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Year 12 Mathematics Applications

Find the most comprehensive study resources for the Year 12 Mathematics Applications ACT curriculum and enhance your performance in school. Whether it is graphs and networks or loans, investments and annuities, our Year 12 Mathematics Applications tutors will guide you step by step and provide you with comprehensive learning resources. At CrunchGrade, we ensure online tutoring that provides: 

  • In-depth concept understanding: We don’t teach just the why’s and how’s but provide students with a thorough understanding of the syllabus and the outcomes for each module as given in the Grade 12 Mathematics Applications WA syllabus. 
  • Confidence and clarity: Gone are those days when you used to fear Maths! CrunchGrade’s innovative learning methods and comprehensive notes will make it possible for you to answer any kind of questions related to Year 12 Mathematics Applications. 
  • Problem-solving skills: Develop your learning and enhance your problem-solving skills with our regular assessment and review process. Our tutors will be highlighting your areas of improvement to make it easier for you to master every concept. 

Check the tutor profiles on our website for Year 12 Mathematics Applications and start learning from elite teachers right from your home. Our one-on-one learning sessions are designed to provide every student with personalised attention and guidance. 

Year 12 Mathematics Applications Curriculum We Cover

The Year 12 Mathematics Applications ATAR course comprises two units - Unit 3 and Unit 4. It focuses on solving problems related to financial modelling, geometric and trigonometric analysis, graphical and network analysis, and growth and decay in sequences. It helps students develop strategies to solve statistical analysis and solve questions based on univariate and bivariate data, including time-series data. 

We will be covering both the units in our Year 12 Mathematics Applications tuition and providing adequate guidance to students in every module. 

Unit 3 of Year 12 Mathematics Applications includes the following topics: 

  • Bivariate data analysis: Here students will learn to identify, analyse and describe associations between pairs of variables. They will be using the method of least squares to analyse and model linear associations. 
  • Growth and decay in sequences: In this module, students will be learning how to use the concept of recursion to generate patterns of growth and decay in discrete situations.
  • Graphs and networks: This topic introduces students to how graphs can be used to analyse everyday situations, such as a rail or social network. 

Unit 4 of Year 12 Mathematics Applications includes the following topics: 

  • Time series analysis: This module takes a step further in statistics and introduces students to the concept and techniques of time series analysis. 
  • Loans, investments and annuities: This topic provides enough knowledge of financial mathematics to the students so that they can solve practical problems related to mortgages and investments. 
  • Networks and decision mathematics: In this module, students will learn how networks can be used to aid decision-making in practical situations. 

Learn every core topic of Year 12 Mathematics Applications with our teachers. Each student will have access to Year 12 Maths Application notes and study guides so that they can prepare for their exams in a better way. With assistance from the tutors and online resources to help them out, there is no doubt that students will be able to grasp a conceptualised understanding of the important topics in the Year 12 Maths Applications textbook in the best way. 

New Things Year 12 Mathematics Applications Students Will Learn

Unit 3 of Year 12 Mathematics Applications introduces students to new concepts of growth and decay sequences and graphs and networks. You will be learning about arithmetic and geometric sequences, and sequences generated by first-order linear recurrence relations. Graphs and networks ensure a complete basic understanding of what graphs are, their types and associated terminology. 

Unit 4 of Year 12 Mathematics Applications teaches students about loans and annuities and how networks can be used to solve practical problems. Topics like compound interest loans and investments, compound interest loans with periodic repayments, and compound interest investments with periodic payments made from the investment are relatively new for students. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 Mathematics Applications Tutors 

Students of Year 12 Mathematics Applications often learn many new concepts and problem-solving techniques which makes this subject a little challenging for them. For instance, modelling the concept of recurrence relations and problems related to compound interest could be a little difficult for students. Similarly, some students might face issues with problem-solving related to time series and data investigation. 

No matter which topic seems the most difficult to you in Grade 12 Maths Applications, our tutors are here to guide you at every step. Not only are these professionals updated with the syllabus and the entire course but they also have the experience to provide you with the right guidance that you need to complete the syllabus.

What Our Year 12 Mathematics Applications Tutors Help You Achieve

With CrunchGrade’s online Year 12 Mathematics Applications tuition, students can achieve the following: 

  • Identify and organise relevant information for problem-solving. For example, organising data in a clear and concise manner like tables and graphs. 
  • Choose effective methods to solve problems and carry those methods correctly. They will be able to apply mathematical knowledge to solve problems related to statistics, financial mathematics and graphs and networks. 
  • Follow all the mathematical conventions correctly, especially in statistical problem-solving. 
  • Reach appropriate conclusions by linking mathematical results and data. For example, solving questions related to recurrence relations and more! 

Important Topics in Year 12 Mathematics Applications 

Although every module in Units 3 and 4 of Grade 12 Mathematics Applications WA, the ACT curriculum is important to score full marks in the assessment. Some topics can be considered necessary to ensure you achieve what’s intended from the syllabus. These include graphs and networks and growth and decay problems. These concepts can be applied in real-life situations to a great extent and therefore you must understand them thoroughly. 

CrunchGrade tutors for Year 12 Mathematics Applications will help students put more effort into important topics. You will be able to solve all kinds of questions related to these topics. The learning content will be sequenced to ensure that you develop the conceptual understanding instead of just memorising one concept after another. 

Challenges in Tutoring Year 12 Mathematics Applications 

Maths is an incredibly challenging subject for some students. This is the reason why most of them find it really difficult to keep up with everything that is being taught in school and this situation can be extremely complicated in the case of Grade 12 students. Since this is your final year of high school, you must find the right help for exam preparation. 

Our tutors have often observed that teachers often assume that students of Grade 12 will be able to study the basics of every concept on their own and carry out the exam preparation easily. However, many students look for help due to strict schedules, overloaded assignments and peer pressure. This is where the best services of Year 12 Mathematics Application tutoring can help them out. When you have someone guiding you through the entire process of preparation, you will be able to get an idea about the Year 12 Maths methods topics and concepts easily and efficiently. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 Mathematics Applications Online Tutoring Advantage

Some important benefits that students can get when they hire an online grade 12 Mathematical Application WA tutor from CrunchGrade include: 

Expert Guidance on the Curriculum 

It is important for students these days to ensure that they can perform well in examinations. To do that, they need to have a comprehensive understanding of the grade 12 Mathematical Application WA syllabus. This is where hiring the services of an online tutor will be extremely helpful. These professionals are completely updated on the curriculum and will be able to provide better guidance to students who are in need. 

Additional Resources for Learning

No student likes to collect notes for different topics again and again. Apart from that, it is a pretty time-consuming process. This is something that you don’t have to worry about when you hire an online tutor. The lesson plans that are included also have the resources that you are going to need to complete the syllabus. This also includes the Year 12 Maths Applications cheat sheet and so many other important details. 

Increased Focus on Studies 

Some students find it extremely difficult to focus on their studies if they don’t have someone guiding them through the process. This can be a huge problem for students who are in their grade 12 Mathematics course as it requires extreme determination and hard work to pass the course. By hiring the services of an online tutor for Mathematics Applications in Australia, students will be able to tackle this problem easily. The lesson plans are devised to ensure that students don’t lose their focus while preparing and can complete the syllabus in time without any distractions.

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