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Are you looking for one-on-one personalised online tutoring classes in Perth? CrunchGrade is the best place to find highly-qualified tutors for NAPLAN, ATAR, WACE, primary schools and high schools. Our tutors are selected by assessing not just their academic qualifications but also their passion and dedication to teaching students effectively. 

Best WACE Tutors in Perth 

The WACE curriculum requires each and every student to demonstrate a breadth and depth of study and to reach a specified achievement standard, including literacy and numeracy. At CrunchGrade, we have the best WACE tutors in Perth for you, who can help achieve all bars of excellence at school. Our online tutoring in Perth is an initiative to help students save their time and money and at the same time, gain the best learning resources and guidance. 

What’s included in the online Perth tutoring program? 

CrunchGrade’s Perth tutoring program is completely online where students can search for their ideal tutors through our tutor profiles based on which subjects they want to study and their education level. With extremely affordable hourly rates, we guarantee that a student who joins our online tutoring will be able to achieve all their study goals in no time. 

Our Perth online tutoring program has four simple steps 

Step 1: Selecting your tutor— Just go to our website, enter your Year, Subject and select a tutor from our list of online tutors in Perth. You can match your tutor based on the subjects they teach, student ratings, and their teaching experience. 

Step 2: Scheduling a session — Now that you have selected everything, make the payment for the session and schedule it based on your availability. Our online tutoring in Perth comes at affordable prices. 

Step 3: First lesson — Your first session is a demo session and it absolutely free! So just relax and try to focus as much as you can in this lesson. 

Step 4: Scheduling more sessions — If you are satisfied with the tutor, just schedule other sessions with them based on your availability. Our tutors are here for you 24/7! 

How do online tutors in Perth help students? 

Continuous progress tracking — Tutors at CrunchGrade work with the students at every step and keep a track of their performance in school and online tutoring sessions. Their detailed progress reports and feedback help students understand their strengths and weaknesses in a subject. 

Personalised learning program — Every student is different this is why our tutors follow a personalised approach. They will create a special learning plan for every student based on their learning requirements. 

Which subjects are covered in online Perth tutoring at CrunchGrade? 

We cover all the subjects from Year 2 up to Year 12. This includes WACE Maths, WACE Physics, WACE Chemistry, WACE Biology, and WACE English. Some common subjects for online Perth tutoring are:


  1. English
  2. Literature
  3. English as an Additional Language or Dialect

Humanities and Social Studies 

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Ancient History 
  3. Business Management and Enterprise 
  4. Career and Enterprise 
  5. Economics
  6. Geography 
  7. Modern History 
  8. Philosophy and Ethics 
  9. Politics and Law 


  1. Mathematics Specialist
  2. Mathematics Methods
  3. Mathematics Applications
  4. Mathematics Extension
  5. Mathematics Foundation
  6. Mathematics Preliminary


  1. Animal Production Systems
  2. Aviation
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Earth and Environmental Science
  6. Human Biology
  7. Integrated Science
  8. Marine and Maritime Studies 
  9. Physics
  10. Plant Production Systems
  11. Psychology

What makes CrunchGrade online Perth tutors different? 

Verified tutors — We have a scrutinised hiring process where we ensure that the teachers that we select have the best interest of the students. 

Easy scheduling/rescheduling — Students can easily schedule or reschedule their learning sessions based on their convenience. We are here for them 24/7!

One-on-one lessons — Do not worry if you can’t learn together in a group. We have the provision of one-on-one lessons where your tutor will solely pay attention to your learning challenges. 

Achieve your goals — We ensure that every student achieves their study goals by providing them with a complete supportive learning environment. We provide revision classes, doubt classes, learning resources and much more. 

What Our Clients Say About Perth Online Tutoring 

“My son studied at CrunchGrade in Year 11 and Year 12. I wish we could have found them soon as they helped him master Mathematics like a wizard. He has now successfully obtained his WACE certificate.” 

Samantha, East Perth 

“We did not opt for any tuition until my daughter was in Year 7. As soon as we started online classes with CrunchGrade, her grades improved tremendously. I am so thankful to the whole team and her tutor.”

Jasmine, Ashfield

“Learning online at CrunchGrade is really exciting for my two kids. They always get amazed by the innovative learning methods that tutors here use. It makes even the trickiest concepts so easy.”

Darwin, Rossmoyne 

“Additional guidance after school has really helped my daughter gain self-confidence. She has now exceeded her level of Maths and enjoys solving problems. I have never seen my daughter so eager to learn. She even explains the concepts to me in an impressive manner.”

Jackson, East Perth

“Online tutoring in Perth is a great program as it has helped my son reach the best grades at school. We were always worried about his future but with CrunchGrade, we don’t think that we need to do that anymore.” 

Michelle, Burswood

“Learning here at CrunchGrade is so flexible. We can easily reschedule the classes and select a different tutor. I highly recommend online learning. It saves so much of children’s time and energy.” 

Charlie, North Fremantle

Susan Jones Online Tutor

Susan Jones

Graduate Diploma in Business (Accounting)
Graduate Diploma in Business (Accounting)
Macquarie University


Michael Rabbi Online Tutor

Michael Rabbi

Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Curtin University

Business StudiesEconomicsAccounting

Helen Wiersma Online Tutor

Helen Wiersma

Certificate IV in Computer Systems Technology
Certificate IV in Computer Systems Technology
University of Adelaide

Computer ScienceProgramming

Acacia Upton Online Tutor

Acacia Upton

Master of Education
Master of Education
University of Melbourne


Stephanie Grant Online Tutor

Stephanie Grant

Diploma of Engineering
Diploma of Engineering
The University of Adelaide


Paul James Online Tutor

Paul James

Advanced Diploma of Accounting
Advanced Diploma of Accounting
Charles Darwin University


Judith Thompson Online Tutor

Judith Thompson

Master of Education
Master of Education
La Trobe University


Georgia Yeates Online Tutor

Georgia Yeates

Master of Education
Master of Education
University of Sydney

EconomicsAccountingBusiness Studies

Henry Byrne Online Tutor

Henry Byrne

Master of Applied Research
Master of Applied Research
University of Wollongong


Sydney Clarke Online Tutor

Sydney Clarke

Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Victoria University

Business StudiesManagement

Hayley Gentle Online Tutor

Hayley Gentle

Master of Education
Master of Education
UNSW Sydney


Mia Holder Online Tutor

Mia Holder

Master of Science (Research)
Master of Science (Research)
Western Sydney University


Nick Robinson Online Tutor

Nick Robinson

Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
La Trobe University