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Online Tutoring for Primary Schools in Australia

Find the best online tutoring for primary school students at CrunchGrade. Gain confidence and find motivation towards study and school followed by grade improvement. 

We, at CrunchGrade, have more than a hundred primary school tutors from all across Australia, who can guide students through their curriculum and help them overcome all their learning challenges in no time. Our online tutoring sessions are innovative, interactive and completely personalised based on the student’s learning style and preferences. 

Primary School Tutors at CrunchGrade Guarantees:

  • No more learning gaps: Whether it be Science or Maths, strong conceptual understanding is necessary for students. Our primary school tutors will work with every student to ensure that they understand every concept in-depth. 
  • Complete engagement in studies: We know handling primary school students can be a little tricky. But, our teachers have the best teaching methodologies that will keep them engaged in learning. 
  • Exploring full potential: Our tutors will help your child explore how well they can perform in a subject. Straight A’s are no longer a dream once you sign up for the best online tutoring for primary school at CrunchGrade.

Personalised Learning Program for Every Primary Student

Our primary school tutoring programs are tailored to cater to a student’s specific learning needs. Whether you need basic knowledge of Algebra or Chemical Reactions, we will create a tutoring program that matches the learning requirements of the student.

We help our students stay at the top of their class through:

  • Engaging Online Lessons: Students will gain extensive knowledge of every topic so that they can perform well at school. 
  • Comprehensive Resources: From study guides to topic-wise notes, practice papers, formula sheets, and past papers, we have a wide range of study materials for you. 
  • Personalised Assistance: Never make the same mistake again in your exams. All our online tutoring sessions are catered to a student’s individual learning needs. 

Primary School Subjects That We Cover 

English: Built around the three strands of language, literature and literacy, CrunchGrade tutors can help students enhance their knowledge in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and creating. We provide online primary school English tutoring for Years 3-6. 

  • Year 3 English: Learn how to use different types of texts in various contexts, practice subject-verb agreement, usage of prefixes and suffixes, and many other important grammatical rules in Year 3 English online tutoring at CrunchGrade. 
  • Year 4 English:  Understand different text structures, create coherent texts, and strengthen your English grammar and vocabulary with CrunchGrade Year 4 English tutors. 
  • Year 5 English: Learn how to use apostrophes and investigate how texts are organised into headings, subheadings, homepages and subpages. Practice nouns, adjectives and much more with CrunchGrade Year 5 English Tutors. 
  • Year 6 English: Learn how to use phonic language, investigate complex sentences, and compare different types of texts before you enter high school with CrunchGrade online Year 6 English tutors. 

Mathematics: Built on the strands of number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability, Mathematics will no more be a boring subject once you join CrunchGrade tutoring. 

  • Year 3 Maths: Learn addition and subtraction of four-digit numbers, find squares and multiples of numbers, whether a number is even or odd and much more in our online Year 3 Maths tutoring. 
  • Year 4 Maths: Solve simple money problems, and describe number patterns resulting from multiplication. Practice equivalent fractions, learn about regular and irregular shapes and much more with CrunchGrade Year 4 Maths online tutoring. 
  • Year 5 Maths: Improper and proper fractions, composite numbers, roman numbers, prime numbers, and composite numbers will no more sound difficult to you once you enrol in our Year 5 Maths online tutoring. 
  • Year 6 Maths: Master all important concepts like the cartesian coordinate system, decimals, reading graphs, finding averages, and comparison of time zones with the best Year 6 Maths online tutoring at CrunchGrade. 

Find more about our primary school tutoring subjects and tutors on our website. 


Benefits of Primary School Tutors Online in Australia at CrunchGrade

  • Effective Time Management 

One of the best things about online tutoring is that the students do not have to travel anywhere. Learning can take place at home in a personal and comfortable atmosphere. This will save you a lot of time and the children can utilise that time in doing something productive or can invest more time in learning. 

  • Enhanced Academic Performance 

With the advancement in technology facilitating more e-learning platforms, learning takes place more quickly. By sharing relevant videos, PPTs, and other teaching aids, teachers have the opportunity to engage and motivate the learners to develop an interest in learning and become invested in the same. 

Learners find watching videos more engaging than reading books so using videos is a great way to engage them which is possible through online tutoring. Because online tutoring for elementary students focuses on targeted development and personalised assistance, kids have better chances to perform better and deliver improved academic performance.

  • Good Assistance For Classroom Learning 

School is the main source of imparting education but what they learn in the classroom is not enough for learners’ development. This is mainly because, in the classroom, teachers have to manage several students at once and paying personal attention to every student is not possible. Moreover, many learners may hesitate to put their queries forward to the teacher. However, in online tutoring, your child can get personal attention. They can make their queries known to the instructor and get their queries solved. 

When they can keep up with what they are learning in the classroom, they may also receive a little boost of confidence and start becoming more vocal about their queries in the classroom. 

  • More Affordable online tutoring for kids

Online tutoring is highly affordable because first, as mentioned above, students do not have to travel anymore which saves both time and money. Secondly, the primary school tutor rates at CrunchGrade are much more affordable than private or home tuition. Hence, if parents want an affordable, convenient, and comfortable tutoring choice for their kids, online tutoring is a preferable option. 

  • More Convenience and Comfort 

Children often feel intimidated to meet a new person or go to a new environment and learn. When we present them with online tutoring, they feel more comfortable as they will be learning from the comfortable space of their home. Also, almost every parent is aware of the hassle they have to go through when they have to manage their child’s tuition schedules with other preoccupations. 

Most parents work full-time causing them to have more difficulty managing their errands and their child’s learning. Trying to find a free slot to adjust your child’s tutoring can be challenging so the best thing for both kids and parents is to hire a primary school tutor online for more comfort and convenience too. 

If you have been planning to take some extra learning sessions apart from classroom learning, opting for online tutoring is a good choice. CrunchGrade is the best online tutoring for primary school students in Australia where you can find tutors for all subjects at pocket-friendly prices.

Get Guidance in Every Australian Curriculum 

We not only provide tutoring based on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) but also based on:

  • ACT Curriculum by ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies, 
  • NSW Curriculum by NSW Education Standards Authority, 
  • QLD Curriculum by Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority,
  • SA Curriculum by SACE Board of South Australia, 
  • TA Curriculum by Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification, 
  • VIC Curriculum by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 
  • WA Curriculum by School Curriculum and Standards Authority

We aim to provide the best academic services to our clients with a range of features:


24/7 Support: We offer 24/7 support to our students, whenever students need us, we are there to help. From 1-on-1 online tutoring to providing resources, students can get in touch with us anytime, anywhere they want without any hassle. Parents looking for experienced and qualified tutors can contact you anytime. We help our students to improve academic skills with flexible timing, contact us for any queries our team is ready to help you even if it's midnight. 

Verified tutors: our online tutoring services in Australia with a wide range of teachers and experts in various fields are verified. We verify every tutor to ensure your children get the best assistance without any trouble. We carefully check tutors' qualifications and their teaching styles to confirm their profiles.

Cheap online tutoring services: Avail of our online primary school tutoring courses at affordable rates. Our tutoring services are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of parents and students. Tutoring packages with different subjects are available at the lowest prices. So, you don't need to worry about online tutoring prices.

Personalised Tutors: We offer dedicated one-to-one online tutoring experts for personalised learning that can understand your children's struggles, handle their queries, make learning exciting for them, prepare them for exams, help them with school assignments, and induce a habit of learning and more. 

Safe and convenient learning: Get your ward a safe and comfortable learning environment at home. You don't need to go anywhere to find tutors or hire expensive offline tuition, get academic assistance online in the comfort of your home. Parents can keep an eye on students in the primary group while they are learning.

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