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Year 11 English Preliminary

CrunchGrade Year 11 English Preliminary Tutoring Service in Western Australia offers a tailored learning program to help students use language independently in a variety of forms and situations. Our online Year 11 Preliminary English tutors help students develop receptive skills, such as:

  • reading,
  • comprehending,
  • listening and/or
  • viewing

as well as expressive skills, such as:

  • writing,
  • speaking,
  • acting,
  • signing,
  • gesturing and/or
  • creating multimodal texts

We also offer Foundation English, General English and ATAR English courses in Western Australia. We also offer Literature and EAL/D tutoring programs to Year 11 as well as Year 12 students in WA.

Unit-wise Year 11 English Preliminary Curriculum We Cover in Western Australia

CrunchGrade tutoring program for students in Western Australia follows the Year 11 English Preliminary syllabus as prescribed by the Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority (WA SCSA).

  • Unit 1 Year 11 English Preliminary syllabus focuses on independent interaction in family, school, social and community contexts. Students learn to listen to, speak with and read texts that are appropriate for each context. They learn the conventions of these contexts so they can interact successfully in them.

At CrunchGrade, we help students learn about the key concepts of Unit 1. Our Year 11 English Preliminary tutoring program is designed to help students develop the skills needed to perform well in the exam and at school.

  • Unit 2 Year 11 English Preliminary syllabus focuses on exploring the ability to use a range of strategies to interact in unfamiliar contexts. Students gain knowledge about texts through independent reading, viewing and listening. Students learn how to recognise patterns in stories, poems, plays and prose as they develop their own responses to them.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on developing the key skills needed to tackle Unit 2 successfully. Our Year 11 English Preliminary tutoring program is designed to help students build their knowledge and understanding of important concepts while preparing them for the exam.

New Things Grade 11 WA Students Will Learn in English Preliminary Course

As part of the Year 11 English Preliminary course in Western Australia, students will learn new and exciting concepts that will help them excel both in their academic studies as well as in their professional lives. These include:

  1. Independent reading, viewing, and listening skills that allow students to explore a range of texts across different contexts.
  2. Multimodal text creation skills that help students express themselves creatively and effectively.
  3. Effective communication strategies for interacting successfully in unfamiliar contexts and with diverse audiences.

At CrunchGrade, we are committed to helping students develop these key skills and knowledge through our customized tutoring programs that cover all areas of the Year 11 English Preliminary syllabus.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 11 English Preliminary Tutoring Online

Year 11 Preliminary English students in WA often lack confidence when speaking, writing, or interacting in English. This can lead to poor performance in school and exams. At CrunchGrade, our team of experienced and certified online English tutors help students overcome these challenges by providing them with the personalized attention they need to succeed.

Some students have difficulty understanding and responding to a variety of texts across different genres. Our tutors work with such students to help them improve their comprehension skills and develop the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in their studies.

For students who struggle with writing, our online English tutors will break down the key concepts of different styles of writing and provide guidance on how to apply these concepts in practice. We also offer proofreading and editing services to help students polish their written work and make it error-free.

What Our Grade 11 English Preliminary Tutors Help You Achieve?

Our Year 11 English Preliminary tutors work to help students achieve their academic and personal goals. We focus on developing the following skills in our students:

  • Listening: Our tutors help students improve their listening skills so they can comprehend and respond to different types of spoken English texts.
  • Speaking: Students who struggle with spoken English often lack confidence when interacting with others. Our online English tutors help such students develop the skills and confidence they need to communicate effectively.
  • Reading: Our online English tutors help students build their reading comprehension skills so they can understand and respond to a variety of texts across different genres.
  • Writing: Students who need help with writing can benefit from our expert tutors who hone their writing, editing and proofreading skills. We also assist students in developing their essay-writing skills, so they can write clear, coherent, and well-structured essays.

With our online English tutoring program, you will be equipped with all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed both academically and professionally. If you are ready to take your learning to the next level, sign up for a free trial lesson today! 

Important Topics in Year 11 English Preliminary WA Curriculum

Some of the most important topics and skills covered in the Year 11 English Preliminary course in Western Australia include independent reading, viewing, and listening; multimodal text creation; effective communication strategies; understanding different types of written texts; developing writing skills for different purposes and audiences; and essay-writing.

These are all essential skills that students will need to succeed both in school and in their future careers. With our online English tutoring program, you will be able to master all of these topics and skills so that you can achieve your academic goals.

Challenges in Tutoring English Preliminary Course to Year 11 Students

Students have different academic goals. Some are looking for help in preparing for the English Preliminary exam, while others need assistance with completing coursework assignments. Some students also have ongoing difficulties with mastering the essential skills required to succeed in this course.

Regardless of your specific academic goals, our certified online English tutors can help you achieve them by providing high-quality one-on-one tutoring services tailored to your unique needs.

Our Grade 11 English Preliminary tutors use several strategies, resources and techniques to help their students overcome the challenges they face in this course. They break down complex concepts into simpler parts, provide step-by-step explanations, and give students ample opportunity to practice what they have learned.

If you are struggling with the English Preliminary course, sign up for a free trial lesson today! One of our expert tutors will assess your individual needs and design a personalized learning plan that will help you succeed.

CrunchGrade Grade 11 English Preliminary Online Tutoring Advantage

If you hire our Year 11 Preliminary English tutors in Perth, you will get the following advantages:

  • Affordable rates: We offer competitive rates that are affordable for everyone.
  • Individualized attention: Our tutors provide one-on-one attention to each student so that they can address their unique needs.
  • Experienced and certified teachers: All of our Preliminary English teachers are certified and have years of experience teaching the course.
  • Effective learning methods: Our tutors use a variety of effective teaching methods to help students master the material.
  • Flexible scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling for your online English lessons so that you can choose a time that is convenient for you.

We offer a free trial lesson so that you can try our service before you commit to it.

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