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CrunchGrade Year 7 English Tutoring Service offers a program that is full of activities and fun. We hold short story competitions, help students compose poems, guide them in creating short comics, and help them write essays, a biography on family members, and even advertisements.

Our students develop skills to read and analyse complex literary texts, such as novels and poems, as well as, films, plays, and non-fiction books. They also learn how to research information from a variety of sources and to use this information to support their own ideas in writing.

Tutoring is an excellent way for students to improve their English grades, as well as, prepare them for further studies or careers. If you are looking for a Year 7 English tutor in Sydney, contact CrunchGrade today!

Term-Wise Year 7 English Australia Curriculum We Cover

CrunchGrade follows the prescribed English syllabus for Year 7 students in Australia.

Term 1 Year 7 English syllabus focuses on investigating text structures, language features and vocabulary of persuasive texts. Students compare features of different texts, analyse them and explain how they influence audiences. They also work to create a multimodal persuasive presentation.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on developing students' persuasive power - both in spoken and written form.

Term 2 Year 7 English syllabus focuses on helping students examine informative and procedural texts and understand them. They learn how graphics can be used to convey information easily. They also learn to understand and follow procedural instructions. Another important skill they learn in this term is to critically evaluate a range of information sources and make an informative report on a chosen topic.

At CrunchGrade, we understand that in this information era, critical evaluation of our knowledge resources is vital. Thus, we focus on helping students develop this skill.

Term 3 Year 7 English syllabus focuses on Australian literature and the range of perspectives it presents. It includes the study of oral narrative traditions of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people, early adolescent novels, plays, films, short stories and contemporary literature. Students learn to draw conclusions from the texts and discuss how Australia and Australians are represented in the world of literature. 

At CrunchGrade, we teach students to do a literary analysis of texts and appreciate the various perspectives that they offer.

Term 4 Year 7 English syllabus focuses on poetry, songs and multimodal texts written to protest something and how they represent social, historical and cultural perspectives of the time. They also see how these notions have changed over time.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on teaching students what they have learned to create and transform different types of texts. By the end of this year, our students are ready for the next level!

New Things Grade 7 Australian Students Will Learn in English

As students enter secondary school, their circle of communication increases to include individuals, groups and communities outside their immediate neighbourhoods. These may be face-to-face interactions or online or virtual interactions. Hence, in Year 7, students learn about familiar and unfamiliar contexts related to their school, local community, regional and even global contexts.

They read, interpret, and evaluate various types of texts, including newspapers and magazines, and participate in dramatic and poetry performances. They also learn to read realistic, fantasy and speculative fiction, historical genres, and stories that involve challenging and unpredictable plot sequences.

They learn to collect information about specialised topics from various sources and use more complex text structures as well as rhetorical language and successive complex sentences.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 7 English Tutors

In Year 7, many students struggle to write good introductions, conclusions, and topic sentences. Their sentences are incomplete because they miss a subject or a verb or they have problems with subject-verb agreement.

Many students confuse plurals and possessives and get confused about when to use an apostrophe. Some students use text-speak in their writing, which is not appropriate for formal or academic writing.

If you are facing any of these challenges, our Year 7 English tutors can help you overcome them. We will work with you to improve your grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. We will also help you write clearly and avoid using jargon or convoluted sentences.

What Our Grade 7 English Tutors Help You Achieve?

With the help of our online Year 7 English tutors, students are able to analyse how text structures can influence the complexity of a text. They also learn the best ways to create a text depending on its context, purpose and audience.

Our students can draw on their personal knowledge, do textual analysis, form and express opinions and create texts using a variety of language features and images to have a particular effect.

They can make connections between ideas and synthesize and evaluate information from several sources. They know how to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of texts in increasingly sophisticated written responses. They can also reflect on their reading and writing, set personal goals and improve their skills.

Important Topics in Year 7 English Syllabus

At this academic level, students need to master how to use language and images to produce a particular effect in their writing pieces or presentations. They need to learn to use more varied vocabulary. While responding to a text, they must use evidence from the text to justify their opinions.

Furthermore, they should be able to employ different strategies to decode unfamiliar words. They need to become familiar with the features of various types of texts such as plays, narratives, and non-fiction so that they can write their versions of these.

Challenges in Tutoring English to Year 7 Students

Many students in Year 7 struggle with using commas correctly. Our online tutors help students use commas in introductory or prepositional phrases while connecting independent and dependent clauses, and restrictive clauses. They also teach about comma splices and rules for conjunctions (like and, but, etc.).

Compound sentences and tenses and perspectives are some other pain points for students in which they need guidance. Our english tutors online also find that many Grade 7 students get so enamoured with the language devices that they do not like to write actively and directly. This tendency needs to be corrected as it interferes with the flow of their writing.

CrunchGrade Grade 7 English Online Tutoring Advantage

Our Year 7 English tutoring program is designed to encourage students to write stories, non-fiction texts and imaginative writing pieces at length for pleasure. They also learn to use the language fluently and accurately and can create effective persuasive texts.

Our online English tutors offer instant but detailed feedback to students, collaborate with them to create original texts and edit them and create lesson plans based on their students' individual learning needs. At the beginning of the class, they make it clear what they expect from their students and reflect on what is done during the session after the class.

They also provide parents with regular progress reports and are always available to listen to their suggestions and answer their queries.

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