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Year 2 English Tutors Online for Australian Students

CrunchGrade Year 2 English Tutoring Service offers support and encouragement your child needs to work more independently, complete tasks on their own, and keep them engaged during the class.

Our online English tutors for Grade 2 not only teach students but also make them fall in love with the language. They nurture the children's confidence and skills and adapt their study material according to the students' interests to inspire them to read more.

Term-Wise Year 2 English Australia Curriculum We Cover

CrunchGrade follows the prescribed English syllabus for Year 2 students in Australia, including:

  1. Language: The topics covered under this section include:
    • Language variation and change
    • Language for interaction
    • Text structure and organization
    • Expressing and developing ideas
    • Phonics and word knowledge
  2. Literature: The topics covered under this section include:
    • Language variation and change
    • Language for interaction
    • Text structure and organization
    • Expressing and developing ideas
    • Phonics and word knowledge
  3. Literacy: The topics covered under this section include:
    • Texts in context
    • Interacting with others
    • Interpreting, analyzing, evaluating
    • Creating texts

Term 1 Year 2 English syllabus focuses on children listening to, recording, and retelling stories of their family, friends, and community members to learn about their and other people's history. They also learn about Aboriginal peoples’ and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ oral narratives that revolve around family connections.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on recounts of texts students read in Term 1.

Term 2 Year 2 English syllabus focuses on children listening, reading, viewing, and comparing different persuasive texts and their key features. They also start creating short persuasive texts.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on the descriptive abilities of students in Term 2.

Term 3 Year 2 English syllabus focuses on finding and using information. During this term, children view, read, and listen to multimodal explanatory and informative text. They learn to interpret them as well as learn how these texts are organized. They also begin to create texts to communicate information and use visuals (such as diagrams and illustrations) and language effectively. They often have to create a report on the chosen topic and explain its key facts in the classroom.

At CrunchGrade, we teach students how to create information reports in Term 3.

Term 4 Year 2 English syllabus focuses on Australian poetry, stories, music, and visual art based on the history, and environment of the author or the artist, including those of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They also work together to put up a multimodal dramatic performance of a chosen poem.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on persuasive texts in Term 4. We also touch upon NAPLAN preparation content that students will study in Year 3.

New Things Grade 2 Australian Students Will Learn in English

In Year 2, students learn how to communicate with peers, teachers, students from other classes, family, friends, and community members. They come across different forms of texts - from traditional oral narratives to picture books to rhymes to dramatic performances - that they use as models for their work.

They encounter new vocabulary, varied sentence structures, a range of punctuation conventions, high-frequency sight words, and how illustrations and diagrams can be used to support text.

Students also learn to create reports, performances, imaginative retellings of stories, and expositions in this grade.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 2 English Tutors

In Year 2, many students struggle with learning to read and decode the text. Some students struggle to explain words and ideas or form complex sentences. They may find it difficult to get ideas across to other people and inform, persuade or engage them. Some students mix up words with multiple syllables or struggle with tricky consonant sounds.

CrunchGrade English tutors for primary school students can identify their problems and offer them tools and strategies to bridge the gaps. They provide timely reading interventions to children and answer all their questions in simple words.

What Our Grade 2 English Tutors Help You Achieve?

Our English tutors in Australia help students identify structures of different types of texts and understand different features of language used to describe characters, settings, and events. They help them learn different types of sentence structures, new topic-specific vocabulary and work with language, punctuation, and phonic knowledge of students.

With the help of our tutors, your child will learn to identify the main ideas of the text, its supporting detail, and its literal and implied meaning. In Year 2, we teach students to make connections between different types of texts as well as pay attention to sound combinations and rhythmic patterns.

Our tutors make classes fun for younger students making it easier for them to create texts based on the information they have learned in class, their experiences, and their imagination. We also teach them to write legibly, use correct punctuation and spell correctly.

Important Topics in Year 2 English Syllabus

At CrunchGrade, we pay special attention to the following areas of learning English while teaching K-2 students:

  1. Oral language and communication
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Phonological awareness (ES1)
  4. Print conventions (ES1) and Phonic knowledge
  5. Reading fluency and reading comprehension
  6. Creating written texts, Spelling, Handwriting
  7. Understanding and responding to literature

Challenges in Tutoring English to Year 2 Students

Grade 2 students are around 7 years old. Different students learn at different paces and using different approaches. In a traditional classroom, it is difficult for teachers to pay individual attention to each student. In online tutoring, we have the flexibility of paying full attention to an individual student and designing a mix of activities that can keep him or her motivated.

Young children find it difficult to pay attention to a teacher-centric class for an extended period. So our online tutors include several quick activities that can help students learn better and keep them engaged during class. We also identify their interests (such as a cartoon character, football, or painting) and use them to motivate them to pick up linguistic skills.

Many of our tutors who interact with young students use costumes, toys, dolls, cars, and blocks to keep children engaged during the class.

CrunchGrade Grade 2 English Online Tutoring Advantage

CrunchGrade offers flexible classes and ongoing review and analysis of child's achievement and progress in their subject areas. We encourage children to make observations, collect anecdotal evidence and make checklists as they go through the curriculum.

By the end of our Year 2 English tutoring classes, your child will love to come up with imaginative stories, speak persuasively, collect and explain key facts on a chosen topic, and understand and explain key features of multimodal texts.

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