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Year 12 Mathematics Standard

Year 12 Maths Standard syllabus includes two courses Standard 1 and Standard 2. At CrunchGrade, we provide in-depth tutoring to the students where they will not only gain knowledge about the topics mentioned in the syllabus but have a thorough understanding of what and how things are happening in every topic. Our study resources ensure that students can solve new, unfamiliar problems related to the Year 12 Maths Standard textbooks with ease and score better marks in the assessments. 

Now students can rest assured and show off their Maths skills at school as CrunchGrade has the best learning resources to offer to them. Our interactive learning environment makes online sessions much more interesting. Check out our tutor profiles for Year 12 Standard Maths tuition and find a tutor based on their student ratings, ATAR scores, HSC achievements and teaching experience and not just their degrees. 

Year 12 Mathematics Standard NSW Curriculum We Cover

At CrunchGrade, students can find tutoring for both Year 12 Mathematics Standard 1 and Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2 courses. Our learning programs are based on the latest NSW curriculum, including the latest study resources for every student. Given below is a detailed list of topics we cover in both the subjects for your better understanding. 

Year 12 Mathematics Standard 1 NSW Syllabus 




MS-A3 Types of Relationships

  • Simultaneous linear equations
  • Graphs of practical situations


MS-M3 Right-angled Triangles

  • Pythagoras theorem
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Angles of elevation and depression

MS-M4 Rates

  • Usage and conversion between units of rates
  • Problems related to blood pressure and heart rates

MS-M5 Scale Drawings

  • Ratios 
  • Similarity 
  • Estimation and comparing quantities 

Financial Mathematics

MS-F2 Investment

  • Future value, present value

MS-F3 Depreciation and Loans

  • Depreciation of an asset
  • Using spreadsheets
  • Reducing balance loans

Statistical Analysis

MS-S3 Further Statistical Analysis

  • The statistical investigation process for a survey
  • Exploring and describing data arising from two quantitative variables


MS-N1 Networks and Paths

  • Networks 
  • Shortest paths 


Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2 Syllabus 




MS-A4 Types of Relationships

  • Simultaneous linear equations
  • Non-linear relationships


MS-M6 Non-right-angled Trigonometry

  • Trigonometric Ratios 
  • Area of triangle 
  • Navigational Methods
  • Pythagoras Theorem practical problems 
  • Radial surveys 

MS-M7 Rates and Ratios

  • Practical problems related to rates 
  • Practical problems related to ratios
  • Scale drawings 

Financial Mathematics

MS-F4 Investments and Loans

  • Investments 
  • Depreciation and loans 

MS-F5 Annuities

  • Compound interest

Statistical Analysis

MS-S4 Bivariate Data Analysis

  • Bivariate scatter plot 
  • Line of best fit 
  • Associations between two variables 

MS-S5 The Normal Distribution

  • Normally distributed random variable 
  • Z-Score calculation


MS-N2 Network Concepts

  • Networks 
  • Shortest paths

MS-N3 Critical Path Analysis

  • Construction of network
  • Small-scale network flow problems 
  • Activity charts and network diagrams 

The above list of topics are taken from the Year 12 Mathematics Standard syllabus given by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority). Your study program will include topics in detail based on your learning needs.

New Things Year 12 Mathematics Standard NSW Students Will Learn

Year 12 Mathematics Standard includes various new topics for students like analysis and representation of data, scale drawings, trigonometry, and networks. This year, students will be making informed decisions about finances, representing relations between two changing quantities, solving critical path problems, and studying random distributions. All these topics are relatively new and one step ahead of what they have learned in Year 11. At CrunchGrade, we would not just follow the Year 12 Mathematics Standard textbook but will also provide additional learning resources to help students master every new topic. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 Mathematics Standard Tuition 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Mathematics Standard tutors in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other parts of Australia have observed that students of Year 12 Mathematics Standard often face problems in understanding topics like networks and paths, statistical analysis and trigonometry. This could be probably due to their lack of understanding of the basic concepts taught in Year 11 like data analysis, relative frequency and more. Another major challenge that students face this year is a lack of practice. Since students have a lot on their plates, finding enough time to practise Year 12 Mathematics Standard questions becomes difficult for them. 

What Our Grade 12 Mathematics Standard Tutors Help You Achieve

With our Standard Maths tutoring for Year 12, students will be able to achieve the following: 

  • Students will be able to use detailed algebraic and graphical techniques to critically evaluate and construct arguments in a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. 
  • They will analyse data, and make predictions and inferences to conclude. 
  • They will ensure the degree of accuracy in the results of mathematical calculations and make judgements about their reasonableness.
  • They will analyse two-dimensional and three-dimensional models to solve practical problems.
  • They will solve problems using networks to model decision-making in practical problems and much more! 

Important Topics in Year 12 Mathematics Standard NSW Syllabus 

Some important topics that we will cover in Year 12 Mathematics Standard online tutoring include algebra, trigonometric functions, investments and loans, network concepts, normal distribution, and bivariate data analysis, probability, critical path analysis, and rates and ratios. All these topics are important to help you achieve higher marks in the assessments. Our Year 12 Mathematics Standard tutors from Adelaide, Melbourne and other parts of Australia will make sure that you practise enough questions from the textbook. They will also be providing you with Year 12 Mathematics Standard worksheets and formula sheets to make learning much easier for you. 

Challenges in Tutoring Year 12 Mathematics Standard

Many times students find teachers who have no or little experience in tutoring Year 12 Mathematics Standard students. They are unable to explain concepts in a detailed manner which makes it difficult for students to understand the concepts. Sometimes, these Year 12 Mathematics Standard tutors do not follow a structured learning program and as a result, students keep studying topics repeatedly or suffer due to wastage of time. Some teachers also provide generic Year 12 Mathematics Standard worksheets that do not enhance the in-depth understanding of the students. Last, but not least, many teachers do not provide proper feedback or a progress report to the students which makes it difficult for the students to understand how they are performing in class. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Mathematics Standard NSW tutors acknowledge all these issues and ensure that our students do not have to suffer because of any of them. We not only have experienced and qualified tutors but we also make sure that students receive a structured learning program and high-quality learning resources for Year 12 Mathematics Standard 1 and Standard 2 courses.

CrunchGrade Year 12 Mathematics Standard Online Tutoring Advantage

Building Confidence Through Progress Monitoring 

A great advantage of CrunchGrade’s Year 12 Mathematics Standard learning program is that you will be able to track your progress through the whole syllabus. This works wonders when it comes to increasing the confidence level of a student. It can get pretty tough for some students when they aren’t able to grasp the difficult concepts of Standard Mathematics. With the help of a professional Grade 12 Mathematics Standard NSW tutor, not only will they receive proper assistance with the subject but they will also be able to see how well they are performing. 

A Learning Program Tailored for Your Needs

One of the best things about CrunchGrade’s Grade 12 Maths Standard topics and tutoring curriculum is that it has been designed specifically to assist the students in the best way. The whole learning program will help you in harnessing all the knowledge and skills that you have. 

Our tutors follow a distinguished teaching approach that can be altered according to the needs and requirements of the students. Whether it is to improve your problem-solving skills or to increase the practical application of mathematical skills, this program will satisfy all your needs of learning and completing the Year 12 Maths Standard NSW textbook. 

Improve your Scores 

Do you wish to have high scores in your final examinations? One great way to do that is to hire the best Year 12 Standard Maths tutor in Brisbane. When you have a professional helping you out with the course, there isn’t a single doubt that you will be able to finish it a lot quicker. This will ensure that you are well prepared for your exams and can score much higher than the others in the class. Also, if you are preparing for other exams such as ATAR, professional online tutoring services can offer perfect guidance for these exams as well.

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