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Year 12 General Mathematics SA, NT

Turn into a problem-solver with CrunchGrade’s Year 12 General Mathematics SA, NT curriculum learning programs. General Maths is all about figuring out how to solve problems. Not only will you learn how to solve complex mathematical equations, but the skills you gain from working with mathematical functions will also help you solve problems in other ways, such as:

  • Noticing patterns
  • Returning to the beginning
  • Visualising
  • Working in a systematic manner
  • Logic-based reasoning

We have the best Year 12 General Mathematics tutors from Australia who are willing to help you out in learning every concept in detail. We provide online one-on-one and group tutoring tailor-made, especially for students. With CrunchGrade’s assistance, students no more need to worry about:

  • Falling behind in class: You will get the right support from our tutors so that you can score well in-class tests and school examinations. 
  • Finding the motivation to study: Our tutors will guide you through the topics and will encourage you at every step so that you can achieve all the learning goals. 
  • Preparing for specific assessments: Whether it is a mathematical investigation or application-based tasks, our tutors can help you prepare for everything. 

Year 12 General Mathematics Curriculum We Cover 

Stage 2 General Mathematics consists of six topics:

Topic 1: Modelling with linear relationships

Topic 2: Modelling with matrices

Topic 3: Statistical models

Topic 4: Financial models

Topic 5: Discrete models

Topic 6: Open topic 

Out of these 6 topics, 1, 3, 4 and 5 are compulsory and students need to study five topics out of these 6. 

Modelling with linear relationships continues with the topics studied in Stage 1 General Mathematics. In this topic, you are introduced to the concept of linear programming. You will investigate how to find the optimal solutions to real-life problems. You will also learn about discrete and continuous random variables and solve simultaneous linear equations. 

Modelling with matrices is a continuation of topic matrices and networks studied in Stage 1 General Mathematics. In this topic, you will study two applications of matrices - the connectivity of networks and transition problems. You will learn how to use matrices to examine the efficiency of a network system and how to predict future trends in situations where things change state over time with known probabilities.

Statistical models topic is a continuation of linear and exponential functions and their graphs that you studied in Stage 1 General Mathematics. In this topic, you will create scatter plots and analyse data. You will also study normal distribution, its characteristics and graphical representations. Another important subtopic of Statistical models is bivariate statistics. 

Financial models involve concepts like annuity models and their applications. You will investigate the different types of saving plans, such as superannuation and long-term deposits. You will also learn about mortgages, personal loans, pension annuities, and interest-only loans with sinking funds.

The last topic, discrete models includes concepts like optimal solutions for problems involving critical path analysis and assignment. You will perform critical path analysis, investigate assignment problems, and learn the application of the Hungarian algorithm. 

New Things Students will Learn in Year 12 General Mathematics

Stage 2 General Mathematics is a continuation of Stage 1 General Mathematics includes many new topics like linear programming, networks using matrices, transition matrix, scatter plots, statistical inference, effects of outliers, linear regression, residual plots, normal distribution, future value annuities, interest, investments, loans, and discrete models. All these topics can be understood easily if you have a solid foundation in Stage 1 General Mathematics subject. At CrunchGrade, our tutors will help you out in comprehensively understanding all these topics. We will provide you with topic-wise notes, study materials and practise worksheets that will help you in solving problems related to all the new concepts introduced in Year 12 General Maths. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 General Mathematics tutors

General Mathematics Stage 2 covers a wide range of mathematical applications including personal financial management, the statistical investigation process, modelling using linear and nonlinear functions, and discrete modelling using networks and matrices. Students might face issues in understanding these topics as they are of advanced level and require a thorough understanding of Stage 1 concepts. 

Sometimes due to a lack of time management, students are unable to practice questions based on every topic. As a result, they do not feel confident enough to prepare for the assessments. 

CrunchGrade’s Year 12 General Mathematics tutoring ensures that students overcome any kinds of learning difficulties and clear this course with flying colours. From revision sessions to discussions and doubt solving, we provide all kinds of guidance in our learning sessions to the students. 

What Our Year 12 General Mathematics SA, NT Tutors Help You Achieve

General Mathematics learning and instruction aims to equip students with knowledge, abilities, processes, and attitudes. We, at CrunchGrade, help students achieve all the learning outcomes of this course. 

Skills and knowledge:

  • We provide students with mathematical skills for researching, analysing, interpreting, modelling, and summarising real-world problems
  • We encourage students to use their mathematical knowledge and abilities to become well-informed citizens capable of making wise decisions in their personal and professional lives.
  • We use SACE Stage 2 General Maths investigation examples to teach students how to communicate powerful, concise, and unambiguous information using mathematics.
  • We provide students with mathematical knowledge and skills that can be used in modern technology and a variety of other domains
  • We provide mathematical information and abilities to pupils for their personal development and potential job paths.


  • We teach students to communicate mathematically, reason rationally and learn cooperatively and individually. 
  • We develop their process abilities for learning and applying mathematics concepts and skills.
  • We help generate imaginative and creative work based on mathematical concepts.


  • We help recognize that mathematics provides a powerful, clear, and straightforward form of communication
  • see the value and utility of mathematics in modern technology and a variety of other industries.

Important Topics in Year 12 General Mathematics 

Year 12 General Mathematics subject includes many different topics such as bivariate data, matrices, linear algebra and statistical inference which are important for students. At CrunchGrade, we train students to handle all kinds of unfamiliar and familiar mathematical problems based on the Year 12 general maths syllabus. Our online math tutors will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your learning goals and tailor a learning program that suits you. 

Challenges in Tutoring Year 12 General Mathematics 

Students often need additional guidance and study support apart from the textbook, which many private tutors do not provide. These tutors just explain the course content without considering tracking students’ progress or providing them with examination tips. This poses a great challenge for tutors who want to help students genuinely as many students do not trust online tutoring. 

At CrunchGrade we provide year 12 general maths past papers to ensure that students learn something important from every lesson. We teach every topic step by step, provide notes and practice worksheets so that students have the best study resources by their side for exam preparation. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 General Mathematics Online Tutoring Advantage

Experienced tutors: CrunchGrade is a unique online tutoring platform where students can connect with the best and most experienced Year 12 General Mathematics SA, NT tutors online. These tutors have a thorough knowledge of the SACE curriculum for Year 12 General Mathematics and have the correct learning materials for the students. 

Engaging lessons: Our Year 12 General Mathematics tutors make sure that students learn the concepts in-depth. We pay special attention to difficult topics, provide learning resources and keep the sessions two way where not only tutors but also the students can participate actively. 

Application of concepts: We not only teach students the concepts mentioned in their syllabus but make them understand how to apply these concepts in practical situations. We assess them using different types of questions based on the exam pattern to solidify their conceptual understanding.

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