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CrunchGrade Year 8 English Tutoring Service offers a comprehensive curriculum for Year 8 students. We cater to students with diverse learning needs - from those who need interventions to those in Gifted Education programs.

We use contemporary evidence-based learning strategies and online pedagogical tools and practices to maximize the learning outcomes of our children. Our innovative and agile English tutoring program is designed to challenge and engage students so they can achieve their personal best.

We understand that each student is unique and our online tutoring service tailor the learning experience to match each child's needs. The one-to-one attention in our online environment ensures that every student can progress at their own pace.

Term-Wise Year 8 English Australia Curriculum We Cover

CrunchGrade follows the prescribed English syllabus for Year 8 students in Australia.

Term 1 Year 8 English syllabus focuses on personal stories published online, in newspapers and magazines. Students examine and analyze how individuals are represented in these texts and experiment with the images, text structures and other devices they learn to create a personal narrative. 

At CrunchGrade, we focus on teaching students how to create an identity online and present themselves in the best light in Term 1.

Term 2 Year 8 English syllabus focuses on poems and short stories from different cultures, including Asia. Students learn to interpret them and reflect on the values of an individual or group in the story and how it influences their opinions and emotions about them.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on how to create an anthology about different types of literature and the emotional responses they trigger.

Term 3 Year 8 English syllabus focuses on interpersonal relationships and ethical dilemmas represented in contemporary novels about Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples and those written by them. Students also compare how films, poetry, and other texts represent similar themes.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on how to critically analyze different types of texts and explain their point of view on how authors position their readers according to their purposes.

Term 4 Year 8 English syllabus focuses on the language of technology and social media. Students also prepare a presentation on how social media has helped in raising awareness about environmental and sustainability issues.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on how to use social media responsibly and present a balanced view of an issue. We also help students understand how to use different types of digital technologies to create texts.

New Things Grade 8 Australian Students Will Learn in English

In Year 8, students need to focus on mastering the structure of paragraphs. They also need to use examples, quotes, and other evidence to support their claims on any given topic. Year 8 English students also need to learn how nominalisation and rhetorical devices are used in persuasive and informative texts.

Grade 8 students also begin to question the credibility of information sources and the validity of the content. Humour, wordplay and innuendo are other themes that students explore this year.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 8 English Tutors

Years 7 and 8 are the foundation for success in HSC English. Hence, students need to iron out any problems they are facing in the subject right now. The main problems students in this grade have are that they take mastery for granted and don't like to practise. Since there is no NAPLAN assessment in Year 8, they ignore the immediacy of learning.

They also find it difficult to plan things logically or to prioritise work. This is where our English tutors come in. They are experts at teaching study methods and time management skills to help your child cope with the demands of Junior High School.

What Our Grade 8 English Tutors Help You Achieve?

CrunchGrade offers Year 8 English Australia tutors that help students understand the selection of text structures and language features depending on the purpose and audience of the text. With their help, Grade 8 students can easily learn to interpret texts as well as question the reliability of information and idea sources.

Our classes are lively where children contribute actively to group discussions. This develops their ability to communicate their ideas confidently. We also focus on preparing students for exams and assessments so that they can score well in higher classes.

Important Topics in Year 8 English Syllabus

Year 8 is the time when students need to consolidate and master concepts they have learned earlier before they move to Stage 5 of learning. Instead of learning new things, they need to focus on applying their existing knowledge in more complex ways.

They also need to do more homework in Year 8 to practise their skills. Our English tutors can help your child with both - learning new topics and revising old ones.

Challenges in Tutoring English to Year 8 Students

For many students, Year 8 is the first time they come across Shakespeare. It can be a challenge to understand his plays without any prior exposure. Our tutors can help your child get over this hurdle by breaking down the language and making it easy to understand.

They can also help with other tough topics like poems and wordplay. If your child is struggling with any particular topic, our tutors can focus on that and make sure they understand it before moving on.

Some students find it difficult to write complex analytical paragraphs. In such cases, our tutors guide them through the analytical procedure step-by-step so that they can master it. This makes it easy for them to complete the assignment and get good grades.

CrunchGrade Grade 8 English Online Tutoring Advantage

CrunchGrade Year 7 English tutoring program is designed to introduce students to a new scholastic system and develop new study habits and patterns. In Year 8, we help students consolidate State 4 learning and prepare them for an increase in conceptual difficulty.

Our online English tutors help Grade 8 students develop better study habits, take initiative, and also help them with their homework if required. We also make sure they understand the concepts before moving on to the next topic.

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