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Year 11 EALD Level 1 TAS Learning Programs

CrunchGrade Year 11 EALD Level 1 Tutoring Service in Tasmania offers special learning programs for refugees, new arrivals to Australia, and learners for whom English is a second language.

All our EALD tutors are experienced and qualified teachers who have a wide range of knowledge in assisting students from different cultural backgrounds with their studies. The programs focus on the delivery of the curriculum content engagingly and interactively, so that students are able to learn Australian English effectively.

In addition, the programs aim to develop the students' cross-cultural understanding and awareness, so that they can participate more effectively in the mainstream classroom.

If you are a Year 11 EALD student in Tasmania, contact CrunchGrade today to find out more about our online tutoring programs and how we can help you achieve your study goals.

Part-wise Year 11 EALD Level 1 TAS Curriculum We Cover

CrunchGrade tutoring program for students in Tasmania follows the Year 11 EALD syllabus as prescribed by the Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification (TASC) office.

  • Part A Year 11 EALD syllabus focuses on developing communication skills. Students learn the pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences, communicate needs and ideas to others using visual cues, and know and use acceptable practices in Australian communication (such as appropriate eye contact, taking turns in group discussions, etc.).

At CrunchGrade, we help students learn about common protocols in social situations, sending and responding to simple emails and SMS, and understanding cultural gestures and behaviours in Australia.

  • Part B Year 11 EALD syllabus focuses on comprehension skills. Students start understanding information or content presented in different forms, building SAE vocabulary, reading stories and retelling them, answering questions based on texts they read, using dictionaries, interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues, and using familiar words to understand texts.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on helping students use graphic organisers like mind maps, tables, flowcharts, spider charts, fishbones, idea wheels and timelines. We also teach students basic research skills, such as finding information in texts.

  • Part C Year 11 EALD syllabus focuses on developing writing skills. Students learn correct spelling, basic punctuation, and using sentences and paragraphs. They also learn to use simple conjunctions, common logographs ($, &, %, etc.) and abbreviations, write simple descriptions of people, events and places, draft a content plan, learn editing with the help of a teacher and use word processing and presentation equipment and technology.

At CrunchGrade, our Year 11 EALD level tutoring online experts help students with selecting appropriate text forms, maintaining a flow in their writing, using simple graphic organisers to present information, using electronic whiteboards and digital projectors, and more.

New Things Grade 11 TAS Students Will Learn in EALD Level 1

In English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) Level 1 course, students learn to use Standard Australian English (SAE) language in more formal settings, such as in public or a workplace.

They learn to use grammar, dictionaries, and style guides appropriately. They also become familiar with common abbreviations and logographs.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 11 EALD Level Tutoring Online

As a Level 1 EALD student, you might face some challenges in understanding and using the correct SAE words, phrases and sentence structures. You might also have difficulty comprehending information presented in different forms, such as spoken, written or visual.

At CrunchGrade, we understand your learning challenges and offer a range of services to help you overcome them. Our online EALD tutors are highly experienced and qualified. They use the latest technology and resources to help you learn effectively.

They can work with you through Level 2 and Level 3 courses too and help you learn Australian English using the language and culture you already know.

Contact us now to know more about our services or to get started with your Year 11 EALD Level 1 course!

What Our Grade 11 EALD Level 1 Tutors Help You Achieve?

When you hire our English tutors, they create a customised study plan for you to be able to understand and identify the main ideas and information in simple texts, respond to them appropriately and create short and simple texts in written or spoken or multimodal forms.

We offer plenty of opportunities for students to talk about everyday topics with their teachers and help them express their ideas and feelings in English. Our teachers encourage students to use a range of resources, such as books, websites, newspapers and magazines to develop their language skills.

They also work on building your confidence in using SAE by providing regular feedback and organising speaking and writing practice sessions with you.

Important Topics in Year 11 EALD Level 1 Curriculum

At Level 1, students are expected to learn VET competencies equivalent to AQF Certificate 1. They are expected to follow rules, procedures and guidelines that are clearly laid down and require minimum judgement.

Students learn to do tasks and activities based on their limited range of English knowledge and skills. Vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and common usage of Australian English are some topics that are covered in this level.

Challenges in Tutoring EALD Level 1 Course to Year 11 Students

Students who are learning English as a second language often face difficulties in understanding the native English speakers and they are not able to follow their conversations.

They also have trouble comprehending the Australian accent and slang. This can be a barrier in their learning process as they are not able to understand the concepts being taught in class.

Tutoring EALD Level 1 course to such students requires a lot of patience and practice. The tutor must be able to explain the concepts clearly in simple language. At CrunchGrade, our online EALD tutors use customised study plans and the latest resources to help you learn effectively.

CrunchGrade Grade 11 EALD Online Tutoring Advantage

Year 11 EALD Level 1 tutoring program we design for students is flexible and convenient. Our USPs include:

  • Experienced and qualified online EALD tutors: All our online EALD tutors have a successful track record of helping students in achieving their learning goals. They are experienced and qualified professionals who use the latest resources and technologies to help you learn effectively.
  • Tutoring as per your convenience: You can schedule your tutoring sessions as per your convenience. Our online EALD tutors are available 24/7 to cater to your needs.
  • Provide regular feedback: Level 1 students' progress chart should reflect their improvement. Our online EALD tutors provide regular feedback to help you track how many of your goals your child has achieved.
  • Organise speaking and writing practice sessions: Our online EALD tutors use different strategies to help you build your confidence in using SAE. They organise speaking and writing practice sessions with you to help you understand and apply the concepts being taught in class.

Use a range of resources to help you learn effectively: Our tutors incorporate a range of resources, such as books, websites, newspapers and magazines to help you develop your language skills. We also encourage students to read blogs, watch videos and listen to podcasts related to their areas of interest.

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