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CrunchGrade offers you personalized and flexible geometry tutoring options online. Our Geometry tutors use premium educational resources, offer instant feedback, and explain geometry questions step by step.

Australian students start learning geometry in Year 7. The focus of this phase of geometry is to develop an understanding of basic terms, concepts and methods related to points, lines, angles, planes and solid figures. As the students move on to secondary school, the focus shifts to more complex topics such as congruence, similarity, Pythagoras' theorem, circles, areas and volumes.

Most students find geometry challenging at some point in time. This is because, unlike arithmetic or other subjects where the concepts are mostly linear, geometry involves visualizing three-dimensional figures and understanding spatial relationships. This can be quite daunting for some students.

However, with the help of an expert geometry tutor online, you can quickly improve your grades and gain confidence in the subject.

If you're searching for a reliable online geometry tutor, CrunchGrade offers you experienced professionals who are passionate about helping students learn. Our geometry tutors use the latest teaching methods and technologies to make learning fun and interactive.

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Geometry Topics Our Online Tutors Cover

Our online geometry tutors can help you with a wide range of topics, including:

  • Points, lines and angles: Basic terms and concepts related to points, lines and angles.
  • Triangles: Congruence, similarity, Pythagoras' theorem, etc.
  • Circles: Area and circumference of a circle, arc length, etc.
  • Solid figures: Volume and surface area of solid figures.
  • Coordinate geometry: Introduction to coordinate geometry, distance formula, midpoint formula, etc.
  • Transformations: Translation, reflection, rotation and other types of transformation

HSC students can get help with geometry topics like:

  • 3D geometry: Vectors, planes, transformations in 3D space, etc.
  • Mensuration: Surface area and volume of cones, spheres, cylinders, etc.
  • Trigonometry: Introduction to trigonometry, solving triangles, identity functions, etc.

and more.

How to get started with geometry tutoring online?

Three steps to enrol in CrunchGrade geometry classes online are:

  • Schedule a free trial session with one of our geometry tutors.
  • Choose a plan and schedule regular classes.
  • Get help with geometry homework and assignments and prepare for exams.

You can also take advantage of our flexible cancellation policy. If you're not satisfied with your first class, we'll refund your payment. So why wait?

Why choose CrunchGrade Geometry tutors?

To help your child achieve success in geometry, we choose Math tutors who:

  • Have at least an undergraduate degree in mathematics, science or engineering with sound knowledge of geometry
  • Have previous experience tutoring geometry online (which is a bit different from teaching face-to-face)
  • Have expertise in the Australian curriculum or the state curriculum you are following
  • Are available at your convenient schedule
  • Can offer custom learning plan designed after assessing students' needs in detail
  • Are enthusiastic about the subject and offer real-life examples to help students grasp important concepts better
  • Are highly rated and have good reviews from former students
  • Are proficient in technology and can use visual and animated learning aids to make online geometry learning sessions more interesting and engaging.

Check what our former students have to say about our online geometry classes

  1. "I was struggling with geometry and my grades were suffering because of it. But after just a few classes with my tutor, I started to understand the concepts better and my grades have improved drastically." - Sarah, Year 8 student
  1. "My son was finding it hard to keep up with his classmates in geometry. But after getting help from one of your geometry tutors online, he is now doing much better in the subject." - John, parent of a Year 9 student
  1. "The online Geometry course for HSC students CrunchGrade offers covers Essential Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, and even Specialist Mathematics. I found the tutors to be knowledgeable and experienced, and the classes to be interactive and helpful. My friends who took geometry classes offline didn't have as much variety to choose from, and they didn't find their tutors to be as helpful." - Tina, HSC student
  1. "I got a raw VCE score of 45 in Further Mathematics after taking online geometry classes from CrunchGrade. The online tutor helped me a lot in improving my problem-solving skills and I would recommend their services to anyone who needs to improve their grades." - Jerry, VCE student
  1. "I am from Melbourne and I needed Specialist Mathematics tutoring. I am glad to share that I graduated with an ATAR of 99.30. I want to thank my online geometry tutor for helping me get through the HSC." - Tim, HSC student
  1. "My geometry tutor in Sydney helped me clear Year 8 Maths with an A+. Thank you so much." - Lily, Year 8 student