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Year 12 General Mathematics TAS Learning Programs

Year 12 General Mathematics includes two units that build upon the units studied in Year 11 and introduce students to new topics of networks and decision making in mathematics. CrunchGrade provides online tutoring for Year 12 General Maths where students get personalised assistance from expert Mathematics tutors of Australia. We have the best Year 12 General Mathematics tutors from Australia who are willing to help you out in learning every concept in detail. We provide online one-on-one and group tutoring tailor-made, especially for students. With CrunchGrade’s assistance, students no more need to worry about:

  • Falling behind in class: You will get the right support from our tutors so that you can score well in-class tests and school examinations. 
  • Finding the motivation to study: Our tutors will guide you through the topics and will encourage you at every step so that you can achieve all the learning goals. 
  • Preparing for specific assessments: Whether it is a mathematical investigation or application-based tasks, our tutors can help you prepare for everything. 

Our learning programs will help students in developing skills and knowledge as per the latest TAS curriculum. Students will acquire a diverse range of problem-solving skills so that they can score higher marks in their exams. Not only this, we will help students develop better study habits so that they can turn their hard work into rewards. 

Year 12 General Mathematics Curriculum We Cover 

Year 12 General Mathematics curriculum includes two units: Unit 3 and Unit 4. Unit 3 includes four main topics – Bivariate data analysis, Time series analysis, Time series analysis, and Earth geometry and time zones. Unit 4 includes three main topics – Loans, investments and annuities, Graphs and networks, and Networks and decision mathematics. 

In Unit 3, students will learn how to analyse, identify and describe relationships between variables using the method of least squares. Students will be introduced to the topic of time series analysis in this unit and in growth and decay sequences students will learn how to use recursion to generate sequences that can be used to model and investigate patterns of growth and decay in discrete situations. 

In Unit 4, students will learn about loans, investments and annuities so that they can get enough knowledge about financial mathematics and they can solve practical problems related to mortgages and making investments. Students will also learn about graphs and how they are used to represent the collection of points, interconnecting lines, and modelling everyday situations. 

New Things Students will Learn in Year 12 General Mathematics

Year 12 General Mathematics includes many new topics like construction of scatterplots, understanding of the association between variables, interpretation of the correlation coefficient, and calculating the coefficient of determination. Students will also learn about geometric sequences and how they can be used to calculate practical problems of growth and decay, compound interest, and so on. Earth geometry and time zones is another important and new topic introduced in Year 12 General Mathematics where students will study about how to use a local map to state the position of a given place in degrees and minutes. They will be investigating the map of Australia and locating boundary positions for Aboriginal language groups. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 General Mathematics Tutors

General Mathematics in Year 12 can be a little tough for students as it includes many new topics. Sometimes when students are not familiar with concepts of Units 1 and 2, they often get confused in Year 12. This not only affects their grades but diminishes their confidence and interest in Maths. At CrunchGrade, our Year 12 General Mathematics tutors help students understand every difficult concept step by step so that they can face all kinds of questions in the assessments. Our tutors provide special revision sessions, doubt clearing sessions and discussions where students can ask their questions and clarify their doubts without any hesitation. 

What Our Year 12 General Mathematics TAS Tutors Help You Achieve

CrunchGrade Year 12 General Maths tutors ensure that with online tutoring, Year 12 students can:

  • Use recurrence relations to solve compound interest problems 
  • Calculate rate of interest and solve problems using compound interest
  • Solve problems related to annuities 
  • Find the shortest path between two points 
  • Understand the Euler’s formula
  • Identify minimum spanning trees
  • Solve small-scale network problems 
  • Represent allocation problems using bipartile graphs 
  • Calculate angular distance between two points
  • Define Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), International Date Line and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • Solve problems involving GMT, International Date Line and UTC 
  • Solve questions involving directions 

Important Topics in Year 12 General Mathematics 

Year 12 General Mathematics subject includes many different topics such as bivariate data, matrices, linear algebra and statistical inference which are important for students. At CrunchGrade, we train students to handle all kinds of unfamiliar and familiar mathematical problems based on the Year 12 general maths syllabus. Our tutors will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your learning goals and tailor a learning program that suits you. 

Challenges in Tutoring Year 12 General Mathematics 

Students often need additional guidance and study support apart from the textbook, which many private tutors do not provide. These tutors just explain the course content without considering tracking students’ progress or providing them with examination tips. This poses a great challenge for tutors who want to help students genuinely as many students do not trust online tutoring. 

At CrunchGrade we provide year 12 general maths past papers to ensure that students learn something important from every lesson. We teach every topic step by step, provide notes and practice worksheets so that students have the best study resources by their side for exam preparation. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 General Mathematics Online Tutoring Advantage

CrunchGrade is a tailored, student-centred e-learning platform that caters to TAS curriculum and learning requirements. We provide a platform for test preparation and quick assignment assistance for high school tutors gold coast students, allowing them to learn outside of the classroom. 

We use cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between students and instructors and to present students with new learning possibilities, many of which are conducted online. Our Year 12 General Mathematics tutoring helps students master all their learning difficulties in no time and prepare them for a better future. 

Innovative online classrooms for better learning 

Live, interactive Year 12 General Maths at our online learning platform include a shared whiteboard. Year 12 Mathematics sheets, understanding graphs, geometry, trigonometry, and working on algebra problems are no longer a difficulty with their online Maths sessions.

Online Maths tutoring customised to your specific learning needs

Our online tutors, like private Math tutors, will create lesson plans suited to each student's individual needs, removing any barriers to their academic success. They will do regular evaluations to ensure that the student's study program is suitable.

Online Maths tutors with the right Experience and qualifications

Learn from academics and teaching experts from institutions such as the University of Sydney, Monash University, RMIT University, and others. In their profiles, we provide each tutor's qualifications, year 12 maths worksheets, teaching experience, year 12 Maths syllabus NSW, and student evaluations to help you get the finest Maths help online.

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