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Year 3 English

CrunchGrade Year 3 English Tutoring Service offers a balanced and holistic approach to teaching English to primary school students. Our online English tutors offer to teach programs that balance the interrelated strands of language, literature and literacy delicacy and build on concepts, skills and processes students learned in earlier classes.

They develop students' understanding, knowledge and skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and creating English works. If your child needs help with their Year 3 English, our online tutors can help.

Term-Wise Year 3 English Australia Curriculum We Cover

CrunchGrade follows the prescribed English syllabus for Year 3 students in Australia, including:

  • Language: The topics covered under this section include:

- Language variation and change

- Language for interaction

- Text structure and organization

- Expressing and developing ideas

- Phonics and word knowledge

  • Literature: The topics covered under this section include:

- Language variation and change

- Language for interaction

- Text structure and organization

- Expressing and developing ideas

- Phonics and word knowledge

  • Literacy: The topics covered under this section include:

- Texts in context

- Interacting with others

- Interpreting, analyzing, evaluating

- Creating texts

Term 1 Year 3 English syllabus focuses on teaching students to explore a range of literary and non-literary texts in print and digital mediums as well as nonfiction films. They investigate how these texts persuade others and learn to express their responses and opinions about these texts. Students also learn to persuade others verbally and in written form.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on imaginative writing as required in NAPLAN preparation in Term 1.

Term 2 Year 3 English syllabus focuses on poems from local and other communities and cultures. Students learn to listen to, read, view and interpret these poems. They also work together to plan an event and celebration in an informed way. They also rehearse and present a multimodal poetry performance.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on procedural writing in Term 2.

Term 3 Year 3 English syllabus focuses on action stories that describe characters, settings and complex sequences of events. Children see how a character develops through chapter books or a series of picture books. They start seeing the structure and organisation of the text, varied sentence structure and descriptive language that make texts appealing to readers. They also indulge in collaborative online writing where they come up with character profiles and imaginative stories.

At CrunchGrade, we teach students how to summarize in Term 3.

Term 4 Year 3 English syllabus focuses on finding information about the past. Students read through information texts and see the best ways to present new content and how illustrations and diagrams convey information effectively. Students read, view and listen to many types of stories about journeys to Australia and learn how to present information sequentially and use different elements to create a multimodal information report.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on explaining these texts to students in Term 4. We also touch upon the Year 4 content in the last term.

New Things Grade 3 Australian Students Will Learn in English

In Years 3 and 4, students interact with their peers and teachers face-to-face or online. They learn about contexts already familiar to them or a range of related contexts they are studying in other subjects. Informative texts they study become increasingly more technical and complex.

Year 3 students begin to use paragraphs. They also learn about word contractions, tenses, verbs, adverbs and clauses. In literature, they learn to relate the texts with their personal experiences. They also check how language and its devices are used for creating a specific setting, mood and effect of a text.

They learn about using correct grammar and pay attention to punctuation, the structure of a sentence, and the meaning of the sentence. They also create texts using features and patterns like mood, sound effects, rhyme and rhythm.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 3 English Tutors

Most students in Year 3 struggle with forming complete sentences, matching subjects and verbs, and understanding the use of tenses. Pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs can also be a challenge for some students. In addition, many Year 3 students have difficulty reading aloud with expression and understanding what they read.

Our English tutors offer one-on-one help with all areas of English. They will work with you to overcome the learning challenges of your child and build their confidence.

What Our Grade 3 English Tutors Help You Achieve?

By the end of Year 3 English, students should be able to organize different types of texts depending on their purpose, express feelings and opinions on the chosen topic, create different types of texts depending on the audience, and hold meaningful and useful discussions in class on the chosen topic.

Our tutors also teach students about using the appropriate vocabulary and use grammar and punctuation correctly. They also help students to learn how to write using joined letters.

Important Topics in Year 3 English Syllabus

Year 3 English tutoring we offer pays special attention to helping students use conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express cause, time and place. They also learn to organize texts using paragraphs, headings and subheadings.

We offer ample practice using the past perfect form, spelling complex word forms (with special attention to words that are often misspelt and homophones) and using the possessive apostrophe.

Students also learn to write imaginative stories using characters, plots, and settings as well as proofread their texts. At this age, students also need to work on their handwriting.

Challenges in Tutoring English to Year 3 Students

We, at CrunchGrade, often find students of this age not wanting to write. We use alternative ways for them to pick up new language skills and gently motivate them to hone the skills they have by writing more and more.

We make writing fun for students and use it as a way to help them learn concepts easily.

CrunchGrade Grade 3 English Online Tutoring Advantage

Our English tutors prepare small exercises that help students learn correct grammar and punctuation. They identify the mistakes individual students often make and rectify them. They also model the use of paragraphs for students and ease them into writing in paragraphs.

Some of the activities we ask our students to do include making shopping lists, to-do lists and meal plans. We also ask them to write letters to friends and relatives and ideas about weekend activities.

Children love our tutors because they are fun and make learning English an enjoyable experience for them.

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