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Year 12 English Language

CrunchGrade Year 12 English Language Tutoring Service in Victoria builds on what students already know. We help them learn how language helps in understanding ourselves, our society, and the groups around us.

Our Year 12 VCE English Language tutors help students learn metalinguistic tools and how to use them to analyse and interpret the uses, changes and variations in the language. This tutoring program help students develop nuanced and complex language interpretation skills that go beyond fixed conventions.

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Unit-wise Year 12 English Language Curriculum We Cover in Victoria

CrunchGrade tutoring program for students in Victoria follows the Year 12 English Language syllabus as prescribed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

  • Unit 3 Year 12 English Language syllabus focuses on informal and formal registers of the English language in contemporary Australian settings and how language is used for social interaction and communicating information, ideas, ideological stances, attitudes and prejudices orally and in writing. Students learn stylistic features of formal and informal language in both spoken and written modes.

At CrunchGrade, we help students learn about how the language choices of a person depend on the relationships between participants, function, field, mode, setting, values, attitudes and beliefs. We also teach students how the use of language indicates the power structure, purpose and relationships of a group as well as the inclusion and exclusion of individuals participating in it.

  • Unit 4 Year 12 English Language syllabus focuses on the role of language in establishing and challenging the identities of an individual group. Students learn about the variations of English used in Australia according to the social, cultural, regional and national identities of people communicating with each other.

At CrunchGrade, we focus on helping students appreciate the use of Standard Australian English to establish a national identity while appreciating other varieties of English in establishing social and cultural identities, as well as, creating solidarity between people or reinforcing social distance between them.

New Things Grade 12 VIC Students Will Learn in English Language Course

Grade 12 VCE English Language course introduces students to new language concepts and skills, such as identifying and analysing distinctive features of formal and informal written and spoken texts, attitudes towards varieties of Australian English and how the choice of language reflects and constructs people's identities.

Students will also learn about how to use evidence from textual sources to support their interpretation of texts, as well as, develop an understanding of how language varies according to social, cultural and regional contexts.

Overcome Your Learning Challenges with Year 12 English Language Tutoring Online

Studying the English Language requires students to closely understand cultural and social variations in the use of English in Australia and how they influence the way people communicate with each other. Students also need to develop metalinguistic skills to analyse and interpret different language features in texts.

Our online VCE English Language tutors help Year 12 students with all these learning challenges and more. They may also help students with learning disabilities or other challenges, such as dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome, by providing them with customised and differentiated instruction. Our online English tutors also use assistive technology, such as text-to-speech converters and mind mapping software, to help these students overcome their learning difficulties.

What Our Grade 12 English Language Tutors Help You Achieve?

Grade 12 VCE English Language tutors help you analyse language features of formal and informal texts, including essays, investigative reports, short-answer questions, analytical commentaries and annotated texts and complete responses to them. They can help you with creating oral, written and multi-modal assessment tasks.

We also help students with external assessments and the end-of-year VCAA examination. Our tutors can help you understand the examination rubric and how to use it to your advantage. They can also provide you with exam-style questions and practice tests to help you prepare for the actual test.

You can book a free trial lesson with one of our online English Language tutors to see how they can help you achieve your learning goals.

Important Topics in Year 12 English Language VIC Curriculum

Some of the important topics covered in the VCE English Language course include:

  • How language is used to construct and challenge individual, group and national identities
  • How the use of Standard Australian English can establish a national identity
  • How other varieties of English are used to establish social and cultural identities
  • The role of English in local, national and international contexts

Challenges in Tutoring English Language Course to Year 12 Students

While teaching English Language courses, VCE English tutors must take into account the diversity of their students' linguistic backgrounds. They should also be aware of the different ways in which people use English to construct their identity.

Furthermore, tutors need to have a good understanding of how to analyse and interpret language data, as well as, be familiar with a range of resources that can help students develop their skills in the course.

Tutoring the English Language course can be challenging, but our online VCE English tutors are up for the task. They have the necessary skills and experience to help you overcome your learning challenges and achieve your desired results in the course.

CrunchGrade Grade 12 English Language Online Tutoring Advantage

Our Year 12 VCE English Language tutors in Melbourne are so popular with students because they weave school assessments and coursework into their lesson plans in such a way that our online classes make things easier for them and not add to their workload.

We help you cover the entire VCE English Language curriculum in a limited timeframe while offering you personalised attention and support to overcome your individual challenges. We assess students' achievement levels and help them improve their academic performance.

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