speak, write, create and reflect on increasingly complex and sophisticated spoken, written and multimodal texts with our tutors. 

Science: Master the three strndas of Science - science understanding, science as a human endeavour and science inquiry skills with our top Science secondary school tutors.

  • Year 7 Science 
  • Year 8 Science
  • Year 9 Science
  • Year 10 Science

We not only provide high school online tutoring based on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) but also based on:

  • ACT Curriculum by ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies, 
  • NSW Curriculum by NSW Education Standards Authority, 
  • QLD Curriculum by Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority,
  • SA Curriculum by SACE Board of South Australia, 
  • TA Curriculum by Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification, 
  • VIC Curriculum by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, and
  • WA Curriculum by School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Online programming tutoring: Not only this, we offer computer programming tutoring for secondary school students who wish to pursue a career in technology and computer science. Learn object oriented programming, dynamic programming, and programming languages like C, C++, Java and more from the best programming tutors in Australia. 

Features of Secondary School Tutoring Services at CrunchGrade

Your success in secondary school is our guarantee. Here’s what we aim to provide you with our exceptional secondary school online tutoring services in Australia:

Learn from anywhere: No need to travel to your tutor, we are bringing the best tutors from all across Australia to your desktop. Just select the tutor, schedule a session, and start learning. 

Affordable prices: While many online and private tutors take $50 per hour more, we guarantee much less prices for our online learning sessions. Moreover, you need to pay for how much you learn. If you are satisfied with just three classes, no need to schedule more sessions. 

Keeping you in the loop: We are not here to just make you revise what you learned in school. We are here for your overall improvement. You will be informed about your performance in class and areas needing improvement. 

Find that extra motivation: Need some guidance in coping with secondary school? Join the best online tutoring for secondary school students at CrunchGrade and find the motivation to study. 

Work through challenges: Our tutors will help you overcome every challenge that you face in learning secondary school subjects. There will be dedicated doubt sessions, revision sessions and tests to help you master every topic.

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