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Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with discrete structures. These structures are those that can be counted or measured one at a time. In other words, discrete structures do not have any intermediate values between two given values.

Discrete mathematics is typically studied in Australia during the later years of high school, typically in Years 11 and 12. It is a key discipline for students who intend to study mathematics or computer science at university.

Discrete math is difficult for students because it requires them to think in a different way than they are used to. In particular, discrete math requires students to think abstractly and to see the relationships between different concepts. This can be a difficult transition for students, who are used to thinking concretely and linearly. Additionally, discrete math involves a lot of concepts that students may not have encountered before, such as combinatorics and graph theory. This can make it difficult for students to know where to start and how to approach the material.

This is where online Discrete Math tutors at CrunchGrade can help. Our maths tutors online are experienced and knowledgeable in the subject matter. They can help students understand the concepts, solve problems and prepare for exams. In addition, our online tutoring platform makes it easy for students to connect with tutors anytime and anywhere they want.

Discrete Math Topics Our Online Tutors Cover

Online discrete math tutors at CrunchGrade are excellent at helping students with reading, interpreting and writing mathematical notations; recognizing and constructing examples of mathematical objects, such as sets and functions; identifying and using mathematical models (such as trees and propositional logic); introducing them to underlying computing and IT concepts; recognising and constructing valid mathematical arguments or proofs; and simplifying complex mathematical scenarios using problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

Our discrete math tuition classes cover topics like:

  • Elementary set theory
  • Relations and functions
  • Graph theory
  • Modular arithmetic
  • Logic and proofs
  • Enumeration techniques
  • Elementary probability theory
  • Recurrence relations
  • Algebraic structures
  • Computational methods

Our math tutors online also help students with learning the prerequisites of the course like Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Linear Algebra.

How to enrol in the online Discrete Math tuition class?

If you are looking for an online discrete math tutor, CrunchGrade makes it easy for students to connect with online tutors and get the help they need. To enrol in our online Discrete Math tuition class, you need to:

  • Create a free account and choose a tutor that suits your needs.
  • Schedule the free trial lesson.
  • You will then be able to access the online discrete math class and start learning!
  • If you like the experience, you can get started with a monthly subscription.

How to select the best Discrete Math tutor online?

Discrete Math tutors on our platform are:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable in Discrete Mathematics: All our tutors hold at least a graduate degree in mathematics, and some of them have a PhD in the subject. They have at least 5 years of experience in teaching mathematics at the high school and university levels.
  • Able to adapt their teaching methods to the needs of the students: Our tutors can adapt their teaching methods to the needs of the students. They can provide step-by-step explanations, use visual aids or provide practice problems for the students to work on. To make discrete math lessons a success, they use techniques like active listening, questioning and rephrasing.
  • Available at a time that is convenient for you: All our tutors are available at a time that is convenient for you. You can schedule the trial lesson at a time that is convenient for you. With more than 350 HSC math tutors available, you are sure someone to teach you whenever you want. We have tutors who are available late at night or early in the morning to suit your schedule.
  • Able to provide help with homework, assignments and exam preparation: Many students find discrete math problems challenging and often get stuck with their homework. Our tutors can provide help with homework, assignments and exam preparation. They can also help you understand the concepts, solve problems and prepare for exams.
  • Good with communication and able to provide clear explanations: Our tutors are trained to provide clear explanations. They can help you understand the concepts and provide step-by-step explanations. They are also good with communication and can answer your questions patiently.

Why choose CrunchGrade's online Discrete Math lessons?

Our discrete math online tutors are so popular because:

  • They help make the concepts easy to understand: You'll learn all about proofs, binary, induction, recurrence relations, sequences, sets and more.
  • They dive deeper into the concepts you've learned earlier: Discrete math is the math of computer science. You need to have a strong base of the concepts to be able to understand the computer science concepts. Our tutors identify the concepts that you need to work on and help you strengthen your understanding of the concepts.
  • They structure our online discrete math classes to suit your needs: All our online discrete math classes are customized to suit your individual needs. We start with a free trial lesson to assess your understanding of the subject and your learning goals. Based on that, we design a custom lesson plan for you.

What do students say about our online Discrete Math tutors?

"My math tutor at CrunchGrade introduced me to how to use mathematical and logical concepts, like truth tables, for analysing propositions and proving theorems. I don't think I could have done it without him. Thank you, CrunchGrade!" - Liam, HSC student

"I was struggling a lot with binary numbers and converting between different number bases. But my tutor helped me understand it so well that I can do it in my sleep now!" - John, University student

"I needed help with graphs, digraphs, trees, and network flow for my computer science course. My discrete math tutor is very friendly and made the classes so much fun. The best part is that after taking this course, I now understand the computer science concepts much better!" - Jane, Computer Science student

"I took the discrete math class online because I am new in Australia and wanted a tutor who could relate to me. Thankfully, I found an awesome tutor at CrunchGrade who helped me a lot. She understood the difference between the math curriculum here and back home, so she was able to explain the concepts in a way that I could understand." - Ahmed, HSC student

"Set theory, logic, and proofs were giving me nightmares. But my discrete math tutor at CrunchGrade made it so much easier for me to understand. I don't think I would have been able to do it without her." - Sarah, a University student

"It's interesting to see how to do math without using decimals and fractions. My discrete math tutor is quite witty and its fun to learn from her. I got a high distinction in my discrete math class and I'm planning to take more classes with her in the future." - Rachel, an HSC student