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Year 2 Maths

The Year 2 Maths syllabus includes three content strands – Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. At CrunchGrade, we have the most prominent Year 2 Maths tutors who teach these subjects with clarity to students. All the classes are held in online mode so that the young children can study from the comfort of their own homes. This way, parents can be equally involved in their child’s learning and keep a check on what they are studying. 

Our Year 2 Maths learning programs are designed to address the various learning challenges that students face in school. We connect real-life concepts with the Maths syllabus and help develop mental fluency amongst students. You can start your child’s learning at CrinchGrade with a free demo session from one of our top tutors. 

Term-Wise Year 2 Maths Curriculum Learning at CrunchGrade

Our Maths tutors will cover the entire curriculum of Year 2 Maths, enabling students to prepare well for each Term in a confident manner. Given below are a few main topics that we cover in Year 2 Maths online tutoring. For complete details on our programs, you must contact our customer service team. 

Year 2 Maths Syllabus Overview 

Year 2 Maths Topics 

Year 2 Maths Subtopics 

Number and Algebra 

  • Numbers and place value 
  • Fractions and decimals 
  • Money and financial mathematics 
  • Patterns and algebra 

Measurement and Geometry 

  • Units and measurement 
  • Shapes
  • Location and transformation 

Statistics and Probability 

  • Chances 
  • Data representation 
  • Data interpretation 


Year 2 Maths Term-Wise Syllabus 

Year 2 Maths Term 1 Topic 

  • Counting, ordering, grouping numbers up to 1000
  • Simple addition and subtraction problem solving using mental and written strategies
  • Exploring months and seasons
  • Revising place values 

Year 2 Maths Term 2 Topics 

  • Practising problems related to multiplication and division
  • Comparing halves, quarters, and eighths of collections 
  • Calculating time 
  • Exploring geometrical shapes (2-D and 3-D)

Year 2 Maths Term 3 Topics 

  • Comparing and ordering shapes based on their lengths, volumes, capacity, and area
  • Comparing masses of objects 
  • Describing the features of 3-D 

Year 2 Term 4 Topics

  • Counting Australian coins and notes according to their values
  • Exploring what is likely and unlikely events or chances in probability 
  • Usage of variables in everyday life (for example rising of the sun, timetables of buses, tossing of coins, etc)

The above list of topics is based on the Year 2 Maths curriculum given by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), Australian Curriculum v3.0: Mathematics for Foundation–10.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 2 Maths Tutors 

Year 2 Students are introduced to the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for the first time. This might be a little overwhelming for them since until elementary school they just learn to count numbers, group them and understand place values. Many students are not aware of multiplication and division facts for 2, 5, and 10. Children also have to work on their counting skills so that they can solve the sums of additional and subtraction quickly. Last. but not least, they have to understand the real-life aspects of all such concepts. At CrunchGrade, our Year 2 Maths tutors work with every student individually to help them cope with their learning challenges. 

What do Our Grade 2 Maths Tutors Help You Achieve?

With our online Year 2 Maths tutoring, students can:

  • Recognise the increasing and decreasing number of patterns 
  • Represent multiplication and division using groups and set
  • Count to and from 1000
  • Divide shapes into halves, eights, and quarters 
  • Find missing elements in a sequence 
  • Interpret maps of simple locations 
  • Describe outcomes of everyday events 
  • Organise and represent data into simpler interfaces and much more! 

Important Topics in Year 2 Maths 

The most important topics for Year 2 Maths students include problems related to addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Students must also focus on topics like time, names of months, fractions, and units of measurement. All these topics form a solid foundation of mathematical abilities in Year 2 students which further helps in enhancing their interest in the Maths subject. 

Challenges in Tutoring Maths to Year 2 Students

One of the major challenges that Year 2 Maths tutors face is to instill a learning structure. Year 2 students find it a little difficult to learn a variety of topics in Maths independently. All the topics taught in Year 2 Maths are basic and help in forming a solid foundation of Mathematics amongst the students. Teachers need to understand how to enable students to learn independently at their own pace in the online classroom. They have to ensure that students do not just cram the topics but understand their connection with the real world. 

CrunchGrade Grade 2 Maths Online Tutoring Advantage

At CrunchGrade, we understand the various challenges that Year 2 Maths students face. Our learning programs for Year 2 Maths are designed around these challenges and ensure that every student understands the concepts instead of rote learning. Here’s how maths online tutoring at CrunchGrade will be helpful for Year 2 students:

  • We provide regular online learning sessions to ensure that students are practicing Maths regularly.
  • Students can enroll in one-on-one tutoring or study in small groups. 
  • We provide flexible online tuition timings so that students do not feel pressured to attend online classes. 
  • We help students in coping with what they are learning at school and stay on top in preparing for the exams. 
  • Every student receives constructive feedback from the tutor.

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