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Need help in years 2 to 12? Find local tutors in Adelaide for subjects like Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, English, Senior Chemistry, and many more! 

Unlock your extraordinary potential with online tutors in Adelaide 

Every student is different. Some learn things faster than others while some need more time and explanations. No matter what kind of a learner you are, at CrunchGrade you can find a tutor online who can help you excel in your studies at all levels. 

  • Solve your doubts together with the tutor – Ask questions without any hesitation and solve your doubts in no time. Seek explanations and get your concepts clear. 
  • Prepare for upcoming tests at school – Whether you are preparing for your finals week or just a routine pop-up quiz, the tutor will help you form a strategy on how to answer the questions and formulate solutions. 
  • Prepare as per SA curriculum – Schools in Adelaide follow The South Australian Curriculum, Standards and Accountability Framework (SACSA) from early years up to Year 12. You can find a tutor who is well-versed in this curriculum. 

Find a local tutor online and start learning right away 

We at CrunchGrade are 100% committed to making a difference in the lives of our students. This is why we have selected the best local tutors in Adelaide to provide online tuition to students. Being local makes it easier for them to adjust to the school curriculum and examination style. From Maths, English, and ACER/ignite programs, to Chemistry, Biology, Physics and general science students can easily achieve superior results by working with our tutors. 

Subjects that we cover in online tutoring in Adelaide

From Year 2 to Year 10, you can find online tutors in Adelaide for the following subjects: 

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • Humanities and social sciences – history, geography, economics and business, civics and citizenship
  • Technologies – Design and technologies, Digital technologies

From Year 11 to Year 12, you can online tutors in Adelaide for the following subjects (as per the SACE curriculum):



Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Ancient Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Legal Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Modern History
  • Politics, Power and People
  • Philosophy
  • Religion Studies
  • Society and Culture
  • Society and Culture: Local Program
  • Society and Culture: Modified


  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Nutrition
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Scientific Studies
  • Scientific Studies: Modified

Unique features of CrunchGrade’s online tutoring 

Interactive learning – You will have a one-on-one online classroom set up where you can interact with the tutor and learn. There will be screen-sharing options so that you can share files and study materials easily. 

Accessible tutoring – You are no longer bound by location. No matter where you are in South Australia, you can find a suitable tutor in Adelaide and study as per your schedule and timings. 

Flexible tutoring in Adelaide – While online learning, you can choose the timings yourself based on your schedule. You can reschedule a session easily. 

Affordable online learning – There are no contracts binding students to study from us for the whole academic year. It is up to you how many classes you want to take. Just pay per session easily. 

Are online tutors in Adelaide worth it? 

Reach your potential with CrunchGrade – Our tutors can help you master the topics in which you are struggling at school. With lessons customised as per the SA curriculum, you can get all kinds of assistance to excel in school. Whether it is ATAR or keeping up with the classwork. 

Find the help you need in learning – Our tutoring sessions are perfect for every student as they are tailored to suit your learning requirements. No need to travel across the city to find your best tutor. Just sit back home and access our online learning platform. 

Find the tutor as per your grade – Whether you are in primary school (Year 2 - Year 6), secondary school (Year 7 - Year 10) or high school (Year 11 - Year 12), we have the most suitable tutors for you here at CrunchGrade. 

How does learning at CrunchGrade work? 

Step 1: Selecting your tutor— Just go to our website, enter your Year, Subject and select a tutor from our list of online tutors in Adelaide. You can match your tutor based on the subjects they teach, student ratings, and their teaching experience. 

Step 2: Scheduling a session — Now that you have selected everything, make the payment for the session and schedule it based on your availability. Our online tutoring in Adelaide comes at affordable prices. 

Step 3: First lesson — Your first session is a demo session and it is absolutely free! So just relax and try to focus as much as you can in this lesson. 

Step 4: Scheduling more sessions — If you are satisfied with the tutor, just schedule other sessions with them based on your availability. Our tutors are here for you 24/7! 

What our students have to say 

“I sometimes find it difficult to learn Maths. But since I joined CrunchGrade’s online tutoring, things have changed. I can easily share my doubts with the tutor and keep up with my classwork. Maths is no more a terrifying subject to me.”

Yohan, North Adelaide 

“If you are looking for online tutors in Adelaide, CrunchGrade is the best platform for you. I took online tuitions for English and Mathematics from here in Year 10 and successfully received an A grade in both the subjects at school. The tutor also helped in my transition to high school by guiding me on which subjects to pursue based on my capabilities. I never thought I had so much potential.”

Melissa, North Brighton

“Being a shy student, it was very difficult for me to ask questions in class. But with one-on-one sessions at CrunchGrade, it is a lot easier to share your queries and discuss concepts with your tutor. I feel a lot more confident in school now and my grades have improved too.”

Cristiana, Kensington

“I have been using CrunchGrade online tutoring for 2 years now and I am at the top of my class. From an average student who used to score mostly B’s in a subject, I am getting A’s. My assignments are always highlighted in the class for being on-point and I even teach my friends many difficult concepts. Online learning has changed my academic performance.”

Andrew, Prospect

“Being an international student, English has not always been my very favourite subject. I used to have a lot of trouble with grammar and comprehension. The tutor here has helped me a lot. They have given me worksheets and have constantly been patient with me. They have used different teaching methods to make English my forte.”

Lewis, Glenelg

“My tutor was just outstanding. The way they handled my queries and guided me in the subjects was way better than what I experienced at school. I guess learning one-on-one in Year 12 gave me the chance to ask questions without hesitation. I only took two sessions a week and could move my grades from D’s to B’s. The class timings are so flexible plus I could reschedule at any time which seemed like a blessing when I had my finals or urgent assignments.”

Erich, Henley Beach South

Elizabeth Harris Online Tutor

Elizabeth Harris

Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Bachelor of Biomedical Science
University of Tasmania


Adelaide Ure Online Tutor

Adelaide Ure

Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)
Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)
Flinders University


Riley Dymock Online Tutor

Riley Dymock

Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
University of South Australia (UniSA)


Lachie Williams Online Tutor

Lachie Williams

Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
James Cook University (JCU)

ProgrammingComputer Science

Lynette Thomas Online Tutor

Lynette Thomas

Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
James Cook University


Mark Ackhurst Online Tutor

Mark Ackhurst

Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
University of South Australia

EconomicsAccountingBusiness StudiesFinance

Julie Adams Online Tutor

Julie Adams

Graduate Diploma in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
Graduate Diploma in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
University of Adelaide

AccountingBusiness Studies

Liam Walker Online Tutor

Liam Walker

Master of Applied Information Technology
Master of Applied Information Technology
Brisbane - Federation University

Computer Science

Jacinda Veitch Online Tutor

Jacinda Veitch

Master of Education
Master of Education
The University of Melbourne


Kylie Verral Online Tutor

Kylie Verral

Diploma of Education Studies
Diploma of Education Studies
University of Western Australia


Matilda Vidler Online Tutor

Matilda Vidler

Diploma of Accounting
Diploma of Accounting
University of Adelaide


Victoria Becker Online Tutor

Victoria Becker

Master of Business (Accounting)
Master of Business (Accounting)
Victoria University (VU)


Clancy Burey Online Tutor

Clancy Burey

Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
RMIT University

EconomicsBusiness StudiesFinance

Ned Cairns Online Tutor

Ned Cairns

Master of Education
Master of Education
University of New England (UNE)

AccountingBusiness StudiesFinance

Patrick Online Tutor


Master of Education
Master of Education
The University of Adelaide


Sean Wilson Online Tutor

Sean Wilson

Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security
Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security
University of Sunshine Coast (USC)

Computer ScienceProgramming

Callum FPM Online Tutor

Callum FPM

Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade
Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade
University of New South Wales


twananya Online Tutor


Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice
Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice
University of Divinity

Business Studies