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Year 12 Further Mathematics

Get high-quality, personalised, online tuition for Year 12 Further Mathematics based on the latest VCE curriculum and raise your potential. CrunchGrade offers online VCE Further Maths tuition where students can choose teachers from all over Australia based on their educational qualifications, teaching experience and student ratings. Our tutors hail from the best VCE institutions and have years of teaching experience. 

AtCrunchGrade, our tutors work to provide you with:

  • Right academic support: To prevent you from falling behind in school or ATAR preparations 
  • Consistent motivation: To ensure that you study stress-free throughout the year
  • Extended learning: To ensure that you get a deeper level of understanding of core VCE further maths concepts 

Year 12 Further Mathematics Curriculum We Cover

Year 12 Further Mathematics study design includes two units - Unit 3 and Unit 4. Unit 3 provides the core area of study and Unit 4 provides the applications area of study. 

There are two main topics/ modules in Unit 3 of VCE further mathematics:

  • Data analysis: Here students will learn how to categorise, analyse, present and interpret data sets.
  • Recursion and financial modelling: This topic includes basic financial concepts such as the depreciation of assets, compound interest investments and loans, reducing balance loans, annuities and perpetuities and more.

Unit 4 of VCE further mathematics Year 12 includes 4 main concepts or modules. Students have to select 2 out of these 4 modules in Unit 4.

  • Matrices: Here you will be learning about different types of matrices, arithmetic operations on matrices, recurrence relations usage in matrices and more. 
  • Networks and decision mathematics: This topic includes a study of graphs and networks, exploring and travelling problems, trees and minimum connector problems, shortest path problems and more. 
  • Geometry and measurement: This module of the Year 12 further maths course includes the use of measurement, geometry and trigonometry. Here you will study topics like spherical geometry, surface and volume of spheres, cylinders, cones, pyramids and prisms, and their composites, and more. 
  • Graphs and relations: This module includes topics like construction and interpretation of graphs and linear programming. 

At CrunchGrade, online tutors for VCE Year 12 Further Mathematics will not only teach you all the concepts mentioned in the VCE curriculum but will also help you in preparing for your assessments such as the problem-solving task in both units and the application task in the data analysis module. We will provide you with tips and tricks to ace your exams for Year 12 Further Mathematics by providing you with proper Year 12 further maths notes and study materials. 

New Things Further Maths Year 12 Students Will Learn

Year 12 Further Mathematics topics like matrices, spherical geometry, depreciation of assets, compound interest investments and loans, reducing balance loans, annuities and perpetuities, etc. are completely new to students. Students must have studied General Mathematics Units 1 and 2 as a pre-requisite for Year 12 further maths. This means they must have prior knowledge of computation and practical arithmetic, investigating and comparing data distributions, linear graphs and modelling, linear equations and linear relations, etc. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 Further Mathematics Tuition

Concepts like scatterplots, stem plots, parallel dot plots and box plots can be new as well as tricky for students of Year 12 VCE further mathematics. Time series, recurrence relations, trees, spanning trees, scheduling problems and path analysis can also be a few challenging Year 12 further maths topics for students in Year 12. 

Students often feel pressured in Year 12 as this is the final year that decides their pathway to employment or towards further studies. A great assessment in this course can lead to better overall performance and hence a seat in the university. All this often overwhelms the students and they are always in panic mode. 

CrunchGrade online tutors for Year 12 Further Mathematics ensure that students do not face any mental as well as course-based challenges in this subject. Our tutors provide the best study resources, guidance and mentorship to the students that they will never find any Maths topic challenging enough to understand. 

What Our Year 12 Further Mathematics Tutors Help You Achieve

With CrunchGrade’s best Year 12 Further Mathematics tutors, students can achieve the following:

  • Investigate and model time-series data
  • Solve problems related to matrices, matrix operations, and transition matrices
  • Investigate and model linear associations
  • Investigate associations between two variables 
  • Review different types of data and data distributions 
  • Use first-order recurrence relation to model different financial situations 
  • Represent various types of graphs such as undirected and directed
  • Solve problems related to eulerian trails, eulerian circuits, bridges, hamiltonian paths and cycles
  • Use concepts of networks to solve problems related to allocation and scheduling and much more! 

Important Topics in VCE Further Maths

VCE Year 12 Further Mathematics includes many important concepts like linear programming, trigonometry and spherical geometry. Topics from Unit 3 like normal distributions, two-way frequency tables, slopes and intercepts, time series plots, compound interest, and annuities and perpetuities are also important from the exam perspective.

Challenges in Tutoring Year 12 Further Mathematics

Although Year 12 Further Mathematics is a simple subject as compared to more difficult topics covered in Methods or Specialist. It can still sometimes be difficult for teachers to keep students engaged in the curriculum. Students might take this subject way too casually and think that it can be covered in just a few hours per week. Mathematics is a subject that requires consistent practice whether it is graphs, matrices or depreciation of assets. 

At CrunchGrade, our tutors are prepared with innovative teaching practices that will help students find this subject much more interesting. They will be using visual aids, interactive videos and study materials to help students master the VCE Year 12 Further Mathematics syllabus. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Further Mathematics Online Tutoring Advantage

Personalised lesson plans

Every student who enrols in our Year 12 Further Mathematics online tutoring will be provided with a personalised study plan that focuses on highlighting the strengths and areas of improvement for the students. Your study plan would be customised based on the topics that you want to study. 

Essential study materials 

Probably one of the hardest challenges for students of Year 12 Further Maths is to prepare the VCE Further Maths notes. With online tutoring services, they don’t have to worry about that particular problem anymore. The notes are provided by the tutors in the online study sessions since these are a part of the learning program.

Understanding the exam pattern is easier 

Students of grade 12 Further Maths must ensure that they have a proper understanding of the exam pattern so that they can score good marks. This is possible with the help of a VCE Further Maths tutor. These professionals have already guided many students on the VCE examination pattern and hence have an idea about the study plan to adopt if they want to perform well in the exams.

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