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Year 6 English

CrunchGrade Year 6 English Tutoring Service offers a teaching program that encourages students to experiment with creative writing skills. Our teachers give plenty of opportunities to students to show their originality in writing. We also guide them toward using proper grammar and punctuation.

The program allows students to enjoy the process of writing as they write with a purpose and use literary devices to enhance their descriptions. Students are also challenged to read more so that they can improve their understanding of what they read.

This program is perfect for providing early exposure to High School English and for children in Year 6 who want to improve their English skills. We have many experienced and qualified teachers who are excited to help your child succeed. Contact us today to book a free trial lesson!

Term-Wise Year 6 English Australia Curriculum We Cover

CrunchGrade follows the prescribed English syllabus for Year 6 students in Australia.

Term 1 Year 6 English syllabus focuses on investigating ethical dilemmas and interpersonal relationships in literature set in real-world or fantasy settings. Students practise understanding complex sequences, elaborated events, and non-stereotypical characters. They also create, discuss and analyse imaginative writing works.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on creative writing skills in Term 1. Our Year 6 English tutors help students with writing original stories, poems and plays. We also guide them on how to use proper grammar and punctuation.

Term 2 Year 6 English syllabus focuses on decoding online news and what kinds of text structure, images and language different types of online texts use to inform and persuade audiences. Students learn to create, discuss and analyse persuasive and informative writing pieces that are published on an online class news website.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on teaching students the intricacies of factual recount writing in Term 2. Our experienced english tutors guide them on how to choose relevant information to include in their writing, and how to use proper grammar and punctuation.

Term 3 Year 6 English syllabus focuses on contemporary texts published digitally or as junior and early adolescent novels. Students compare these texts with those from earlier times. They also view multimodal films, read poetry, and create dramatic performances.

At CrunchGrade, Visual Literacy is in focus during Term 3. Our tutors guide students on how to decode the meaning of images and videos, and how to critically analyse them.

Term 4 Year 6 English syllabus focuses on technical and content-based informative texts. Students learn to identify text structures of different types of informative texts and use language features like using graphics to present information, using complex sentences, and using technical vocabulary they might not know earlier. They also learn to explain a chosen topic analytically.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on preparing students for High School. By the end of Year 6, our students will be able to write proficiently, with good grammar and punctuation. They will also be able to critically analyse images and videos.

New Things Grade 6 Australian Students Will Learn in English

In this grade, students learn the difference between objective and subjective language. They learn to identify similarities and differences between the same type of texts or texts created by the same author. They also observe and analyze authors' strategies to influence readers.

Students also learn to edit and explain their editing choices. They make predictions about what will happen in a text-based on their prior knowledge and what they have read so far.

They also learn how to use metaphors and similes, as well as other literary devices, to enhance descriptions in their writing. Lastly, they learn to read more fluently and with improved comprehension.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 6 English Tutors

It is difficult for students at this academic level to transition from basic vocabulary to more sophisticated word choices. They also find making complex sentences challenging. Students also find it difficult to understand social and geographical dialects or accents used in Australia.

Tutors at CrunchGrade can help you with all these challenges and more. We have a team of highly experienced and certified tutors who are experts in the Australian English curriculum. They can help you with your grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. They can also help you understand complex texts and improve your reading comprehension skills.

What Our Grade 6 English Tutors Help You Achieve?

By the end of Year 6 tutoring sessions with our online English tutors, students will be able to understand and use text structures, vocabulary and images skillfully to achieve particular effects. They will be able to compare and analyse different texts and their literal and implied meanings.

They can clarify content, challenge others' ideas, and use evidence to explain their interpretation of a text. Lastly, they can read and comprehend texts at an age-appropriate level with little or no assistance.

Important Topics in Year 6 English Syllabus

Year 6 - the final year of the Primary School - should also be the time when students master their spelling and grammar. They should be able to write detailed texts, listen carefully to points discussed in class and respond to them, and be able to compare texts.

Challenges in Tutoring English to Year 6 Students

The main challenge for a tutor handling Year 6 students is to prepare them for secondary school. The jump between primary and secondary school can be a big one, with the latter being more academic and complex. English teachers need to make sure that their students have a strong foundation in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary before they move on.

They also need to have the writing, editing, proofreading and time management skills necessary to do well in higher classes.

CrunchGrade Grade 6 English Online Tutoring Advantage

Our Year 6 English tutors in Australia encourage students to compose original texts on a chosen topic analytically. We teach strategies to students to make a writing plan, how to choose language features to produce a particular effect, which words to use depending on the purpose and audience of the writing piece, and how to decide on an appropriate structure.

We also provide them with timely feedback and help them revise their work for publication. Lastly, we offer tips on ways to proofread and edit their work for errors.

Our teachers regularly conference with students and their parents individually to discuss their progress, set goals and create an effective learning plan. Tutoring with CrunchGrade can help your child excel in English and become a confident and independent writer.

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