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Year 8 Maths

At CrunchGrade, students can find Year 8 Maths learning programs created to strengthen their Mathematical abilities and problem-solving skills. By Year 8, students have settled into secondary school. Many students develop an interest in Maths while some students are still struggling to find their passion in the subject. Year 8 Maths tutoring at CrunchGrade provides personalised guidance to every student. 

Here, you can select a Grade 8 Math tutor online and start learning from them in regular online learning sessions. Our online tutors hail from the best universities in Australia and have years of teaching experience, making them the perfect mentor for Grade 8 Maths. They will regularly assess your learning progress and ensure that you complete your syllabus on time and develop a thorough knowledge of Year 8 Maths topics. 

Term-Wise Year 8 Maths Curriculum We Cover

Year 8 Maths curriculum aims to develop fluency amongst students regarding number systems, algebra and mathematical terminology. Throughout the year you will be practising mathematical reasoning, constructing mathematical proofs and making links between algebra and graphical representations. Grade 8 Maths syllabus also emphasises the development of problem-solving skills. Here’s an overview of the curriculum followed by Grade 8 Maths tutors in Australia. 

Year 8 Maths Syllabus Overview

Year 8 Maths Topics

Year 8 Maths Subtopics

Number and Algebra

  • Numbers and place value 
  • Real Numbers 
  • Money and financial Mathematics 
  • Patterns and algebra
  • Linear and non-linear relationships

Measurement and Geometry

  • Using units and measurement 
  • Geometric reasoning

Statistics and Probability

  • Chances 
  • Data representation 
  • Data interpretation

Year 8 Maths Term-Wise Syllabus

Year 8 Maths Term 1 Topics

  • Operations with integers and fractions
  • Connection between fractions, decimals, percentages
  • Index notation

Year 8 Maths Term 2 Topics

  • Perimeter and area 
  • Relations between the units of measurement 
  • Problems involving measurement, percentage, length, area and volume, rates and ratios, index notation, irrational numbers and square roots

Year 8 Maths Term 3 Topics

  • Factorisation of algebraic expressions 
  • Variables and substitution concepts 
  • Associate, commutative and distributive laws 
  • Congruence 
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Rates, ratios and percentages
  • itinerary and budget for a holiday

Year 8 Term 4 Topics

  • Term 1, 3 topics 
  • Probability 
  • Data representation
  • Solving linear equations using graphical and algebraic methods

The above list of topics is based on the Year 8 Maths curriculum given by the

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA),

Australian Curriculum v3.0: Mathematics for Foundation–10.

New Things Grade 8 Maths Australian Students Will Learn

The concept of real numbers is relatively new in Year 8 Maths. Students will learn about irrational numbers, and rational numbers, and solve problems related to ratio and proportion. Profit and loss problems are also introduced in Year 8 Maths along with some new concepts in algebra like factorisation of algebraic expressions and their simplification. Students will solve linear equations using graphical methods, find perimeters and areas of parallelograms, trapeziums, rhombus, and kites and study the congruence of triangles. There are many new topics introduced this year. You will study all of them in Year 8 Maths tuition at CrunchGrade. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 8 Maths Tutors 

Word problems in algebra and learning different ways to solve an algebraic equation can be a little challenging for Year 8 students. Many students are unable to recall the basics of number facts which makes it difficult for them to solve problems. Some students also face difficulties in differentiating between Maths terms like simplifying, prime number, square number, congruent, similar, etc. CrunchGrade Year 8 Maths tutors also find it difficult for students to make connections between different Maths concepts such as units of measurement or any other topic that they might have mastered in the previous years. 

What Our Grade 8 Maths Tutors Help You Achieve?

With CrunchGrade efficient Year 8 Maths online tutors, students can:

  • Solve problems related to rational and irrational numbers 
  • Solve profit and loss problems 
  • Make connections between expanding and factorising algebraic expressions 
  • Learn about the congruence of triangles and properties of different quadrilaterals 
  • Solve linear equations using algebraic and geometric methods
  • Convert between units of area and volume
  • Study the properties of circles, find their area and circumference 
  • Determine probabilities of complimentary events and more! 

Important Topics in Year 8 Maths 

Linear equations, algebra and solid shapes are the three most important topics introduced in Year 8 Maths. According to CrunchGrade’s Year 8 Maths tutors in Melbourne and other parts of Australia, Year 8 students must be able to demonstrate fluency with concepts like percentages and units of measurement. They must know how to calculate mean, median and mode. They must be familiar with graphs and linear equations. Properties of quadrilaterals are another important topic in Year 8 Maths. 

Challenges in Tutoring Maths to Year 8 Students

Many Grade 8 Maths tutors in Sydney and other major cities of Australia find it difficult to help students develop logic and understanding of algebra. Since many students panic about this topic, it is quite difficult to make them feel empowered in algebra. However, at CrunchGrade, our Year 8 Maths tutors online are trained to teach all the topics to the students using real-life examples, illustrations and visualisation. Our stepwise explanations and problem-solving will help students over every learning challenge in Year 8 Maths. 

CrunchGrade Grade 8 Maths Online Tutoring Advantage

Resolve your doubts, find the best guidance and ace your Year 8 Maths exams with the help of esteemed math tutors at CrunchGrade. Not only are our services affordable, but they also work as per the student’s availability and schedule. Our Year 8 Maths tutors are happy to provide you with extra sessions, doubt removal classes, review tests and unlimited practice resources for Maths. Here are some of the major benefits of hiring an online Year 8 Maths tutor from CrunchGrade:

  • There is no need to travel to the tutor, the tutor will reach you out through your desktops and will teach you Year 8 Maths syllabus innovatively
  • When students understand the essential concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics, they will be able to apply critical thinking and problem-solving techniques in and out of the classroom
  • We provide learning programs based on the strengths and weaknesses of every student 
  • Our online Maths tutors use various teaching methods to ensure that students do not lose interest in the subject 
  • Our tutors have been working with Year 8 students for years, they know how to help them overcome learning challenges without getting panicked 
  • Our Year 8 Maths worksheets, notes, mind maps, important questions, practice tests and other handcrafted study materials are designed to help students at every step 
  • Our Year 8 maths tuition allows students to communicate with a teacher in real-time to clear up questions and discuss important topics

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