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Year 11 Mathematical Applications

CrunchGrade online 11 Mathematical Applications are committed to helping students achieve their potential. Once you hire our tutors online, they will do all the hard work in creating a learning program that supports your learning. You will get a friendly learning environment where you can ask questions, brainstorm problem-solving strategies and carry out discussions on topics like consumer arithmetic, shape and measurements, applications of trigonometry and other mathematical applications Unit 1 and Unit 2 topics. 

CrunchGrade’s 11 Mathematical Applications tutors will help students convert:

  • Complex concepts to comprehensive explanations 
  • Unguided learning to specific guidance and support
  • Low grades to higher achievement standards 
  • One way tutoring to two way online, interactive learning sessions 
  • Rote learning in Maths to an intuitive understanding of concepts 

Practice Year 11 Mathematical Applications Units 1 and 2 

In Year 11, you will be studying two units of Mathematical Applications. The other two units will be covered in Year 12

Unit 1 of Mathematical Applications includes three topics: 

  • Consumer arithmetic
  • Algebra and matrices
  • Shape and measurement

Consumer arithmetic teaches you how to use spreadsheets and reviews the concepts of rates of changes and percentages. Arithmetic and matrices are based on algebra topics that you have studied from Years 7-10 and introduce you to a new topic of matrices. Shape and measurement also extend the concepts that you have studied during Years 7-10. It also introduces the concept of similarity associated calculations involving simple and compound geometric shapes. 

Unit 2 of Mathematical Applications includes three topics: 

  • Univariate data analysis and the statistical investigation process
  • Applications of trigonometry
  • Linear equations and their graphs

Univariate data analysis and the statistical investigation process help you analyse and summarise data given in a statistical situation. Applications of trigonometry include problems related to non-right-angled triangles and heights and distances. Linear equations and their graphs include topics like linear equations and their graphs and linear-piecewise and step graphs. 

At CrunchGrade Year 11 Mathematical Applications online tutoring, students will be studying each of these topics in detail. Our mathematics tutors will not only help you understand the concepts but will also provide you with adequate study resources to enhance your learning such as:

  • Topic-wise notes including step by step problem-solving 
  • Innovative learning resources like mind maps, flashcards and mnemonics 
  • Practise worksheets, past papers and important questions for every topic 
  • Video-based solutions to difficult problems 
  • Illustrations and more! 

New Things You Will Learn in Year 11 Mathematical Applications 

Year 11 Mathematical Applications students will learn a completely new concept of matrices in Topic 1.2 Algebra and matrices. Here you will study different types of matrices like row, column, square, zero and identity, perform matrix addition, subtraction and multiplication and use matrices to solve problems. 

Topic 1.3 Shapes and Measurement introduces the concept of similarity and scaling in Year 11 Mathematical Applications. Here you will study similar triangles, using the scale factor, and how to obtain measurements from scale drawings. 

Other new topics in Year 11 Mathematical Applications include normal distributions, standard deviation, box plots, area of a triangle using trigonometry, and solution of pairs of simultaneous linear equations. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 11 Mathematical Applications Tutors 

Even if you have studied maths in Year 10, you will find this subject a little challenging because of a variety of new concepts. While you will be dealing with trigonometry concepts, you will also be introduced to complex topics in probability and statistics like normal distributions. This is why at CrunchGrade, we aim at providing students with personalised tutoring where they can study topics based on their learning challenges. 

We encourage you to study at your own pace so that you do not miss any concept in a rush. Many times students are unable to reach their academic potential due to pressure in school and at home. CrunchGrade tutors work to reduce that pressure from your life so that you can feel relieved and learn better. 

What Our Year 11 Mathematical Applications Tutors Help You Achieve?

With CrunchGrade’s Year 11 mathematical applications tutoring, students can achieve the following: 

  • Students will be able to identify and recognise relevant information such as interpreting word problems, using scale factors to find the volume of similar shapes and solids, etc. 
  • Students will be able to choose the right problem-solving methods either by creating diagrams, and graphs or by using the unstructured information in the question. 
  • They will follow the mathematical conventions to solve problems. 
  • They will be able to reach conclusions by linking mathematical results. For example, recognising specific conditions in the questions and paying attention to units while solving the questions.
  • They will be able to solve mathematical problems step by step and justify their conclusions.

Important Topics in Year 11 Mathematical Applications

All Year 11 Mathematical Applications topics are important for Year 12 Mathematical Applications Units 3 and 4. Students of Year 11 Mathematical Applications must pay adequate attention to concepts like graphs, consumer arithmetic, and statistical investigations. Other important topics include: 

  • Applications of trigonometry 
  • Straight-line graphs
  • Mensuration 
  • Rates, percentages and substitution
  •  Similar figures and scale factors 
  • Simultaneous linear equations 

More Tips to Score Grade A in Year 11 Mathematical Applications

CrunchGrade Year 11 Mathematical Applications tutors suggest various ways to score Grade A in this subject. These include: 

#1 Cover the entire syllabus 

Every topic is important. So make sure you study the whole textbook carefully. Learn the concepts at a deeper level, understand the principles behind them and then utilise them to solve problems perfectly. In this way, they can also strengthen their problem-solving skills.

#2 Focus on the aim 

The ATAR Mathematics Applications Course is designed for students who want to concentrate on various professional grounds to develop a career. This course does not include calculus as the associated professional domains do not need it either. It means that this course is particularly designed to aim at certain professional career choices.

#3 Engage in regular tutoring sessions 

Consistency is the key to success in Mathematics Applications. So make sure you are taking regular sessions from our tutors, asking questions and getting your doubts solved. This way you will be able to master every concept and achieve better results. 

CrunchGrade Year 11 Mathematical Applications Online Tutoring Advantage

Our online tutors for Year 11 Mathematical Applications will create an epic learning environment for every student which will include: 

  • Personalised attention for every student to meet their learning needs 
  • Interactive sessions where students participate actively in the class
  • Recorded lessons, video-based solutions, workbooks, worksheets, formula sheets and other study resources 

We guarantee that once you start taking tuition at CrunchGrade, you will be able to prepare well for your school assessments and ATAR. Our tutors will be constantly motivating you to ensure that you stay on the right path, a path that takes you to academic success.

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