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Year 12 Mathematics Methods

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Year 12 Mathematics Methods SA, NT Curriculum We Cover

Mathematics Methods subject is divided over two years - Year 11 and Year 12. Year 11 Mathematics Methods syllabus includes the first two units - Unit 1 and Unit 2. Year 12 Mathematics Methods syllabus includes the last two units - Unit 3 and Unit 4. 

Unit 3 of Year 12 Mathematics Methods includes three main topics: 

  • Further differentiation and applications 
  • Integrals 
  • Discrete random variables

In this unit, you will learn more about calculus and how powerful this mathematical technique is. You will study about unit integration and how it can be used to calculate area under the curve. It will also help develop a framework for statistical reference. 

Unit 4 of Year 12 Mathematics Methods includes three main topics: 

  • The logarithmic function
  • Continuous random variables and the normal distribution 
  • Interval estimates for proportions

In this unit, you will study the concepts of probability a little further through continuous random variables. You will also study what is statistical inference and how it can be used to estimate proportions in two-outcome populations. 

New Things Year 12 Mathematics Methods - SA, NT Students Will Learn

Year 12 Mathematics Methods introduces students to the concept of derivatives and trigonometric functions and its applications. You will learn the concept of differentiation and how to find second derivative. You will study how to use the concept of second derivative to find the local maxima and minima. 

Another new topic introduced in Year 12 Maths Methods is discrete random variables. In this topic you will study what are discrete random variables, what are uniform and non-uniform discrete random variables and how to find probabilities related to discrete random variables. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 Mathematics Methods Tutors 

Year 12 Maths Methods is no easy subject. Here you will not only struggling with calculus but statistical inference. While unit 3 is an extension to unit 2, it is expected that all the concepts of Year 11 Maths Methods are clear to you. Many students who have faced issues in Year 11 Maths Methods and did not clear their doubts at that time face more issues in Year 12 Maths Methods. Topics like discrete random variables and continuous random variables are also new to students in this year. This requires more practice and concentration to understand the problem-solving strategies. 

At CrunchGrade, you can rest assured that all your doubts will be cleared by our tutors in every learning session. We will be designing the study program based on your learning requirements only. Year 12 Maths Methods tutoring is not just about revising what you studied in school but it is also about helping you overcome every learning challenge. 

What Our Year 12 Mathematics Methods Tutors Help You Achieve?

With CrunchGrade Year 12 Maths Methods online tutoring, students can achieve the following:

  • Understand the concepts derivatives of exponential and trigonometric functions and their applications. 
  • Study integration, both as a process that reverses differentiation and as a way of calculating areas. 
  • Understand the link between differentiation and integration using the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. 
  • Understand what are discrete random variables and how they are used in modelling random processes involving chance and variation. 
  • Understand the concept of derivatives of logarithmic functions, continuous random variables and their applications. 
  • Learn how to conduct statistical inference and much more! 

Important Topics in Year 12 Mathematics Methods - SA, NT Curriculum

Statistical inference is one of the most important topics of Statistics introduced to students in Year 12 Maths Methods. Calculus is another important topic discussed in this year. Students must study the concepts of differentiation, derivatives and second derivatives thoroughly to score better marks in this subject. 

Each unit of Mathematics Methods builds from the previous units. So, students must study every unit carefully, otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to cope with the Year 12 Maths Methods exam preparation. CrunchGrade tutors will help in solving all your queries, making it much easier for you to understand every topic in detail. 

Challenges in Tutoring Mathematics Methods to Year 12 Students 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Maths Methods tutors in Brisbane and Adelaide have often pointed out that teaching calculus topics to students can be a little difficult if their basics are not clear. Students find calculus a tough subject, which makes them reluctant to study it. But, at CrunchGrade’s, teachers pay attention to clearing your basics of calculus first so that you can understand the advanced level concepts easily. Our innovative learning strategies will help you master every difficult topic in no time. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Mathematics Methods - SA, NT Curriculum Online Tutoring Advantage

Our live, interactive virtual classrooms are the perfect way to provide student-centric tutoring. Students can enrol in group classes or one-on-one tutoring programs based on their choice. Each class is structured. The tutor will be sharing notes and study materials related to the topic so that students can master the concepts. 

Students at CrunchGrade receive detailed feedback periodically which ensures that students are going on the right path. The feedback will stress their strengths and weaknesses in the subject and will provide ways to improve. 

Our Year 12 Mathematical Methods tutors provide a step by step approach to mastering the complex mathematical topics of this subject. We understand that students might feel overwhelmed in this subject which is why our tutors are available 24/7 to provide assistance and guidance to the students.

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