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Year 12 Mathematics Advanced

Get exam-ready at home and prepare for your future career under the guidance of the best Maths teachers in Australia. CrunchGrade’s Year 12 Mathematics Advanced tutors break down your curriculum into theory, practice and harder application questions so that you can succeed in this subject with flying colours. 

At CrunchGrade, you will find personalised, structured learning programmes for Year 12 HSC Maths. These programs are based on the latest NSW syllabus and cater to improving the conceptual understanding of the students. Here’s what makes learning at CrunchGrade a unique experience for every student:

  • Structured lessons: All the study sessions will be structured so that there is a balance between theory, practice, doubt-solving and advanced-level questions. We do not intend to make our students passive learners. Instead, we encourage them to actively participate in the learning process. 
  • HSC Maths Advanced resources: Whether it be the textbook solutions, chapter-wise notes or step by step problem-solving, our tutors are equipped with all. All our learning materials are based on the latest NSW syllabus for Year 12 Advanced Maths. 
  • Progress tracking and improvement strategies: Every student at CrunchGrade is monitored to ensure that they are going in the right direction. Our tutors provide them with constructive feedback that can help them enhance their learning skills even more. 

Year 12 Mathematics Advanced Curriculum We Cover

Year 12 Mathematics Advanced NSW syllabus comprises 5 modules - functions, trigonometric functions, calculus, financial mathematics, and statistical analysis. 

Year 12 Mathematics Advanced NSW Syllabus




  • MA-F2 Graphing Techniques

Trigonometric Functions 

  • MA-T3 Trigonometric Functions and



  • MA-C2 Differential Calculus
  • MA-C3 Applications of Differentiation
  • MA-C4 Integral Calculus

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

  • MA-M1 Modelling Financial Situations

Statistical Analysis 

  • MA-S2 Descriptive Statistics and Bivariate Data Analysis 
  • MA-S3 Random Variables


Year 12 Mathematics Advanced NSW Topics Details



MA-F2 Graphing Techniques

  • Translations of graphs
  • Dilations of graphs 
  • Solving practical problems using graphical methods 

MA-T3 Trigonometric Functions and


  • Solving trigonometric equations
  • Using trigonometric functions to solve problems 

MA-C2 Differential Calculus

  • Differentiation of trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions
  •  Rules of differentiation

MA-C3 Applications of Differentiation

  • The first and second derivatives
  •  Applications of the derivative

MA-C4 Integral Calculus

  • The antiderivative
  • Areas and the definite integral

MA-M1 Modelling Financial Situations

  • Modelling investments and loans
  • Arithmetic sequences and series
  • Geometric sequences and series
  • Financial applications of sequences and series

MA-S2 Descriptive Statistics and Bivariate Data Analysis 

  • Data (grouped and ungrouped) and summary statistics
  •  Bivariate data analysis

MA-S3 Random Variables

  • Continuous random variables
  • The normal distribution

This is a tentative list of topics. Your actual learning program might include more topics based on your learning needs. This syllabus has been taken from the Mathematics Advanced Stage 6 (Year 11 and Year 12) Syllabus given by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority).

New Things Year 12 Mathematics Advanced NSW Students Will Learn

Year 12 Advanced Maths topics are an extension of what students had learned in Year 11 Mathematics Advanced. In Year 12, students are introduced to many new concepts such as trigonometric functions, differentiation, antiderivatives, modelling investments and loans, arithmetic sequences and series, geometric sequences and series, and financial applications of sequences and series. 

Until Year 11, students have learned about probability, Venn diagrams, and discrete probability distributions. However, in Year 12, they will be introduced to continuous random variables and normal distributions. All these topics are new and require students to practice more. An online tutor can provide comprehensive guidance on all these topics. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 Mathematics Advanced 

Students might feel overwhelmed seeing so many new topics to learn in Year 12 Mathematics Advanced. Students must have a strong understanding of topics like differentiation, logarithmic laws, graphs of exponential functions, and trigonometric identities if they want to excel in the Year 12 Advanced Maths syllabus. 

Sometimes, students get confused when they have to link two or more mathematical concepts together. For instance, solving trigonometry problems using graphs could be tough for some students. 

Another common challenge that Year 12 Mathematics Advanced students have is handling advanced level questions. Students often lack time to practice every topic in-depth which results in their inability to solve every problem. They need proper time management and guidance to master the Year 12 Mathematics Advanced syllabus. 

At CrunchGrade, we help every student become better in the Year 12 Mathematics Advanced topics. We not only guide students on how to solve every problem step by step but also help them manage their time and practise more efficiently. 

What Our Year 12 HSC Tutors Help You Achieve

With our Year 12 Mathematics Advanced tutoring, students can achieve the following:

  • Understand key features of graphs of functions and develop a basic understanding of transformations of these graphs 
  • Understand how the graphs of trigonometric functions change whenever the functions are altered in a systematic manner
  • Develop and apply rules for differentiation to a variety of functions
  • Learn what is the second derivative, its meaning and applications 
  • Find the area under the curve using anti-derivative or indefinite integral
  • Understand the use of series in the borrowing and investing of money
  • Identify, analyse and describe associations between pairs of variables (bivariate data) and more! 

Important Topics in Year 12 Mathematics Advanced 

Some important topics of the Year 12 Mathematics Advanced NSW syllabus include Applications of differentiation, Integration, Linear Regression, Continuous random variables, Normal distribution, Series and sequences and Financial maths. Tutors at CrunchGrade ensure that every student understands the important topics of the Year 12 Mathematics Advanced syllabus thoroughly. To know more about our teaching patterns and learning environment, take a free demo session with one of our HSC Maths tutors today. 

Challenges in Tutoring Year 12 Mathematics Advanced to Students

Year 12 Mathematics Advanced includes many complex topics. For example, identifying outliers in data, describing and interpreting bivariate datasets, and problems related to financial decisions, home loans, savings accounts or car loans can be difficult for students to understand in the first go. Therefore, teachers need to find innovative ways to explain tough mathematical concepts to the students with ease. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 HSC tutors have also observed that many teachers do not provide their notes or problem-solving techniques clearly to the students which makes it difficult for the students to master the concept even after taking extra classes or private tutoring. Sometimes, teachers fail to intrigue students to learn concepts of Year 12 Advanced Maths. 

At CrunchGrade, our tutors are trained to help students master all the difficult topics. Our innovative teaching methods will not only intrigue the students but will also bridge their learning gaps. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Mathematics Advanced Online Tutoring Advantage

Learn from anywhere: Students from all across Australia can enrol in our online tutoring sessions and find the best Maths teachers to guide them through the syllabus. Students can join the sessions with their phones, laptops, tablets or computers without any issue. 

Feedback and progress: We ensure that students understand every topic of Year 12 Maths Advanced properly. This is why our tutors monitor the learning progress of every student periodically. We also provide detailed feedback to the student and ways to improve their weaker Maths skills. 

Exam tips and preparation: Only understanding the topics theoretically would not help you. Students need to practice and apply the concepts in different situations and problems. So, our HSC tutors provide them with regular tips and tricks on how to prepare for the Year 12 Maths Advanced exam. 

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