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Calculus AB is the most advanced math course in Australian high schools. It is typically taken by seniors in their final year of high school. The course covers topics such as limits, derivatives, integrals, and series.

The course seems difficult to HSC students because it has extremely dense material with several new concepts that students have not seen before. In schools, teachers don't have time to help all students and answer all their questions. As teachers rush through the Calculus AB lessons, many students find it difficult to understand and apply its concepts to real-world problems. As a result, many students struggle with Calculus AB and feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Online Calculus AB tutors at CrunchGrade are experienced professionals who help HSC students across Australia. Our online tutors are highly qualified and will help you understand the concepts of calculus and how to apply them to solve problems. We will work with you until you have a strong understanding of the material and feel confident in your ability to succeed in this course.

AP Calculus AB Topics Our Online Tutors Cover

Online math tutors at CrunchGrade teach you differential and integral calculus, including their theoretical basis, concepts, methods and applications. 

Some of the topics our online Calculus AB lessons cover include:

  • Limits and Continuity
  • Differentiation: Definition and Fundamental Properties
  • Differentiation: Composite, Implicit, and Inverse Functions
  • Contextual Applications of Differentiation
  • Analytical Applications of Differentiation
  • Integration and Accumulation of Change
  • Differential Equations
  • Applications of Integration

With us, you'll learn to think critically and apply what you know in a variety of settings - giving you a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

How to get started with online Calculus AB tuition classes?

If you're struggling with Calculus AB, or just want to get a head start on the course, contact us today! We will match you with a tutor who is best suited to help you achieve your goals. Our tutors are available for one-on-one or group lessons, and they can meet with you online or in person.

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How to select the best AP Calculus AB tutor online?

An online Calculus AB tutor you choose to study must have:

  • A degree in mathematics from an accredited university;
  • A teaching license in Australia;
  • At least five years of teaching experience;
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills;
  • The ability to build rapport with students quickly;
  • A passion for teaching and helping students succeed.

Besides these, he or she must be:

  • Patient as calculus concepts require time for students to understand;
  • Creative in finding new ways to explain a concept if a student is struggling;
  • Encouraging and positive to help build the student's confidence;
  • Flexible enough to work around the schedule of students and available to answer their questions outside of class;
  • Experienced in teaching the HSC curriculum and familiar with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements.

Why choose CrunchGrade's online AP Calculus AB lessons?

At CrunchGrade, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, individualized instruction to help our students succeed. We understand that every student learns differently, and we tailor our lessons to meet each student's unique needs. Our experienced tutors are passionate about teaching and committed to helping their students reach their full potential.

Some of the reasons why you should choose our online Calculus AB classes to include:

  • We start with pre-calculus lessons: Over the years, we have realized that students struggle to learn Calculus AB if they do not have a deep understanding of pre-calculus. Hence, we start our classes with the basics they need to work on the problems easily and accurately.
  • We provide one-on-one attention: Our tutors work with you individually to answer your questions and help you understand the concepts. All our lesson plans are designed to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • We embrace technology and innovative teaching methods: We use the latest technology and teaching methods to make learning fun and engaging. Our tutors are experts in making our Calculus AB classes engaging and fun with concepts like scripted discussions during live sessions, thematic placements, playing games to understand how functions work, and more.
  • We help students with critiquing their work and offering instant feedback: This helps students understand their mistakes, learn from them, and avoid making them in the future. Our math tutors are excellent at offering positive and encouraging words that help students improve their confidence and performance.

What do students say about our online AP Calculus AB tutors?

"I was really struggling with my AB Calculus class and was about to give up. But my tutor, Mr Ryan, made it fun and easy to understand. I'm getting A's in the class now!" - Sarah, Sydney

"Calculus AB was a nightmare for me until I started taking lessons with Ms Emma. She made it so simple and easy to understand. I would have never passed my HSC without her!" - John, Melbourne

"I like my CrunchGrade math tutor as she never shirks from helping me with mathematical concepts and homework problems - even outside the class. She has played a major role in my journey from a C student to an A+ student." - Tina, Brisbane

"I kept asking my tutor 'Is calculus AB hard or easy?' because I couldn't understand why people study it in the first place and how the heck they deal with it. But my tutor explained it to me so well that I started loving the subject and now I get top marks in it." - Josh, Perth

"This online math tuition helped me with building a mathematical notation fluency; communicating methods, reasoning, justifications and conclusions in the right language and with accurate and precise notation; using definitions and theorems to build arguments and proofs; and, most importantly, thinking abstractly and quantitatively. I would highly recommend it to any student who wants to improve their performance in mathematics." - Jason, Adelaide

"AB Calculus is not that hard if you have the right mentor. I was lucky to find an excellent tutor on CrunchGrade who helped me overcome my fear of the subject. I would recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with their math classes." - Rachel, Darwin