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VIC Chemistry curriculum helps you understand quantitative chemistry. It includes information about chemical reactions and equations. There are two units to study this year. The new syllabus of Year 11 Chemistry is introduced for academic sessions in 2023. Chemistry in Year 11 is a subject that requires an in-depth knowledge of different formulas and a comprehensive understanding of the topics. With the rapid growth of the world and the development of technology, Science and Chemistry, both have a very important role in the professional fields. 

At CrunchGrade, we prepare students for the present day world by helping them understand the Year 11 chemistry VIC syllabus thoroughly. Our personalised chemistry classes enable students to fulfil all the required learning outcomes. Our online Year 11 VIC Chemistry tutors can help you understand Year 11 Chemistry topics thoroughly including 

  • metals, 
  • the periodic table, 
  • ionic compounds, 
  • organic compounds, 
  • carbon lattices, 
  • polymers, 
  • properties of water, 
  • acid and bases, etc. 

Our Chemistry experts are highly qualified and can provide proper guidance. They can make a positive change in the way you learn things. Sometimes, students face difficulty in comprehending the complicated syllabus of the Year 11 Chemistry textbook. The tutors make sure that all of the students’ doubts are clarified and that they have an in-depth knowledge of the Chemistry subject. 

If you want to pursue a career in the field of Chemistry, you have to make sure that the foundation you have in the subject of Chemistry is extremely well. For this, hiring the services of Year 11 Chemistry tutoring from a professional tutor will be helpful. 

Unit-wise Year 11 Chemistry Curriculum We Cover in Victoria

Year 11 Chemistry syllabus includes two units — 

Unit 1: How can the diversity of materials be explained? 

In this, unit students will learn different topics such as the chemical structures and properties of a range of materials, including covalent compounds, metals, ionic compounds and polymers. They will study how to measure chemical quantities. The practical investigations include reactivity series of metals, separation of mixtures by chromatography, use of precipitation reactions to identify ionic compounds, determination of empirical formulas, and synthesis of polymers.

Different areas of study in this unit are:

Area of Study 1 — How do the chemical structures of materials explain their properties and reactions?

Area of Study 2 — How are materials quantified and classified?

Area of Study 3 — How can chemical principles be applied to create a more sustainable future?

Unit 2: How do chemical reactions shape the natural world?

In this unit, students study how different substances are produced in chemical reactions, redox reactions, the specific heat capacity of water, acid-base and redox reactions, solubility, the molar volume of a gas, volumetric analysis, and the use of a calibration curve. Throughout this unit, students will use chemistry nomenclature, symbols, formula, chemical reactions and equations. 

Different areas of study in this unit are:

Area of Study 1 — How do chemicals interact with water?

Area of Study 2 — How are chemicals measured and analysed?

Area of Study 3 — How do quantitative scientific investigations develop our understanding of chemical reactions? 

New Things Grade 11 VIC Students Will Learn in Chemistry 

In the Year 11 VIC Chemistry curriculum, students will explore the periodic table, its trends and relationships between different elements. They will study electron structures, common properties of ionic compounds, the nomenclature of organic compounds, polymers and properties of water. All these concepts are new to the students. At CrunchGrade, our tutors will revise the previously learned chemistry topics with students before explaining the newly introduced topics in the syllabus so that students can have a solid conceptual foundation in Chemistry.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 11 Chemistry Tutoring Online 

Year 11 builds the foundation for Year 12 Chemistry topics which is why it can be a little boring for students. This is because they have to study many abstract concepts. Not only this, students require much focus on the subject in Year 11. If their foundation is not strong enough, students will face difficulties in Year 12. 

The workload of students suddenly increases in Year 11. With investigatory projects, laboratory work and assignments, students have to put more effort into their studies. Our Year 11 Chemistry tutors help ease the workload by teaching concepts clearly and providing engaging learning experiences. We provide step by step explanations to all the queries of the students. 

What Our Grade 11 Chemistry Tutors Help You Achieve? 

Year 11 VIC Chemistry tutors at CrunchGrade have vast knowledge and online tutoring experience. They will help students master all Year 11 Chemistry concepts so that they can achieve better grades in the examinations. With online tutoring at CrunchGrade, students will be able to calculate solution concentrations and predict solubilities, use volumetric analysis and instrumental techniques to analyse acids, bases and salts, and apply stoichiometry to calculate chemical quantities. They will be able to master problem-solving involving chemical concepts. 

Important Topics in Year 11 Chemistry VIC Curriculum 

Topics like Elements and the periodic table, Metals, Ionic compounds, and Quantifying atoms and compounds are important in Unit 1. Other crucial topics of this unit include Materials from molecules, Carbon lattices and carbon nanomaterials, Organic compounds and Polymers. Unit 2 also includes some important concepts for higher education and Year 12 Chemistry such as Properties of water, Water as a solvent, Acid-base (proton transfer) reactions in water, Redox (electron transfer) reactions in water, Water sample analysis, Measurement of solubility and concentration, Analysis of salts in water, Analysis for organic compounds in water and Analysis for acids and bases in water. 

Challenges in Tutoring Chemistry Course to Year 11 Students 

One of the major challenges that teachers face in tutoring Year 11 Chemistry students is that the students lack prior knowledge of Chemistry concepts which makes it difficult to teach them new, advanced concepts. Sometimes students do not know how to take notes or how to manage their time. They require extra attention. At CrunchGrade, our tutors help students master every concept of Year 11 Chemistry thoroughly with the help of comprehensive explanations. Sometimes students lack focus which makes it more difficult to teach a concept to them. This is why CrunchGrade tutors use techniques like gamification to help students. 

CrunchGrade Grade 11 Chemistry Online Tutoring Advantage

We help students master the whole syllabus 

If you want to be successful in your professional career, you need to have good marks in your academics. Just having an idea about the syllabus will not do. You need to have a deeper understanding of all the important concepts and chapters of Chemistry as well. This is where a tutor for Year 11 Chemistry online will help you out. They will provide you with guidance on how to understand complicated topics and clear the concepts. Once you have cleared all the concepts, you will find that answering the questions in exams and scoring good marks has become easy. Thus, it will positively impact your academics as well. So, you have to hire a Year 11 Chemistry tutor online to help you with the topics. 

We provide complete study assistance through online tutoring 

For the preparation of grade 11 Chemistry, students have to prepare Year 11 Chemistry notes. While that is standard practice, it can take a lot of your time. With the services of this domain, you will not only get professional assistance from an online tutor but you will also get study materials that will help you in the learning process. 

Also, you can take the help of the Year 11 Chemistry VIC tutor online to understand the notes and the entire syllabus. They will help you prepare for the exams and clear all the doubts that you have to ensure that you have a full comprehension of the entire syllabus. Hiring the services of Year 11 Chemistry tutoring in Perth is a very popular choice that students make and they are happy with the results as well.

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