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What is a WACE Program?

WACE or Western Australian Certificate of Education is awarded to students who complete their senior secondary education as per Western Australia’s general education program requirements. Students can then further opt for higher education, seek admission in top universities or find a suitable job as per their skills after completing WACE.

To achieve WACE, students must complete two years of their senior secondary education (Year 11 and Year 12) although there are no specific time limits. You can opt for the WACE program at any time throughout life. After completing the program students are awarded by a WACE degree from the Academic Council on behalf of the Western Australian state government.

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WACE General Requirements for Year 11 and Year 12 Students

Achieving WACE signifies that a student has met the depth, breadth and achievement standards and ensures their knowledge of literacy and numeracy in their senior secondary school. If you want to further understand how WACE works then you have to understand how to meet these standards. Let us have a look at the basic requirements for Year 12 students for WACE for the year 2020.

  • The depth standards for achieving WACE are met through ATAR and General, Foundational, VET Industry-Specific courses. This also includes VET credit transfer and endorsed programs.
  • The breadth standards for WACE are met through ATAR and General and Foundational courses.
  • The achievement standards for WACE are met through ATAR, General, VET industry-specific and Foundation courses.
  • Students have to complete 20 units or equivalent. This includes a minimum of 10 Year 12 Units or equivalent, 4 units of English (out of these 4, two units should be from Year 12 English) and a pair of units from the lists of Arts/Languages/Social Sciences and Mathematics/Science/Technology each for Year 12.
  • You need to achieve at least 14 C grades or higher in Year 11 and Year 12. Out of this, at least 6 C grades should be achieved in Year 12 Units
  • You need to also complete at least four Year 12 ATAR courses or a Certificate II (or higher) VET qualification.
  • To display your numeracy standards you must complete Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) or achieve Band 8 or above in reading, writing or numeracy in the Year 9 NAPLAN tests.
  • If in case, you are unable to demonstrate your literacy and numeracy skills, you can apply for a resit at any time after completing secondary school.

WACE Requirements for Year 11 and Year 12 Students 2021 and Beyond

There have been certain additions in the WACE requirements for students who will be in Year 12 in the year 2021 or beyond. These changes include:

  • Now, you will be able to complete WACE with an additional pathway of five General Courses. These general courses include 50 subjects which are closely related to ATAR courses.
  • If you pick up the pathway of General Courses then, you will also have to appear in an external examination by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). However, the rest of the requirements remain the same.

Western Australia Certificate of Education Subjects

Complete information about WACE subjects for Year 11 and Year 12 is provided in the WACE Manual. You can choose your subjects from the following fields:

  • Arts (includes subjects like Dance, Drama, Design, Music)
  • English (includes English, English Literature and English as an Additional Language or Dialect)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (includes subjects like Geography, History, Accounting, Finance, Politics, Law)
  • Health and Physical Education (includes subjects like Health studies, Physical Education)
  • Languages (includes subjects like German, French, Italian, Chinese)
  • Mathematics (includes subjects like Mathematics Specialist, Mathematics Applications, Mathematics Foundation)
  • Science (includes subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology, Integrated Science, Psychology)
  • Technologies (includes subjects like Design, Engineering Technologies, Food Science and Technology)

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Why Should You Choose WACE :

The Benefits of Western Australia Certificate of Education
  • WACE programs are dynamic and in adherence to the changing requirements of the world. This means you can achieve a world-class education without having to leave your country.
  • You will find the opportunity to learn the latest technologies, design concepts and aviation technologies and prepare yourself for a career in diverse fields.
  • The English language proficiency of WACE graduates is par excellence and serves as ideal preparation for admissions in world-class universities.
  • Students are encouraged to showcase their literacy and numeracy skills and their comprehensive learning abilities throughout the courses. The education they gain is recognized by academic institutions throughout the world.
  • Our WACE coaching experts suggest that students should always try and understand the basics of the subjects for WACE first. But, students often lack direction and practice and hence are not able to perform well at WACE. This is where CrunchGrade’s expertise can be useful for you.

How Is WACE Assessed for Year 11 and Year 12?

WACE Scores are assessed on the basis of school assessments and examination marks. The ATAR scores and achievement in general courses are recorded in grades and then marked out of 100. For Year 12, 1 mark and one grade for each pair of subjects. For Year 11, 1 mark and one grade for a pair of units or separate mark and grade for each unit can be assigned. The moderated school assessment marks. Our WACE tutors can provide you with comprehensive information on how WACE examinations are assessed.

WACE and WASSA: How Are They Different?

WASSA or Westers Australian Statement of Student Achievement is issued to every student who completes secondary school. It is a formal record that represents what students have achieved in their secondary schooling. WASSA includes a number of things like WACE achievements, achievements of literacy and numeracy standards, achievements of awards, the competition of VET qualifications, school grades, marks and ATAR scores.

WASSA and WACE both are provided after the completion of secondary school but WACE is provided only when the student fulfils the requirements that have been stated above. With CrunchGrade’s WACE tuition online you will find a complete package of academic learning resources. From assignments to tests and preparing for practicals, our WACE tutors will guide you step by step so that you can achieve the best WACE grades.

FAQs About Western Australia Certificate of Education

WACE means Western Australian Certificate of Education. This certificate is awarded to students who complete their senior secondary education as per Western Australia’s general education program requirements.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority provides access to WACE results on its students portal. You would require a WASN or WA Students Number and a password to log into the portal. You can find the WASN from your school. You can easily view/ download your WACE results from the portal.

To meet WACE requirements, you need to score 14 C grades or higher in Year 11 and Year 12. You should achieve at least 6 C grades or higher in Year 12.

Here are the interpretations of WACE scores:

  • 75 or above — excellent achievement
  • 65 to 74.9 — high achievement
  • 50 to 64.9 — satisfactory achievement
  • 35 to 49.9 — low achievement
  • 0 to 34.9 — inadequate achievement

You must be aware of the syllabus and examination pattern for WACE. You must also be aware of WACE requirements so that you can prepare accordingly. CrunchGrade’s online WACE tutors can help you pick up the right WACE courses and prepare your best. Seek doubt removal and comprehensive explanatory online WACE coaching from CrunchGrade and learn from the best tutors.

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