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Numerical Analysis is the study of algorithms that use numerical approximation (as opposed to symbolic manipulations) for the problems of mathematical analysis. Numerical analysis naturally finds application in all fields of engineering and the physical sciences, but in the 21st century also the life sciences, social sciences, medicine, business and even arts and humanities.

Computer scientists use it to solve problems that are too difficult or impractical to solve by hand. It also allows them to understand and predict the behaviour of algorithms, which is essential for the design and analysis of efficient numerical software. Numerical analysts often also contribute to the development of new computational methodologies.

Numerical analysis tutors at CrunchGrade help you with understanding and applying the concepts of numerical analysis to solve problems in a variety of fields. You can get step-by-step help with your homework, practice problems and even learn new techniques. Our math tutors will guide and mentor you until you are ready to tackle the problems on your own. 

What can you learn from our numerical analysis tutors?

Our numerical analysis tutors can help you with:

  1. Error in Numerical Computations
  2. Propagation of Errors and Computer Arithmetic
  3. Operators in Numerical Analysis
  4. Lagrange’s Interpolation
  5. Newton’s Interpolation Methods
  6. Central Deference Interpolation Formulae
  7. Aitken’s and Hermite’s Interpolation Methods
  8. Spline Interpolation
  9. Inverse Interpolation
  10. Bivariate Interpolation
  11. Least Squares Method
  12. Approximation of Function by Least Squares Method
  13. Approximation of Function by Chebyshev Polynomials
  14. Newton’s Method to Solve Transcendental Equation
  15. Roots of a Polynomial Equation
  16. Solution of System of Non-linear Equations
  17. Matrix Inverse Method
  18. Iteration Methods to Solve System of Linear Equations
  19. Methods of Matrix Factorization
  20. Gauss Elimination Method and Tridiagonal Equations
  21. Generalized Inverse of Matrix
  22. Solution of Inconsistent and Ill Conditioned Systems
  23. Construction of Characteristic Equation of a Matrix
  24. Eigenvalue and Eigenvector of Arbitrary Matrices
  25. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Symmetric Matrices
  26. Numerical Differentiation
  27. Newton-Cotes Quadrature
  28. Gaussian Quadrature
  29. Monte-Carlo Method and Double Integration
  30. Runge-Kutta Methods
  31. Predictor-Corrector Methods
  32. Finite Difference Method and its Stability
  33. Shooting Method and Stability Analysis
  34. Partial Differential Equation: Parabolic, Hyperbolic, and Elliptic

and more. 

How to get started with online numerical analysis tuition?

To learn numerical analysis from our online tutors, contact our student advisors or fill up the form. We will help you choose the right tutor and get started with your lessons. You can also take a free trial lesson to experience our teaching style and quality. Our online tutors are available 24/7, so you can learn at your own pace and time. Contact us today to get started!

What qualifications, skills and traits should good online numerical analysis tutors have?

Numerical analysis is a rich field with many techniques and applications. It is also a rapidly evolving field. The best online numerical analysis tutors are ones who have unmatched technical expertise and can you solve the hardest problems. They should be problem solvers, innovators, and thought leaders.

At CrunchGrade, you will find a diverse and all-inclusive community of network analysts from across Australia and other parts of the world with a common passion and aspiration - to help students of the field become better problem solvers. We carefully screen and select tutors based on their ability to meet our high standards of quality, so you can be assured that you are getting the best possible help.

They should have a Master's or PhD degree in engineering, science, mathematics, computer science or a related technical discipline. If you are a graduate or postdoctoral student, you might want someone with research and work experience related to your study or research area.

Proficiency in programming languages and tools like Python, MATLAB, R, SAS, and STATA can also help. You might also want someone with knowledge of statistical methods, machine learning, optimization techniques, and big data analysis.

In short, the ability to think abstractly, solve problems creatively, and communicate effectively is essential in good online numerical analysis tutors.

Why should I choose CrunchGrade's online numerical analysis classes?

CrunchGrade vets each tutor it hires for their academic and professional credentials, so you can be assured that you're getting the best possible help.

We have the best tutors to help you with numerical methods, computer science electives, computational mathematics, and scientific computing. They can offer additional training in mathematical modelling, linear algebra, parallel computing, differential equations and everything that can make numerical analysis easier for you. They are highly qualified to provide support with advanced coursework.

We also offer a wide range of services, from one-on-one classes to group classes and customized courses.

Our online numerical analysis classes are interactive and engaging. You will have access to our online platform where you can view video lessons, take practice quizzes, and interact with other students and tutors.

We also offer a free trial lesson so you can experience our teaching style and quality for yourself. Contact us today to get started!

Students' Reviews of Our Online Numerical Analysis Tuition Classes

  • "I found numerical analysis tricky because it involves both mathematics and computer science...and I am not a fan of math. But my tutor at CrunchGrade made the concepts easier for me to understand. I am doing much better in my course now."

- Acacia, Sydney

  • "My online tutor has helped me a lot with my numerical analysis homework and exams. He is very knowledgeable and explains things well. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with this subject."

- Nell, Canberra

  • "There are so many applications of numerical analysis that I never thought I could cover them all in a semester. The numerical analysis tutor at CrunchGrade helped me focus on the topics that were most relevant to my coursework."

- Sam, Brisbane

  • "I was struggling with some of the theories behind numerical methods. But my online tutor walked me through the derivations and showed me how to apply the concepts to solve problems. I am much more confident now."

- Banjo, Adelaide

  • "My tutor has helped me with everything. From C to Mathematica, she was excellent at explaining the concepts and helping me with my assignments. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Kylie, Hobart

  • "Numerical analysis is the hardest class I ever came across! Thanks to my CrunchGrade tutor, I was able to get through the course and even got a good grade."

- Poppy, Townsville