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If you are a student who has no knowledge of the computer science field, but you want to pursue a career in computer science in college or you want to gain some knowledge of computer science principles, the AP Computer Science Principles course is for you. This Advanced Placement course by College Board aligns with the first-year introductory course in computer science or technology that is offered by most universities. You will not study any specific programming language in this course. So it is up to you and your school as you can decide which programming language you want to study. 

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With CrunchGrade online computer science principles tutoring, students can: 

  • Gain confidence in programming skills
  • Learn computer science skills that they can apply in a wide variety of fields 
  • Learn how to create effective programs and solve real-world problems
  • Showcase how much you have learned by creating your own apps and software

CrunchGrade helps students who are facing difficulties in completing their homework assignments and comprehending the AP Computer Science Principles concepts properly. Our tutors help students in building a strong foundation of AP Computer Science Principles so that they can achieve a better score in this course. 

AP Computer Science Principles Topics We Cover

AP CSP or AP Computer Science Principles course will enable students to develop their thinking skills. They will work to solve real-world problems by applying abstractions in computer modeling. At CrunchGrade, our tutors cover the entire syllabus for AP Computer Science Principles as given by the College Board. Given below is the list of topics covered in our online AP Computer Science Principles tutoring. The units in AP computer science principles are known as Big Ideas. These big ideas are further broken down into topics that are to be studied in this course.


AP Computer Science Principles Units 

About the Unit

Topics Included 

% of Score in Exam

Big Idea 1: Creative Development 

In this unit, you will study why collaboration is important in developing programs and how you can use the iterative process.

  • Collaboration 
  • Program Function and Purpose 
  • Program Design and Development 
  • Identifying and Correcting Errors


Big Idea 2: Data

This unit teaches you the importance of data in computer science and how it can be used to extract important information.

  • Binary Numbers 
  • Data Compression 
  • Extracting Information from Data 
  • Using Programs with Data


Big Idea 3: Algorithms and Programming

In this unit, you will learn how to create algorithms and solve problems. 

  • Variables and Assignments
  • Data Abstraction 
  • Mathematical Expressions 
  • Strings 
  • Boolean Expressions
  • Conditionals
  • Nested Conditionals
  • Iteration
  • Developing Algorithms
  • Lists
  • Binary Search 
  • Calling Procedures
  • Developing Procedures
  • Libraries 
  • Random Values
  • Simulations
  • Algorithmic Efficiency 
  • Undecidable Problems


Big Idea 4: Computer Systems and Networks

In this unit, you will study one of the most important aspects of computer science that is computer networking and how we can connect multiple computers to speed up our tasks. 

  • The Internet 
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing


Big Idea 5: Impact of Computing

This unit teaches you the ethics of programming and how programming has affected societies, economies, and cultures. 

  • Beneficial and Harmful Effects
  • Digital Divide 
  • Computing Bias
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Legal and Ethical Concerns 
  • Safe Computing


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AP Computer Science Principles Exam Structure

If you want to score well in the AP Computer Science Principles exam, you must be aware of the exam structure. The AP AP Computer Science Principles exam is divided into two components. The first component is a 12-hour task that counts for 30% of the exam score. In this task, you have to submit a video of your running program, individual written responses about your program and development process, and your program code through the AP Digital Portfolio application. 

Then, at the end of the course, there will be a multiple-choice exam of 2 hours that will count for 70% of the exam score. There will be three kinds of questions in this exam:

  • Single-select multiple-choice: You select 1 answer from 4 options
  • Single-select with a reading passage about a computing innovation: You select 1 answer from 4 options.
  • Multiple-select multiple-choice: You select 2 answers from 4 options

Tutors at CrunchGrade Australia will teach you how to answer every question in the exam correctly and how to master the first created performance task. 

Common Challenges Faced by Students in AP Computer Science Principles 

AP Computer Science Principles course is a widely taken course by students. It is considered an easy course which is why many students opt for this course. However, students often face challenges in learning the concept of algorithms. They need practice and constant guidance on how computer science can be used to solve real-world problems. Last, but not least, computer networks can also seem a little difficult to grasp at first. This is why students need AP Computer Science Principles tutoring from experts who can bridge their learning gaps and solve their doubts. Most students keep looking for AP Computer Science Principles near them. With CrunchGrade’s online AP Computer Science Principles tutoring students can connect with the best AP Computer Science Principles tutors around the world. 

AP Computer Science Principles Help From Qualified Tutors

Kickstart your AP Computer Science Principles online tuition in just a few clicks at CrunchGrade. We provide a completely collaborative environment for learning AP Computer Science Principles. Our tutors will work in conjunction with the students on coding projects so that they can learn the essential topics of AP Computer Science Principles. 

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  • Prepare Well for Exams: Our AP computer science principles tutors provide practice sessions, revision classes, and doubt sessions so that you can actively participate in your learning program and make the most out of it. 

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