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Year 4 Maths

The Year 4 Maths syllabus for 8 and 9-year-old students is built upon the concepts that they have learned in Year 2 and Year 3. At CrunchGrade, we provide Year 4 Maths tutoring online where students can seek guidance from a qualified, experienced Maths tutor on a one-on-one basis and ensure a solid conceptual understanding. Students can select an online tutor from the list of hundreds of Australian tutors on our website and start learning immediately. Our online classes are well-equipped with whiteboards and a file-sharing system so that students can collaborate with the teacher and learn in coordination with them. Our tutors work on enhancing the strengths of the students while providing them with a helping hand in their weaker areas in Year 4 Mathematics. 

Term-Wise Year 4 Maths Curriculum Learning at CrunchGrade

Online learning at CrunchGrade follows the Year 4 Maths curriculum. It does not matter which primary Maths scheme of work your primary school follows, Year 4 students are expected to learn the same skills and learn the same topics across all schemes. At CrunchGrade, our Year 4 online Maths tutors provide term-wise study materials to the students so that they can ace every test at school and develop a deeper understanding of numeracy, statistics, probability and geometry. Given below is a list of topics that we have included in our Year 4 online Maths tutoring programs. This list might change if there is a change in your learning curriculum/ scheme. 

Year 4 Maths Syllabus Overview 

Year 4 Maths Topics 

Year 4 Maths Subtopics 

Number and Algebra 

  • Numbers and place value 
  • Fractions and decimals 
  • Money and financial Mathematics 
  • Patterns and algebra 

Measurement and Geometry 

  • Units and measurement 
  • Shapes
  • Location and transformation 
  • Geometric reasoning 

Statistics and Probability 

  • Chances 
  • Data representation 
  • Data interpretation 


Year 4 Maths Term-Wise Syllabus 

Year 4 Maths Term 1 Topics 

  • Place value of numbers up to 10000
  • Applying multiplication facts of 2, 3, 4, 5, 10
  • Multiplication number patterns 
  • Fractions 
  • Revision of Year 3 Maths concepts 

Year 4 Maths Term 2 Topics 

  • Term 1 concepts 
  • Properties of even and odd numbers 
  • Division facts for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 
  • Splitting and combining 2-D shapes 
  • Comparing different angles 
  • Symmetry of objects 

Year 4 Maths Term 3 Topics 

  • Term 1 and Term 2 concepts 
  • Multiplication and division facts for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10
  • Equivalent fractions 
  • Scale, legend and directions
  • Addition and subtraction to find unknown quantities 

Year 4 Term 4 Topics

  • Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 concepts 
  • Word problems related to money 
  • Regular and irregular shapes
  • Volume of objects 
  • Angles and their classification 
  • Data collection and evaluation 

The above list of topics is based on the Year 4 Maths curriculum given by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), Australian Curriculum v3.0: Mathematics for Foundation–10.

New Things Grade 4 Maths Australian Students Will Learn

Year 4 Maths students in Australia will learn about equivalent fractions, solve simple money problems, and describe number patterns resulting from multiplication. They will also learn about regular and irregular shapes, dependent and independent events in probability, and how to draw fractions on number lines. They will learn to classify angles as right, acute and obtuse and learn to use the AM and PM notations in time. They will learn how to compare angles using less than, greater than and equal to. All these concepts are new in the Grade 4 Maths curriculum, making Mathematics an interesting subject for students. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 4 Maths Tutors 

Common challenges faced by Year 4 Maths students include: 

  • Solving word problems 
  • Solving patterns using multiplication 
  • Using addition and subtraction to find unknown numbers in a sequence 
  • Calculations involving money 

At CrunchGrade, we ensure that our Year 4 Maths online tutoring programs are designed to help students overcome all such challenges. Our tutors work closely with the students and consult their parents as well to understand what difficulties a student is facing in learning Maths at school and focus on helping the students in those areas.

What Our Grade 4 Maths Tutors Help You Achieve?

With online Year 4 Maths tutors, students can:

  • Learn how to solve difficult multiplication and division problems
  • Learn how to solve problems including duration
  • Use the properties of odd and even numbers to solve problems 
  • Measure temperature, length and convert between units of time 
  • Create symmetrical shapes 
  • Find probabilities of everyday events
  • Create data displays and more! 

Important Topics in Year 4 Maths 

Understanding, analysing and solving word problems is one the most important parts of the Year 4 Maths syllabus in Australia. Students also learn how to find a given number in a sequence using multiplication. They learn about quadrilaterals, irregular and regular shapes, and conclude calculations. They also develop a habit of justifying their answers which will help them in advanced classes. All these are important topics in Year 4 Maths. 

Challenges in Tutoring Maths to Year 4 Students

Many Year 4 Maths tutors at CrunchGrade have experienced that Year 4 students find the topics related to data interpretation difficult. They can handle concepts of time, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division but geometry and statistics are two major challenges for them since their topics are of a slightly advanced level. This is why at CrunchGrade, we ensure that Year 4 Maths students practise these concepts as much as they can. We provide them with Year 4 Maths worksheets, practice tests, formula sheets, mind maps, and many other innovative study resources to help them overcome every learning difficulty. 

CrunchGrade Grade 4 Maths Online Tutoring Advantage

Year 4 Maths online tutoring at CrunchGrade can help students in many such as

  • Our Maths online tutors first check how much does a student understand and then bridge their learning gaps
  • They use real-life examples to teach the concepts of length, height, weight or capacity of items
  • They work on developing accuracy amongst students in solving problems 
  • Our tutors provide personalised attention to each student to ensure that they do not get frustrated due to tough concepts 
  • They provide efficient study materials to help students practice as much as they can for school exams 
  • They interact with parents regularly to ensure that students are going in the right direction when it comes to learning Year 4 Maths 

Our online tutors possess leadership abilities to guide their students in the appropriate route. Additionally, our teachers are competent organisers. They are responsible for organising several activities connected to Year 4 Maths. 

Our competent Year 4 online Maths instructors are concerned about our students’ well-being. We are aware when a student is having a difficult day or requires encouragement and tackle the issue to assist the student in refocusing on the content. While we hold pupils to high standards, we know that life occasionally gets in the way of homework and that family obligations often take precedence over studying. As a result, we give students second chances when necessary and make time in their schedule to assist students in catching up.

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