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Preparing for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) exam? An online tutor can help you get thorough knowledge about oracle tables, views, queries, clauses and much more and make it easier for you to obtain the certification. If you are studying oracle as a part of your degree course, an online oracle tutor can help you prepare for your semester assessments and projects. 

At CrunchGrade, we provide the best oracle tutors from all across Australia who are willing to guide students on this subject. Our tutors charge minimal fees and provide 24/7 oracle help to students. We have hired industry experts, professional tutors, lecturers and experts to guide students with the best study resources and examples. 

With CrunchGrade, every student can develop in-demand skills, validate their knowledge, and showcase their expertise by earning a globally recognised Oracle Certification with highest scores. Our online programming tutors will view your specific training and exam requirements and then will design a learning program for you based on your personal requirements. Connect with a certified oracle tutor today and start learning! 

Why Learn Oracle? 

Oracle is a software designed and created by Oracle Corporation. It is a relational database management system (RDBMS) and supports different data models. For example, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Express Edition, and Personal Edition. People can choose the data model they need based on their business requirements. 

Oracle is a well-known, robust software built to be designed for enterprise and grid computing. Its features include: 

  • Scalability: Oracle is a database software that can be scaled according to usage. It provides features like Real Application Clustering and Portability. It can be used by multiple users and helps in controlling data consistency and concurrency. 
  • Backup and Recovery: Oracle can help businesses recover from almost all kinds of failures. Oracle provides a speedy recovery by making available the unaffected data while the affected data is being recovered. 
  • Availability: Oracle is a real-time application that is, it provides data at all times. Data is available during the time of planned or unplanned downtimes and failures.
  • Security: Data security is the priority of most businesses these days and Oracle takes care of that. Oracle provides mechanisms to control data access and usage. You can implement data authorisation and edit user actions to prevent unauthorised data access. 

Oracle technology implementation is a rewarding career choice for modern IT professionals and it is one of the most lucrative new-age tech specialties. Studying for an Oracle Certification Exam will test and challenge your thinking and performance abilities. 

Earning an Oracle Certification, which is widely recognised and regarded and will boost your job prospects and professional consistency, allowing you to advance faster in your career. At CrunchGrade, Oracle Tutors will help you with your preparation offering effective tips and study suggestions to clear the examination in the first go. 

Topics Covered in Oracle Online Tutoring at CrunchGrade

Oracle Tables

  • Create Table
  • Create Table As
  • Alter Table
  • Drop Table
  • Global Temp Tables
  • Local Temp Tables
  • Oracle Views
  • Create View

Oracle Query

  • Oracle Queries
  • Oracle Select
  • Oracle Insert
  • Oracle Insert All
  • Oracle Update
  • Oracle Delete
  • Truncate Table

Oracle Clauses

  • Oracle DISTINCT
  • Oracle FROM
  • Oracle ORDER BY
  • Oracle GROUP BY
  • Oracle HAVING
  • Oracle Operators
  • Oracle Union
  • Oracle Union All
  • Oracle Intersect
  • Oracle Minus

Oracle Joins

  • Oracle Joins
  • Inner Join
  • Outer Join
  • Equi Join
  • Self Join
  • Cross Join
  • Anti Join
  • Semi Join

Oracle Advanced Topics 

  • Oracle Procedure
  • Oracle Function
  • Oracle Cursor
  • Oracle Trigger
  • Oracle BEFORE Trigger
  • Oracle AFTER Trigger
  • Oracle DROP Trigger
  • Oracle DISABLE Trigger
  • Oracle ENABLE Trigger

The final learning topics and program structure will be decided by the tutor after discussing with the students. These are general Oracle topics for reference. You must consult with your tutor and share your learning requirements with them. 

Career Prospects after Learning Oracle 

If you want to make a profession out of your Oracle certification, you might look into the following job or career prospects.

  • Database Administrator — A database administrator's job includes dealing with a variety of security issues in relation to and impacting Oracle databases. On a continual basis, a database administrator is responsible for monitoring, operating, and managing Oracle databases. You can function as a database administrator at healthcare, banking institutions, central and state government organisations, IT firms, institutions, universities, and enterprises associated with the data technology segment, once you complete the certificate program. At CrunchGrade, our online oracle tutors will teach you the basics of the Oracle system and help you become proficient in handling the major functionalities of database management. 
  • Oracle Application Developer — An Oracle App Developer is in charge of creating software innovations as well as maintaining the network, server, and security protocols. Their job description also covers the development and maintenance of SQL databases, as well as the management of duties linked to storage operations. When searching for the role of Oracle app developer, you'll come across a number of different roles, including database analyst, Database systems and networking operator, software engineers, web designers, and administrators. Our Oracle tutors have in-depth knowledge in Oracle Database Management and they are ready to help the aspirants to become fully prepared for the oracle examination. 
  • Instructional Coordinators — You can work as an instructional coordinator, which entails creating and implementing informational content for training purposes. Such individuals are responsible for ensuring that educational standards and quality are met. Oracle's products, applications, and resources are extremely scalable, and they're employed by both large and small businesses. Most Oracle products are crucial to a company's performance, and as a result, they can only be administered and handled by experts with sufficient experience in the industry. Oracle database-related jobs are plentiful compared to other certifications, and employees are paid well once hired. Aside from these, there are more technological fields in which oracle certification is advantageous. Find your ideal Oracle SQL tutor today!

Why Choose Oracle Tutors Online at CrunchGrade? 

Join Crunch Grade, the premier e-learning platform where you can receive guidance from certified Oracle tutors online. 

Best tutors from Australia: CrunchGrade is the ideal choice since it has a team of well equipped and professional industry educators, the most up-to-date courses, reliable learning resources, and the strongest practical training. Our oracle tutor will assist you in obtaining Oracle certification from the convenience of your own home. You can obtain hands-on Oracle DBA instruction in real-world projects, be instructed by qualified teachers, and have unlimited access to all educational content and tools that will help you become an Oracle expert. 

Personalised learning courses: We do not teach the same standardised course to students. We create personalised learning programs based on every student’s learning requirements so that you learn only those topics that are required. You can discuss your course requirements with your tutor and they will guide you accordingly. You can also seek career advice from the tutors and ensure that you are on the right path. 

Cost-effective learning: We understand that taking Oracle certifications can be difficult as well as costly. This is why we provide affordable online Oracle tutoring to students. We guarantee that there will be no compromise with the quality of teaching. Our tutors will use the latest study resources and the best teaching methods to ensure that students understand everything related to the Oracle database system. 

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