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Organic Chemistry is the study of carbon-based molecules. It is a required course for students in Australia, typically studied in Year 11 or 12. It seems difficult because the reactions and mechanisms can be very complex. Many of the concepts in Organic Chemistry are counterintuitive, and it can be difficult to remember the various rules and exceptions.

Organic Chemistry is a notoriously difficult subject for many students. However, with the help of online Organic Chemistry tutors at CrunchGrade, students across Australia are finding success in this challenging course.

The online Organic Chemistry tutors at CrunchGrade are experienced and knowledgeable. They offer one-on-one instruction, which allows students to get the personalized help they need to understand the concepts and solve problems. They are also available 24/7, so students can get help whenever they need it.

Organic Chemistry Topics Our Online Tutors Cover

Online organic chemistry tutors on our platform teach students about the basics, principles and applications of chemical synthesis, how functional groups can be incorporated into carbon compounds to create new substances, and more. Some of the topics they cover in organic chemistry tuition classes we cover for school students include:

  • Properties and structure of organic materials, including:
    • functional groups and organic chemistry;
    • green polymer chemistry; and
    • the use of organochlorine compounds as insecticides
  • Chemical synthesis and design, including:
    • green synthesis methods and atom economy;
    • biofuel synthesis; and
    • development of molecular manufacturing processes

and more.

Organic chemistry tuition we offer online to school students is comprehensive and helps them not only to pass their exams but also to develop a strong understanding of the subject that will be useful in further studies and their future careers.

How to join online Organic Chemistry tuition classes?

Find the right Organic Chemistry tutor for you in three easy steps:

  1. Select your grade and learning goals.
  2. Choose your preferred tutoring format (one-on-one or group).
  3. Schedule a lesson at a time that suits you.

It's that simple! Just sign up for a free account to get started.

How to pick up the best Organic Chemistry tutor online?

Organic Chemistry is tough but a little help from a subject expert online can make things much easier for students. Here are some tips to help you find the best online Organic Chemistry tutor for your needs:

  1. Check their qualifications and experience. If you need help with organic chem, you need someone who's at least a postgraduate in the subject. Students find the subject difficult because it's very different to other basic science courses. It's conceptually challenging. Many of the reaction mechanisms are similar and hard to differentiate. It depends mainly on symbols and visualizations.
  2. See if they have any reviews or ratings from previous students. We have a system where we direct most students to teachers who have got at least 4 out of 5 stars in students' and subject moderators' ratings. In this way, tutors with poor ratings drop out of our system automatically.
  3. Make sure they offer the type of tutoring you're looking for (one-on-one or group). We tailor our tutoring classes according to students' preferences. Some students need more individual attention while others do better in a study group. Choose the format that you're most comfortable with.
  4. Choose a tutor who is available at a time that suits you. We have Organic Chemistry tutors that are distributed across time zones. We have early risers to night owls on our team. Hence, finding a convenient time slot for your lessons should not be a problem.
  5. Pick someone who you feel you will be able to work well with. Every teacher has their own teaching style. Some are more patient while others are more assertive. Some tutors use more traditional methods while others use more modern techniques. Some like to focus on the theory while others prefer to focus on practical applications. Choose a tutor whose teaching style is compatible with your learning preferences.

If you follow these tips, you're sure to find an online Organic Chemistry tutor who can help you achieve your learning goals.

5 USPs of CrunchGrade's Online Organic Chemistry Lessons

We have a team of expert Organic Chemistry tutors who are passionate about the subject and committed to helping students succeed. Our online Organic Chemistry lessons are flexible and can be customized to suit your individual needs. We use the latest technology to deliver our lessons, ensuring that you get the most out of your time with us. Some of the unique traits of online organic chemistry tutoring online are:

  1. We help students develop fluency in the language of Organic Chemistry: Our online tutors help students learn about names, diagrams, structural formulas, models and multiple representations for alcohols, esters, carboxylic acids and more. This is essential for students to be able to deal with the subject with confidence.
  2. We trace a connection between the new concepts students learn and the basics they already know: Our tutors help students see how the new concepts they are learning in organic chemistry are connected to what they have already studied. This makes it easier for students to understand and remember the new information.
  3. We help them develop an understanding of the intuitive arrangement of elements while writing equations: Positive ions and negative ions go together. Our tutors help students develop an understanding of this so that they can write equations more easily. Our tutors also understand that one of the most common mistakes students make is to use molecular formulae while writing organic chemistry reactions. It poses a problem with isomeric elements and compounds. Teaching students such concepts helps them avoid making common mistakes.
  4. We emphasize the importance of functional groups in organic chemistry reactions: Functional groups are the central focus of organic chemistry. Our tutors help students understand how different functional groups behave in reactions. This is essential for students to be able to predict the products of organic chemistry reactions.
  5. We mix traditional as well as new-age techniques to help students grasp the subject faster: From using colours to indicate functional groups to using 3D models to show how valencies work to suggesting readings and online videos students can watch to consolidate their learning, our tutors employ a variety of teaching techniques to help students grasp the subject better.

Students' Testimonials about Organic Chemistry Tutoring Online

"My organic chemistry tutoring online sessions with Ben have been fantastic. He is so knowledgeable and makes concepts easy to understand. Thanks to her help throughout the semester, I got an A in hydrocarbons and I'm sure I wouldn't have without your help." - Jane, Brisbane

"CrunchGrade online organic chemistry class for ACSCH136 helped me a lot with the understanding of the synthesis of organic molecules. My Chem tutor made addition and condensation reactions so easy for us to understand that it helped me with studying polymers in college. The best part is that I could enrol in the class that I needed and was never forced to pay for the entire semester." - Sylvan, Melbourne

"Organic chemistry is one of the more challenging subjects that I have encountered during my HSC exams. I was extremely fortunate to have found CrunchGrade and its online organic chemistry tutoring services. The online tutors on this platform are all experts in the field of organic chemistry, and they were able to help me understand all of the concepts that I was struggling with. They went out of their way to help me cover basics I could not understand in previous classes. Besides providing me with individualized help, the organic chemistry tutors online also provided me with practice problems and quizzes that were tailored to my specific needs." - Luv, Adelaide

"I've found online organic chemistry tutoring to be very helpful in understanding biofuels. The tutors are knowledgeable and take the time to explain concepts like the synthesis of biofuels from plant feedstocks or food industry waste oils. I would highly recommend CrunchGrade for anyone looking for help in organic chemistry!" - Yunus, Sydney

"Online organic chemistry tutor in Perth I found was awesome. He was so good at helping me understand the mechanisms of organic reactions that I almost aced my ACSCH232 exam. I am still working with him to make sure I understand everything before my final exams. Would highly recommend him to anyone." - Jarryd, Perth

"I like CrunchGrade because I can learn at my own pace. The tutor always answered my query within minutes - whether it was late at night or early in the morning. The online interface is also user-friendly and I can easily go back to review a particular topic. Overall, I'm very happy with my experience learning organic chemistry online with CrunchGrade!" - Sarah, Darwin