Effective QCE Preparation Guide From QCE Tutors

QCE Basics: What is QCE and Why it is Required?

QCE means Queensland Certificate of Education. This certificate is awarded to students who complete their senior secondary education in Queensland as per the given requirements and conditions. This means that students will receive this certificate of excellence after they complete their Year 12 studies. If you want to prepare the best for QCE and achieve great success then you must first understand how QCE works. CrunchGrade has provided a complete guide on QCE here with expert comments from QCE tutors.

The QCE Pathway: Queensland Certificate of Education is a valuable pathway that can help you land a job or provide opportunities for learning in the best universities or TAFE institutions. The students are provided with a variety of subjects to choose from. This includes subjects such as arts, humanities, social sciences, English, ICT, physical education, mathematics and science. For every subject you choose, you are awarded certain credits that decide whether you qualify for QCE or not.

Now you can easily prepare for core QCE subjects easily with QCE coaching online at CrunchGrade. Our interactive platform ensures that students and teachers can communicate without any glitches. Our QCE tutors will provide you with the latest study resources for QCE and shall explain to you the complete QCE pathway for success.

Plan your QCE: What is a SET Plan and Learning Account?

QCE is a structured learning program that provides students to define their own pathway of learning. Therefore, at the end of Year 10, students create a SET Plan or Senior Education and Training Plan. This plan contains information about everything they will study in their senior year. The students shall create this plan by taking advice from their parents, teachers or QCE tutors.

The Learning Account: Every student who wishes to achieve QCE must register themselves with the QCAA or Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. The QCAA provides the student with a learning account. This account will monitor their learning progress by recording the amount of learning done in senior years, when and where the learning is being done and what results have been achieved.

Registration and Learning Account for QCE: Students must register with QCAA in Year 10 or 12 months before they turn 16 years old, whichever is early. Now, it is the duty of the learning providers of students to register them. An ILO or Intended Learning Option is provided in the learning account. The learning providers keep adding the results achieved by the student in that account and so the students can easily check their progress for QCE.

Earn The Credits: What is the Eligibility Criteria for QCE?

There are a few conditions that a student must satisfy in order to achieve QCE. These include:

  • Demonstration of significant amounts of learning at a set standard of achievement and in a set pattern.
  • Meet the literacy and numeracy skills required

All these requirements for QCE are measured in terms of credits. To ensure that you receive QCE you must score at least 20 credits. These credits can be obtained in the following way:

  • At least 12 credits should be from the Core Courses
  • At least 1 credit from Core Courses should be achieved in a school
  • Rest, 18 credits can be achieved from combination of Advanced, Enrichment, Core or Preparatory courses
  • You also need to meet literacy and numeracy requirements

You can find the complete list of Advanced, Core, Enrichment and Preparatory Courses and the requirements for literacy and numeracy skills in the QCE handbook. If you need to decide which courses you should opt for, then CrunchGrade can help you out. Connect with our QCE tutors for an online session and discuss the various possibilities of selecting a particular course for QCE.

QCE Subjects To Earn The Right Eligibilty Credits

QCAA or Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority has recognized certain courses of study for QCE. You must choose your study course form this list of courses if you want to achieve QCE. The learning provider will provide the results of these courses to the QCAA and they will then be banked in your learning account. Here is the list of courses recognised by QCAA for QCE. To know more about the institutions that provide these courses, you should look up the official website for QCE.

  • Mathematics
  • Business
  • Science
  • Technologies
  • Citizenship
  • The Arts
  • Languages
  • Life skills
  • Wellbeing and Recreation

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FAQs About Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

Year 12 students receive their QCE or Queensland Certificate of Education in their SEP (Senior Education Profile). This profile is issued to every student who completes Year 12 studies. The SEP also contains the Senior Statement, the Statement of Results and Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) along with the QCE.

QCE means Queensland Certificate of Education. This certificate is issued by the QCAA or Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. This certificate reflects a student's achievements as per a standard set in a set pattern in senior school.

No, Queensland does not do HSC instead the QCAA has introduced the QCE or Queensland Certificate of Education. In this model, the results of students in high school or senior secondary school are marked by school-based internal assessment and external assessments developed and marked by QCAA.

Yes, you can get a QCE at TAFE. TAFE Queensland gives the students an opportunity to to complete Year 11 and Year 12 education in an adult-learning environment. This flexible program allows students to choose the QCE pathway or vocational pathway.

A student must have 20 credit points if they want to graduate with QCE. There are few conditions that need to be followed:

  • At least 12 credits should be from the Core Courses
  • At least 1 credit from Core Courses should be achieved in a school
  • Rest, 18 credits can be achieved from combination of Advanced, Enrichment, Core or Preparatory courses
  • You also need to meet literacy and numeracy requirements

The best method to prepare for QCE is to understand the QCE requirements thoroughly. You must complete your registration and define your SET Plan to have a clear idea of how you are going to achieve QCE. For better understanding of the concepts enrol yourself with CrunchGrade’s QCE tuition online and prepare with the topmost QCE tutors of Australia. Our interactive flipped classroom environment is designed to provide you with adequate QCE coaching and assistance.

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