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Best Python Programming Tutoring in Australia

Python is a programming language that has been in high demand for the past few years. It is a general-purpose programming language and its usage is not just restricted to web development. The Python language has been developed for more than 30 years but it has gained popularity in the past few years. 

At CrunchGrade, students can find the best online tutors for Python in Australia and learn this programming language from anywhere and at any time. We provide online tutoring sessions for Python programming language for students of all educational levels. If you have a basic understanding of what computer programming is and you understand some key terms like loops, operators, variables, etc. you are good to go. 

To know more about our Python online tutors, check our tutor profiles given below. These profiles include their qualifications, student ratings, teaching experience and other important details. Just select a tutor and schedule a class. 

Why Learn Python? 

Beginner-Friendly: Python is not only popular in the industry but it is a beginner-friendly language. It has a simple, easy to learn syntax, making it easier for first-time coders to grasp this programming language. Not only this, Python is an interpreted language. So once you have finished writing a code, you can run it line by line and find errors immediately. 

Simplicity: If you're new to programming languages, Python is a good choice because it's simple. It is incredibly simple to learn and begin coding with. As a result, many people are signing up for python programming classes these days. Additionally, there will be no issues with the first setup.

Data Science: Since the field of data science is expanding, there is a rising demand for data scientists in the business sector. One of the main reasons why many developers are eager to learn Python is because of data science. Python has several useful tools and frameworks that make the data science process easier. 

Machine learning: Machine learning is gaining traction in a way that has never been seen before. Python learns patterns from algorithms and recreates the same work if the criteria are satisfied. Python is required if you want to use machine learning to its full potential. 

Community: The size of the user community has a big impact on attaining a newer version and adding new features. When it comes to Python, you won't find a lesser number of users. Furthermore, it allows users to engage with other programmers and clarify concerns they are having. These open forums provide a wealth of learning opportunities.

Recommended by Australian Curriculum: For the past few years, computer programming is becoming a topic of discussion in the Australian curriculum. Many educationalists have suggested that topics like Python programming should be introduced into the curriculum. 

While there are many other reasons why you must learn Python, we hope that these are enough to convince you that you are on the right path with online python tutoring at CrunchGrade. Once you start learning this language, you will discover its many benefits. 

Topics Covered Under Online Python Tutoring

Here is a comprehensive list of what our programming tutors may include in your learning program based on your learning needs. However, the topics that you will study will totally depend on how much you already know about Python and what you want to learn about it. In general, our Python tutors cover the following topics: 

Introduction to Python

  • Getting started with Python programming
  • Keywords and Identifiers
  • Statements & Comments
  • Python Variables
  • Python Data Types
  • Python Type Conversion
  • Python I/O and import
  • Python Operators
  • Python Namespace

Flow Control

  • Python if...else
  • Python for Loop
  • Python while Loop
  • Python break and continue
  • Python Pass


  • Python Functions
  • Function Argument
  • Python Recursion
  • Anonymous Function
  • Global, Local and Nonlocal
  • Python Global Keyword
  • Python Modules
  • Python Package

Data Types

  • Python Numbers
  • Python List
  • Python Tuple
  • Python String
  • Python Set
  • Python Dictionary

File Handling

  • Python File Operation
  • Python Directory
  • Python Exception
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python User-defined Exception

Object & Class

  • Python OOP
  • Python Class
  • Python Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Operator Overloading

Advanced Tutorials

  • Python Iterator
  • Python Generator
  • Python Closure
  • Python Decorators
  • Python Property
  • Python RegEx
  • Python Examples

Date and Time

  • Python datetime Module
  • Python datetime.strftime()
  • Python datetime.strptime()
  • Current date & time
  • Get current time
  • Timestamp to datetime
  • Python time Module
  • Python time.sleep()

Can an Online Python Tutor Help in Making the Subject Easier?

The straightforward answer to this question would be yes! Our online Python tutors are trained to help make this subject easier for the students. Whether you are in high school or university, you can rest assured that you will be taught based on your learning capabilities. Our teachers will ensure that you have some basic knowledge about computer programming before they start teaching the concepts of Python. Here’s how:

  • We provide flexible learning options where students can schedule classes based on their availability. 
  • There is no restriction for up to how many classes you want to take. 
  • We encourage students to study at their own pace and at the same time push their limits so that they perform their best. 
  • Our tutors for Python online will help students in time management so that they can cope with learning this programming language and managing their other subjects. 
  • Whether you are preparing for certification or whether you want to take up a computer science degree at a university, our Python tutors can prepare you accordingly. 

Career Prospects of Learning Python 

Python candidates are in high demand in the computer science and technology industry. According to the latest data from PayScale, a Python software engineer earns around AU$56k - AU$108k. The average salary for a python software developer is around AU$53k - AU$97k. 

Various Python job profiles include Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Software Developer. Python finds its applications in various domains like game development, big data, web development, web testing, data science, smart devices and much more. 

You can gain more knowledge about the career prospects after learning Python from our Python tutors in the online learning sessions. 

Why Choose Python Tutors Online At CrunchGrade? 

Learn at anytime

The fact that the distance between the online Python tutor help and the learner is immaterial is one of the most fundamental advantages of online learning. You can learn anywhere if you have a few basic requirements, such as a computer and internet connectivity. This saves time and energy for students, which they may put to greater use elsewhere. They may study for an extra hour, engage in extracurricular activities, or spend time with their families.

Learn at your own pace

There are no time constraints when you have one-on-one tutoring sessions online. The same topics might be discussed by students and Python tutors online several times. This is in contrast to classroom learning when students are expected to stay up with the rest of the class. They are allowed to take their time and focus on the weakest parts of a topic at their own pace. Online python tutors may construct lesson plans depending on the academic needs of students, making online python tutoring more personalised.

Get Instant feedback

The importance of feedback in a student's academic advancement cannot be overstated. Positive feedback motivates individuals to improve, whereas tailored feedback enables them to comprehend their unique strengths and weaknesses in a subject. Teachers may give students immediate and detailed feedback after each study session via an online live python tutor. This allows pupils to better recognize their deficiencies in a topic and work on them until the next class. They are allowed to debate the issue again in the following session if they feel they haven't covered everything.