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Year 12 Mathematics Methods - TAS

Are you looking for online Year 12 Mathematics Methods TAS tutoring? CrunchGrade has the best tutors online who can teach you every concept of TAS Mathematics Methods and help you prepare well for assessments. As you know, Year 12 Mathematics Methods builds upon areas that were introduced in previous years. You will be studying advanced concepts in calculus and probability and will be introduced to some new concepts of random variables, sampling and confidence intervals.

At CrunchGrade, we have advanced collaboration tools that help students connect with their teachers in real-time and study as if they are studying in a physical classroom. Our teachers use the best learning methodologies based on students' learning styles and requirements. Enrol in a small group class or take one-on-one classes from our tutors and complete the Year 12 Maths Methods TAS curriculum at the earliest.

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Year 12 Mathematics Methods TAS Curriculum We Cover 

Year 12 Mathematics Methods TAS curriculum is based on 5 study areas:

  • Function Study 
  • Circular (Trigonometric) Functions 
  • Differential Calculus 
  • Integral Calculus 
  • Probability and Statistics

In Function Study, students will develop a deeper understanding of the behaviour of several different functions. Different topics included in this area of study are understanding functions and their graphs, logarithms, exponential functions, transformations of functions, the composition of functions, the graph of the inverse of a function and more. 

In Circular Trigonometric Functions, students will learn what is circular measure and radian measure, the unit circle and symmetry properties, graphs of trigonometric functions, and the inverse of trigonometric functions. 

In Differential Calculus, students will learn about the rate of change, limits and their evaluation, derivatives, differentiability of functions, instantaneous rates of change, local maximums/minimums / stationary points of inflections over an interval, applications of differentiation to solving problems and more. 

In Integral Calculus, students will learn what anti-differentiation is, how to find antiderivatives, the fundamental theorem of calculus, applications of integrals and more. 

In probability and statistics, students will learn about discrete and continuous random variables, binomial distribution, normal distribution, statistical inference, definition and distribution of sample proportions, simulations and confidence intervals and much more. 

New Topics Introduced in TASC Maths Methods 4

Students can complete TASC Maths Methods 4 after successful completion of either Mathematics Methods – Foundation Level 3 or the AC Mathematics 10A subject with some additional studies in introductory calculus. If you have studied Mathematics Maths Foundation Level 3, you will have a clear idea of algebra, quadratic functions, powers of polynomials, cubic functions, indices, linear functions, and cubic and polynomial functions. You must also have studied basic calculus concepts like rate of change, derivative, and evaluation of limits. In Year 12 Maths Methods, you will be introduced to integrals, discrete and continuous random variables, binomial distribution, normal distribution, statistical inference, definition and distribution of sample proportions, simulations and confidence intervals. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 Mathematics Methods Tutors 

Students might find topics of calculus and probability a little challenging. This is because students are introduced to integrals or anti-derivatives which is a completely new concept for them. Probability and statistics also provide in-depth knowledge about normal distribution and continuous and random variables which require constant attention and practice. At CrunchGrade, our online math tutors provide easy to understand, comprehensive explanations for every topic. We include practice papers, notes, worksheets and formula sheets in our learning materials, making it much easier for students to grasp the concepts. Our revision sessions and doubt-solving sessions will make learning much easier for you. 

What Our Year 12 Mathematics Methods Tutors Help You Achieve 

With our online Year 12 Maths Methods TAS tuition, students can achieve the following:

  • Understand the concepts and techniques in algebra, graphs, function study, differential and integral calculus, probability and statistics
  • Solve problems related to differential and integral calculus, probability and statistics, functions and graphs. 
  • Interpret whether the given mathematical information can be useful in solving the problem 
  • Provide adequate arguments while solving the problems and much more. 

We ensure absolute clarity of the course content and better problem-solving speed in students. Our tutors will also equip the students with the best tips and tricks on examination patterns and how to answer to achieve a straight-A. 

Important Topics in Year 12 Mathematics Methods 

Year 12 Mathematics Methods includes various topics like integration, derivatives, statistical inference, normal distributions, binomial distributions and trigonometric functions that are important not only from the exam perspective but also for higher education in the STEM field. Based on your school’s curriculum and teaching strategy, you might be asked to put more emphasis on certain topics. Sometimes, based on your performance, you might have to put more effort into certain topics. No matter what, Year 12 Maths Methods 4 tutors at CrunchGrade will help you out in mastering those important topics. This is why we have designed our courses based on students’ requirements. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Mathematics Methods Online Tutoring Advantage

Online TASC Maths Methods 3 & 4 tutoring is available at CrunchGrade where students can learn from the best tutors in Australia. These high school tutors provide you with online classes and share study plans, notes, formula sheets, worksheets and practice papers with you so that you can master every topic of Year 12 Maths Methods properly. CrunchGrade is the best platform to offer the online courses for TASC Year 12 Maths Methods. 

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  • Get constant feedback and progress checks to ensure that you are going in the right direction and any mistakes can be rectified well before the assessments. 
  • We instil confidence and problem-solving abilities in students, making it much easier for them to cope with the TAS curriculum and learning standards. 

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