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Year 10 Maths

Are you struggling in Year 10 Maths? It is time to take your learning to the next level. At CrunchGrade, we have the best Year 10 Maths tutors online who provide structured learning programs to the students. 

Our online video lessons, innovative teaching styles and latest study resources will help every student overcome their learning challenges in Grade 10 Maths. Our online tutors in Australia are available round the clock for the students. 

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Term-Wise Year 10 Maths Curriculum We Cover

Year 10 Maths Syllabus Overview

Year 10 Maths Topics

Year 10 Maths Subtopics

Number and Algebra

  • Money and financial Mathematics 
  • Patterns and algebra
  • Linear and non-linear relationships 

Measurement and Geometry

  • Units and measurement 
  • Geometric reasoning
  • Pythagoras and trigonometry

Statistics and Probability

  • Chances 
  • Data representation 
  • Data interpretation


Year 10 Maths Term-Wise Syllabus

Year 10 Maths Term 1 Topics

  • Linear expressions 
  • Factorisation of linear expressions 
  • Binomial expansion
  • Law of linear inequalities
  • Angles, similarity and congruence
  • Formulation of proofs

Year 10 Maths Term 2 Topics

  • Pythagoras theorem
  • Conditional probability
  • Statistics 
  • Heights and distances 

Year 10 Maths Term 3 Topics

  • Quadratic equations 
  • Solving quadratic equations 
  • Variation 

Year 10 Term 4 Topics

  • Compound interest, simple interest
  • Surface areas and volumes of composite solids 

The above list of topics is based on the Year 10 Maths curriculum given by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), Australian Curriculum v3.0: Mathematics for Foundation–10.

New Things Grade 10 Maths Australian Students Will Learn

Year 10 includes many new topics such as compound interest, heights and distances, linear inequalities, and quadratic equations. Students will also learn about variation in probability and statistics which is a relatively new concept built on Year 9 Maths topics. Some Australian study schemes also introduce parabola, hyperbola and ellipse geometry to the students. At CrunchGrade, we ensure that students have no learning gaps between Year 9 and Year 10 so that they can understand all new concepts better. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 10 Maths Tutors 

Some common issues faced by Year 10 students include difficulty in solving quadratic equations and polynomials with a higher degree. Many students find trigonometry a difficult concept. Although students have studied the basics of trigonometry in Year 9 Maths. Many students find it tough to apply those basics to advanced trigonometry problems. Many study standards such as NSW introduce the concept of logarithms in Year 10 Maths which students find quite challenging in the beginning. 

CrunchGrade guarantees that your learning program will be based around your challenges in the subject. Our Year 10 Maths tuition will focus more on your areas of weaknesses than areas of strengths. 

What Our Grade 10 Maths Tutors Help You Achieve?

With our Year 10 Maths online tuition, we ensure that students can:

  • Understand how simple interest and compound interest are related to each other 
  • Solve problems related to linear inequalities 
  • Solve problems related to finding surface area and volume of combination of solids
  • Describe bivariate data
  • Factorise quadratic expressions 
  • Solve quadratic equations 
  • Use angle properties to prove the concept of similarity and congruence 
  • Solve questions related to advanced trigonometry and heights and distances 
  • Solve outcomes of multi-step chance experiments and much more! 

Important Topics in Year 10 Maths 

If you want to showcase above satisfactory standards in Year 10 Maths, you must demonstrate complete understanding of statistics and measures of the central tendency. You should be able to calculate probability correctly and construct tree diagrams. Venn diagrams are also an important concept in Year 10 Maths along with trigonometry and surface area and volume. CrunchGrade Year 10 Maths tutors will ensure that students focus more on the important concepts as they can achieve higher marks in the assessments. 

Challenges in Tutoring Maths to Year 10 Students

Many Year 10 Maths tutors in Sydney and other prominent cities of Australia have found that it is difficult to stop students from the habit of rote learning. Many students just memorise the concept instead of understanding it from a real-life’s perspective which makes it difficult for them to solve advanced problems. Many times students do not clarify their doubts properly which makes it difficult to teach them advanced topics, especially trigonometry. Many tutors also struggle in making Year 10 students read and analyse the question first. Students today just want to jump to solving the question and then get confused later on. 

CrunchGrade Grade 10 Maths Online Tutoring Advantage

At CrunchGrade, we work in providing personalised guidance to every student so that they can strengthen their weaknesses and overcome all kinds of learning challenges in the subject. We not only provide live, interactive classes where you can learn from top Year 10 Maths tutors in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and other top cities of Australia. But, we also ensure that our tutors stay up to date with the recent changes in the Year 10 Maths curriculum and exam pattern. We believe that every student can achieve higher marks in Class 10 Maths if they focus on these four major areas:

#1 Learning the basic concept for a solid conceptual understanding 

#2 Practising the methods of solving problems 

#3 Testing whether they understand the concept 

#4 Logging mistakes to ensure that you avoid them in the exam.

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