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Year 11 General Mathematics - VIC

With Year 11 General Mathematics tutoring, students can build upon all the three stands: numeracy and algebra, statistics and probability, and measurement and geometry that they have studied in years 7 to 10 in the VIC curriculum. At CrunchGrade, we provide structured learning programs to students of Year 11 general mathematics so that they can overcome their learning difficulties and prepare well to score a higher ATAR rank. 

We conduct online classes on a one-on-one and group basis. You can enrol in any kind of online General Mathematics tuition in Year 11. Check the tutor profiles given on our website to know more about their qualifications, student ratings and teaching experience. Our tutors will be providing you with Year 11 General Mathematics answers, worksheets, notes, and other study materials for your practice. 

Year 11 General Mathematics Units 1 and 2 Curriculum We Cover

If you wish to study Mathematics in Year 12, you must enrol in Year 11 General Mathematics. According to the VCE curriculum, there are two units in Year 11 General Mathematics. These units provide topics that are non-calculus based. You can then further study Units 3 and 4 for various combinations of studies such as Further Mathematics and complete your academic year successfully. Given below is a list of topics that our tutors will be teaching in Year 11 General Mathematics online tuition. 

General Mathematics Year 11 Units 1 and 2 Topics

Area of Study 1: Algebra and structure 

  • Solving linear equations in two variables 
  • Linear relations 
  • substitution into, and transposition of linear relations
  • Uses of linear equations 

Area of Study 2: Arithmetic and number

  • Review of computation
  • Rational numbers 
  • Orders of magnitude
  • Ratio and proportions 
  • Percentages
  • Unitary method
  • Financial arithmetic 
  • Applications of simple interest and compound interest
  • Cash flow in common savings account 

Area of Study 3: Discrete Mathematics 

  • Matrices, types, addition, subtraction, multiplication, power of matrices, solving a system of linear equations 
  • Graphs and their types
  • Notation related to graphs
  • Notations related to connected graphs 
  • Trees
  • Prim’s algorithm 
  • Number sequence
  • Arithmetic sequence 
  • Geometric sequence 
  • Fibonacci sequence 

Area of Study 4: Geometry, measurement and trigonometry

  • review of units of measurement of length, angle, area, volume and capacity
  • Pythagoras theorem
  • Perimeter and area
  • Volumes and surface areas of solids 
  • Similarity of solids 
  • Trigonometric ratios 
  • Angle of elevation, angle of depression 
  • Area of triangle using trigonometry 
  • Sine rule 

Area of Study 5: Graphs of linear and non-linear relations

  • Linear functions and graphs 
  • Linear model and its applications 
  • Piecewise linear (line segment) graphs 
  • Linear inequalities 
  • Corner-point principle 
  • Linear programming 
  • Direct, inverse and joint variation
  • Modelling of given non-linear data
  • Modelling of data using the logarithmic function

Area of Study 6: Statistics 

  • Types of data
  • Categorical data distribution 
  • Calculation of mean, media, range, sample summary, interquartile range, standard deviation 
  • Boxplot and five-number summary
  • Scatterplots
  • Explanatory variables
  • Pearson correlation coefficient
  • Least squares line 

The above list of topics is based on the VCE Mathematics Study Design (Accreditation Period 2016-2022) VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority).

New Things Grade 11 General Mathematics Australian Students Will Learn

There are many new topics introduced in each study area of Year 11 General Mathematics. For instance, Prim’s algorithm, arithmetic sequence, Fibonacci series, graphs and linear inequalities are relatively new topics introduced in Year 11 General Mathematics. Many concepts in Statistics like the Pearson correlation coefficient, boxplot summary, scatter plots and interquartile range are new to students. CrunchGrade Year 11 General Mathematics tutors ensure that students can easily understand this topic and form a solid conceptual base for Units 3 and 4 of VCE Mathematics. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 11 General Mathematics Tutors 

Students must have a thorough understanding of the Year 10 Maths curriculum if they want to score higher marks in Year 11 General Mathematics. This is because many topics of Year 11 General Mathematics are either an extension or a review of what they have studied in Year 10. Students who do not have a solid conceptual understanding of Year 10 Maths face difficulties in coping with Year 11 General Mathematics. However, with CrunchGrade, students can easily overcome such challenges. Our tutors will ensure that you revise the corresponding Year 10 Maths concepts before starting with Year 11 General Mathematics. 

What Our Grade 11 General Mathematics Tutors Help You Achieve?

With our Year 11 General Mathematics tuition online, students can: 

  • Understand the rules of linear functions and tables of values
  • Solve linear equations and word problems related to linear equations
  • Revise the concepts of ratio, percentage, proportion, order of operations etc.
  • Apply the concept and formulas for compound interest and simple interest
  • Solve problems related to financial contexts 
  • Solve problems involving matrices
  • Find determinant and inverse of a matrix
  • Apply the concepts of graphs, find the shortest path 
  • Solve problems involving Fibonacci, geometric and arithmetic sequences
  • Calculate surface areas and volumes of different shapes and solids 
  • Solve problems of heights and distances
  • Construct and use parallel boxplots or back-to-back stem plots 
  • Find the value of the correlation coefficient and much more! 

Important Topics in Year 11 General Mathematics 

Every area of study described in Units 1 and 2 of Year 11 General Mathematics is important for students as the assessments will be based on all 6 of them. Some topics can be given more importance as they will also be studied in Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4. For instance, box plots, stem plots, parallel dot plots, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, compound interest, matrices, planar graphs, Euler’s formula, walks, trails, paths, cycles and circuits. The concepts of surface area and volume are also important for Units 3 and 4 along with Pythagoras theorem, linear graphs and linear programming. 

Challenges in Tutoring General Maths to Year 11 Students

Complex algebra and statics topics are challenging to teach in Year 11 General Mathematics. Many CrunchGrade Year 11 General Mathematics tutors have observed that students get confused in algebra topics which takes more time to make them familiar and comfortable with the concepts. However, our experienced tutors can help students master every topic of Year 11 General Mathematics with ease. Our structured learning plans ensure that students take one step at a time to study the topics. 

CrunchGrade Grade 11 General Mathematics Online Tutoring Advantage

CrunchGrade online Year 11 General Mathematics tutoring is designed to help students find a suitable learning environment that supports their requirements and solves their doubts. Here are some major advantages of hiring a Year 11 general mathematics tutor from CrunchGrade.

  • Flexibility to suit your learning style: Whether you prefer taking notes or learning through visualisations, our tutors are well-equipped to teach students with different learning methods
  • Convenience to suit your schedule: Need a class at 8 in the evening or early morning? Schedule your study sessions according to your availability. If you get busy, you can always reschedule. 

Guided tutoring for Year 11 General Maths: No need to struggle alone. Solve questions with your tutor and learn the patterns step by step.

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